How to Fix the ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ In Discord Easily

You are being rate limited in Discord’ error indicates that you have tried to perform specific action multiple times in a short period. Discord limits your access for the time being and automatically restarts after a certain period. The error message generally pops up when you enter the wrong phone number too many times or use the wrong OTP over and over again. 

You Are Being Rate Limited

Hence, at such time Discord suggest you verify your phone number or OTP in order to further perform actions. The error message stops you from entering the wrong number or OTP to prevent you from blocking the account. Therefore, you must first verify the number or restrict yourself from entering the wrong number too many times. 

What is Discord?

Discord allows a player or the gamer to communicate with other players while playing the action, arcade, or adventurous game. In short, it is a type of application that has a different feature of communicating with other people and is used by professionals and gamers across the web. Discord helps you to sent text messages and performs audio or video call. Not only this, you can host a video or audio call on your own private server and privately communicate with your colleagues and friends. 

Discord is quite popular among the gaming community. Many gaming companies use this application to create a game community on their own server and allow the players to communicate easily. Plus, it works as a support platform for the developers of the game.

However, many players have complained about the error message ‘rate limited discord in Discord for performing a simple step like entering a phone number. The error prevents a player from entering their phone number if they have already performed this action too many times. In this article, you will learn to fix this problem in just a few simple steps. 

Why this ‘You are being rate limited in Discord‘ error occurs?

As mentioned above, the cause of the error is when you try to perform a certain action multiple times. For instance, if you are trying to change your phone number and you entered the wrong number too many times, then Discord restricts you from performing your action for the time being. The algorithm of this application is designed as such that the wrong information is read as suspicion by the application. This is usually done to prevent your account from spamming, hacking, or other technical wrongdoings under your account name.

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Ways to fix the ‘You are being rate limited in Discord‘ error

If you are not able to find any instance method of fixing this problem, simply restart your system or restart your browser. You can also use incognito mode to get rid of the ‘Discord you are being rate limited‘ error. This is the simple and basic method of fixing this problem. Other different methods can help you fix this error. You can use some of the advanced troubleshooting techniques to get rid of this problem. 

Follow the steps given below to access the Discord and perform the action smoothly. These steps will allow you to encounter the error ‘You are being rate limited in Discord.’

1. Give few minutes

The best way to avoid this error is to wait for the time being before performing the same action again. Discord generally takes 10-12 minutes to restart the process. It is better to wait for several minutes so that it does not limit your access. Follow these steps before performing the action.

  • When the error occurs, immediately log out from your account. 
  • Close the tab and then browser completely.
  • At least wait for 12-15 minutes before reopening the Discord tab. 
  • Reopen your browser and go to 
  • Log in to your account and try performing the earlier action again.

2. Use Incognito Mode

If the above method is insufficient to fix the error, then you can use another method by opening Discord in the incognito window. Follow these steps to open the Discord in the incognito window.

#1: Open any window and type Ctrl+Shift+N to open an incognito window.

Use Incognito Mode

#2: Enter the address of Discord in the URL and log in to your account with your credentials. 

#3: Lastly, click on the cog icon which presents near your username and try performing the action which was blocked by Discord earlier.

3. Restart your router

The Discord usually blocks your IP in order to restrict your action in the Discord account. However, you can change the IP address and restart your router as the Internet Service Providers do not provide static IP. You reset the IP address and simply change the network to use your Discord account again. This method is quite feasible to encounter the ‘You are being rate limited’ error and perform your remaining actions.

Below are the simple steps to fix the error that pops up on your Discord account.

#1: Please press and hold the power button on the router for at least 30 seconds to reset the router. You can also reset your router by removing the router cable from the socket and wait for several minutes before starting the router again.

Restart your router

#2: Plug in the router cable to the socket and restart your router. Connect the cable of the router to your computer. 

#3: Lastly, open the Discord in the browser and log in to your account with your credentials. Visit the settings page and verify your mobile number. 

Note: Some of the routers have a special button that you can use to reset them. The button is generally located at the back of the pinhole opening. Press the button with a pin or toothpick and hold it for several minutes to reset the router.

The green light will flash on the device, indicating the power cycle of the device. You do not have to unplug the device. Expert tip: Use the sim tool of the iPhone to press the button of the device.

4. Contact the Support Team of Discord

If the above steps are not helping you to fix the error, then you must turn towards the support team of Discord. This is the last step that could solve the problem. Visit the website of the Discord or Discord App and log in to your account with your credentials. In the upper right corner, click on the “?” icon.

Contact the Support Team of Discord

The icon will take you to the technical support team page. Press the ‘Submit a Request‘ button to raise the support ticket and select the option from the drop menu. Lastly, fill the form and provide the query and raise the support request. Mention the steps and ‘You are being rate limited in Discord‘ error to raise the support request.

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Expert Advice

Discord is a complex application that is used by programmers and IT professionals to code bots for various servers. Although there is no problem in coding the bots for the servers, it may trigger different errors. The algorithm and coding command used on the server is quite complex, and a normal person may not understand it.

The programming languages used on the server are Java and Eclipse. The only way to prevent these errors is to properly use the timing command. You can either use the steps mentioned in this article, or you can create your custom.

However, at the time of the error, you cannot workaround. The platform helps in preventing your account from flooding with spam or attacks and keeps you ahead of DDoS.

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Safety measures

The above advice is for those users who are familiar with the complex application of Discord. If you are an average user and do not know the backend mechanism, then the first three options will help you solve the problem. You can also wait for the time being to restart Discord again.

However, if you are planning to use Discord for professional use like marketing or advanced coding, it is important to prevent your account from errors. The planning and proper use of the application will help you to avoid errors. 

Use the above steps to encounter the error of ‘You are being rate limited discord’ error. Plus, you can create your own Discord on a different server because the IP address is not static. Moreover, incognito mode helps in solving the problem, and you can continue to perform the earlier action.

Final Thoughts How to Fix the ‘You are being rate limited in Discord‘ Error

The best way to avoid the errors is to wait until Discord responds again. This way, the application will not read you as a spammer or a fraud. If you are finding a problem in registering your new mobile number, then you need to simply follow the above-given steps and wait till the device responds again. Discord takes time to refresh the blocked IP addresses list.

If the above three options are not working, then try contacting to support team of Discord. That is the last option to solve your problem. Raise the ticket and mention your query on the support page. If you are facing a different error, then comment down and tell us about the errors.