Where to Find Crystals & How to Find Gemstones?

There are many individuals who wonder how to find gemstones or where to find crystals. It goes without saying that those natural stones are precious. If you know how to find crystals or gemstones, that can be very lucrative for you. That said, in this article, we explain how to find those precious stones.

It is a common misconception that gemstones are only found in distant country lands. It is true that those gemstones are not found commonly on the surface of the earth. However, can you believe that it is possible to find those gemstones in your backyard itself? Well, it is true and possible.

Common types of gemstones you can find in yards.

It is true that you cannot find diamonds when you walk in your backyard or lawn. However, there are other types of gems you can find without going beyond your backyard. Mentioned below are some of the common gemstones you can find.

● Quartz

These are the gemstones you can find in pretty much any yard. Quartz is often found, and it is widely used for jewelry and various other purposes. Pure Quartz does not have a color. Agate, Citrine, and Amethyst are some of the common types of Quartz.

● Turquoise

These stones were mainly used by Native Americans. These stones are used for pottery, jewelry, and even for clothing for a very long time. They are still popular as of today.

● Jade

These are found in metamorphic rocks. The color of natural Jade stone is dull green. The shiny appearance you see in Jade is acquired by polishing it.

● Garnet

These gemstones are often used by ancestors. This gemstone is still used for making jewelry, and it can come with excellent value as well. It comes with deep red color in general. However, there are orangish-red gemstones as well.

● Opal

These stones are very beautiful and are widely used in the modern-day jewelry industry. Varieties like black opal, white opal, and fire opals are the most popular ones. And, did you know those rare opal varieties are more precious compared to diamonds. However, they are easier to be found. They are still iridescent even if you look at them in the natural state.

● Tourmaline

Many individuals often confuse tourmaline with other valuable gemstones. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors as well. In fact, tourmaline is not the most valuable type of stone. However, they are often being used as a very affordable option to beautify jewelry. Tourmaline gives a different color appearance depending on which angle you look. In its natural state, it comes with an opaque and shiny appearance. Black tourmalines are considered to be highly distinctive ones.

● Agate

This variety of gemstones come in a reddish or brown color. Also, it has a marbled appearance on the surface. This can be the most common type of agate you might find in your backyard.

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How to find crystals or gemstones

Now you know the types of gemstones you can find in the backyard, let’s learn how to find them. Those who wonder where to find crystals or gemstones can first look in their backyards. And, they need to prepare with the following steps to become successful.

Tools and methods you should use to find gemstones

If you are very lucky, you will find a precious gemstone silently lying on the ground. However, you cannot always rely solely on luck. You may need to put some effort into finding a gemstone. Mentioned below are some of those tools for those who wonder where to find crystals or gemstones.

  • A pickaxe (to chip compact soil or rocks)
  • Trowel or Shovel (in case if you need to dig deeper)
  • Classifier (to remove small gems)
  • Tweezers (to pick gems that won’t come out from hardened soil or rock easily with your fingers)

Where to find crystals or gems?

Once you have gathered all of your tools, you should know where to find crystals or stones. You should find a place in the backyard for this. If you notice any limestone deposits in your backyard, that’s a very good sign. In general, gemstones are likely to found in such areas. In addition to that, you can consider rocky areas favorably.

Moreover, areas such as creeks or river, that would be potential areas to find precious stones. Once again, finding a gemstone depends on luck and the area you live in. If you see none of the above signs in your backyard, you may go out of luck.

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What can you do after finding a gemstone?

Assume that you have a bit of great luck and found a precious gemstone. What are the next steps you should follow? Let’s discuss them here.

● Cleaning the gemstone

If you have found a gemstone, thanks to your luck and curiosity, the first step is to clean it. Use a gem cloth to clean it. First, fold the cloth in half. Then, repeat it once more. Now, turn one corner and place the gemstone inside it. Start rubbing the stone with a firm approach. That will clean dirt, lint, oil, and even fingerprints.

You should know that some of the stones require professional polishing by a jeweler. That is because those stones come with a dull coating.

● Identifying the gemstone

It is true that there are plenty of varieties of gemstones. So, you will have to identify the gemstone properly.

01. Quartz

Where to Find Crystals - Quartz

It is true that Quartz comes in many colors and shapes. However, you can identify them all easily by determining the characteristics below.

  • Quartz comes with a clear or cloudy white appearance.
  • It comes with a glossy surface but hard enough to scratch glass or even steel.
  • They can often be found in sandstone or light-color rocks.
  • Quartz can be found in hexagonal crystals.

02. Turquoise

Where to Find Crystals - Turquoise

Well, some would say that identifying turquoise is not hard. However, there are mixed thoughts related to this. In some cases, you may even mistake a common stone called Howlite for Turquoise. The truth is that around 90% of the turquoise stones are dyed minerals called Howlite. To differentiate turquoise from other stones, you can use some nail polish remover on the stone. If it is Howlite, the color will go off. If the color doesn’t go off, it is turquoise.

The color of the natural turquoise is not even at all. It can come in different textures, including black, brown, and other rock colors. You may even find greenish or blueish turquoise stones. Also, you can feel some webbed areas on the surface of the stone if you are touching a natural.  

03. Jade


There are several ways to identify a natural jade stone. First, see if it has any flaws. If you notice any impurities that represent veins when you observe it through a microscope, that’s a natural one. You will also notice some other flaws in the color and texture. However, if you see bubbles inside the stone, that could be a fake or artificial jade.

The other method is to check if you can scratch it using a steel needle. If you can, that’s not an authentic jade.

04. Garnet


Those who wonder how to find gemstones can identify garnet easily. Just hold the stone closer to the eye. In fact, bring it closer to the eyelashes so they will touch the stone. Now, point the garnet to the light source. Make sure that the light is 6ft away from the stone. If it is a real garnet, you can see a rainbow effect.

If every color is present in the rainbow, that’s a legitimate stone. However, if you don’t see yellow and green bands, you are looking at something else (possibly a ruby).

Also, just try to scratch steel with your garnet. An authentic garnet can create visible scratches on steel.

05. Opal


If you see fluorescent properties in your opal, that’s a genuine one. Fake stones don’t produce a fluorescent effect if you put them under a light source. A fake opal shows more porousness compared to natural opals. Also, fake opals show uniformity in the color and texture.

06. Tourmaline

Where to Find Crystals - Tourmaline

Suppose you find your tourmaline in crystals and produce a crystal-like appearance that could be a genuine one. The crystals should have a hexagonal shape with more rounded corners. Although tourmalines come in different colors, black ones are the most common stones.

07. Agate

Where to Find Crystals - Agate

A genuine agate might have a twisted or distorted coloring along with stripes even if it’s not physically broken. If you found the stone in an area with saturated rocks, that could be a genuine one. Hold your agate to the sun or a similar light source. If you see a semi-translucent appearance with reddish stripes or a marble-like appearance, that’s a genuine agate.  

How to sell your gemstone?

If you have found a genuine gemstone, you can sell it. However, as a beginner, you don’t know the value of it. In that case, you should get it appraised before looking for a way to sell it.

To appraise your gemstone, you should find a professional and reputed appraiser. You can find a professional appraiser by performing a Google search. If not, you can contact the association of appraisal to get some information about a reputed appraiser.

The appraiser will observe the stone for potential cracks, scratches, etc. You will get a very good value if there are no scratches or cracks on the stone. Also, the value will depend on how rare the stone is.

After getting the appraisal, you can produce the stone at a local or online auction house. If not, you can even look for local jewelry shops.

So, that’s how to find gemstones and sell them. If you have luck and some curiosity, you may be able to find a precious stone in your backyard. Good luck!