Werewolf MTG Deck – The Most Strong Werewolf Commander Deck For Your MTG Squad Battles

Having a solid MTG werewolf commander deck can be highly empowering for you to become a victorious commander in your squad. As we all know, the only way to win this immensely popular card game is by having a deck of powerful cards. A player can cast spells and attack the opponents by showing powerful werewolf creatures from their werewolves MTG deck

One of the interesting facts about the MTG battles is that every MTG card portrays a flavourful story, and a single move with a solid werewolf card can change the entire gameplay in a minute.

The players surely have to invest a lot of their time in collecting these super MTG werewolf cards to make themselves unbeatable. 

An MTG werewolf card is commonly perceived to be a double-sided solid card. It has a human form of the creature on one side and a beastly werewolf creature on the other. This feature of the werewolf cards is one of the unique qualities that make them incredibly popular among all the MTG players. 

If you are enticed to defeat all of the opponent players with the help of your powerful werewolf commander deck, then you must collect the following cards: 

The Top 10 Solid Cards For Super Werewolf MTG Deck To Win A MTG Squad Battle 

This list includes some incredibly solid handful of cards that can make your gameplay ten times stronger. Moreover, the following MTG Werewolf commander cards might also help you to be crowned as the winner of the Magic: The Gathering game.

Let’s discuss these solid Magic: The Gathering cards in great detail. 

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01. Duskwatch Recruiter – for Super Werewolf MTG Deck

Werewolf MTG Deck - Duskwatch Recruiter

One card that certainly no MTG player would want to miss is Duskwatch Recruiter. With a two by two for two mana, the Duskwatch Recruiter is one of the most useful cards to make your gameplay strong from the beginning itself. 

With this Duskwatch Recruiter werewolf card, a player can selectively cast the most powerful beast from his commander deck for three mana. 

As the same transformation process, the creature turns into a more deadly Krallenhorde Howler. 

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02. Ulrich Of The Krallenhorde – for Super Werewolf MTG Deck

Ulrich Of The Krallenhorde

The Ulrich of the Krallenhorde does not possess any unique cooperative qualities with the other werewolf creatures; however, it is still considered a legendary card in the commander deck. 

This 4/4 Ulrich of the Krallenhorde card is for five mana, and at the instance of entering the battlefield, it enables the target werewolf with +4/+4 till his turn ends. 

Moreover, after transformation, this card upgrades to 6/6 and can defeat a non-werewolf creature as well. The Ulrich card is a great inclusion into your MTG commander deck as it brings significant powers into your deck. 

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03. NightPack Ambusher – for Super Werewolf MTG Deck

Werewolf MTG Deck - NightPack Ambusher

One of the most impressive werewolf cards that can be incredibly useful during the game is a Night pack Ambusher card. 

It is a four by four werewolf card that flashes for four full mana. The Night pack Ambusher empowers the other werewolf creatures with a +1/+1. 

Moreover, this card helps the warrior to control the most evident weakness of these powerful creatures. 

The majority of the werewolf creatures can only turn into their strongest forms only if the player has cast no spells during their chance. Fortunately, this powerful werewolf card empowers its player with a 2/2 wolf token at the end of each turn. The only catch is that the player will only be rewarded for the chances that the player did not cast any spells to control the damage. 

04. Moonmist – for Super Werewolf MTG Deck


Once the most powerful and useful card in the game of Magic The Gathering is a Moonmist card. With a Moonmist card included in the Werewolf commander deck, a player becomes strong enough to cast it at the most crucial times of the gameplay. 

When a Moonmist card is cast by its owner, it transforms all the human creatures present in the gameplay. With its unique superpowers, Moonmist undermines the powers of all other creatures and brings the deck to its ultimate power peak for two mana. 

Other than this, the Moonmist card also brings the spell to block all the damage done by other creatures besides wolves. The superpowers of Moonmist result in destructive results for inexperienced opponent players. 

05. Mayor Of Avabruck – for Super Werewolf MTG Deck

Werewolf MTG Deck - Mayor Of Avabruck

Avabruck is one of the most solid cards once it is transformed into its strongest form. This card is one by one for two mana. The Avabruck mayor card enables the humans with +1/+1 resulting in the powers of other werewolves, which are yet to be transformed. 

This card is not only powerful for one turn, but it also makes all your other werewolves creatures in a stronger state. 

Moreover, at the time of transformation, the Avabruck creature transforms into a Howlpack Alpha. The Howlpack Alpha is a three by three powerful card that can win against even an almost defeated battle. 

Other than this, the Howlpack Alpha also enables all other wolves and werewolves with +1/+1 empowering all other werewolf creatures. It also empowers the werewolves that have not transformed into their strong form yet. 

06. Arlinn Kord – for MTG Werewolf Commander Deck

Arlinn Kord

Arlin Kord is one of the most powerful and useful werewolves in the game of MTG. This card brings your MTG game to the next level. This card is an incredibly flavorsome entry in the gameplay as compared to all other werewolf commander cards. The Arlin Kord possesses various powerful features that can help to empower other werewolf creatures from the MTG werewolf commander deck as well. 

This commander card can polish and empower other creatures with +1 before and after the transformation to fight any opponent’s creature on the battlefield. 

07. Geier Reach Bandit 

Werewolf MTG Deck - Geier Reach Bandit

The Geier Reach Bandit is that one werewolf card that is efficient as soon as it casts. This battlefield creature holds a 3/2 with haste for three mana.

As soon as the player casts the Geier Reach Bandit card, it holds power to change the entire gameplay in favor of its owner.

Moreover, as soon as this creature is transformed into its strongest form, the card turns into Vildin-Pack Alpha. This is the most powerful creature transformation in the entire gameplay of the werewolf commander deck. 

Another power of Geier Reach Bandit is that upon casting, this creature causes all other werewolves to instantly transform into a weak state. The moment the Geier Reach Bandit enters the battlefield of MTG, it aggressively traps the other players into an extremely weak form. 

08. Rule Of Law And Eidolon Of Rhetoric 

Rule Of Law And Eidolon Of Rhetoric

Usually, a solid werewolves MTG deck consists mostly of red or green color cards. However, the Rule of Law and Eidolon of Rhetoric werewolf cards are a bit distinctive from the other pieces of the Werewolf MTG deck. 

The Rule of Law and Eidolon of Rhetoric werewolf card is a solid creature as well as an enchantment piece of deck. The unique power of this card is that it can block the other players from casting multiple spells in one turn.

This card is considered one of the most special in comparison with the other cards because this card can block the chances of werewolves transforming into their weak forms. 

For instance, if a player casts multiple spells in one chance, all other werewolves will turn into their weaker forms. However, by casting the Rule of Law and Eidolon of Rhetoric werewolf card, this weak situation can be entirely blocked, leaving the werewolves to be in their strongest forms. 

09. Howlpack Resurgence 

Werewolf MTG Deck - Howlpack Resurgence

During the collection of the most powerful card to win the battlefields of MTG, a player must never ignore to include the Howlpack Resurgence card in his deck. 

This card provides impeccable power to cast it anytime in the game instantly. This means that this card can be used as a fighting technique to make the other players stumble in the game.  

As compared to the other enchanting cards, this card provides unlimited benefits to the controller and makes his gameplay stronger. 

The Howlpack Resurgence is an enchantment card that is beneficial for the entire three mana. This werewolf card provides +1+1 to the player to damage his opponents.  

10. Immerwolf 


While collecting the most powerful cards for making your MTG werewolf commander Deck strong, do not forget to include Immerwolf at any cost. This werewolf tribal card can be a game-changer for you. An immerwolf card holds a two by two with Intimidate for three mana. Immerwolf fits all other wolves and werewolves with a +1/+1 proportion.  

The Immerwolf card has the unique power of controlling the transformation process of the other nonhuman werewolves. In other words, as long as an Immerwolf is present in the game, the other casted nonhuman werewolves cannot transform back to their human form. Moreover, this card can be used at its optimal power only if it is used in conjunction with the Geier Reach Bandit. An MTG player can consider his deck at its peak after collecting the Immerwolf card in his werewolf deck.