How to Resolve the ‘Waze Sound Not Working’ Issue


Undoubtedly, Waze is very helpful. However, several iPhone users have reported the ‘Waze sound not working‘ issue. When this problem occurs, Waze sound does not work properly on your device. People who have faced this issue report that they could not see any physical sign if their device is causing it because the application and iPhone ringer could be turned at maximum. However, they could not hear Waze.

Now, you might be thinking about why the ‘Waze sound not working‘ issue occurs on your device. There can be various reasons why this problem happens. Some of these reasons include:

  • The volume on your iPhone and Waze may be switched down.
  • The application Waze can be facing any problems.
  • The software of your device might be plagued by bugs and glitches.

Here, we are going to discuss this common issue and provide your various effective fixes to get this issue resolved. You do not need to follow all the methods listed here. Just try one method at a time and see if it helps to resolve this sound issue. Keep doing so until you find the most effective solution. So, try out the following solutions to fix ‘Waze sound not working.’

Method 1: Change or Check the Waze Volume on Your Device

When you struggle with the ‘Waze sound not working’ issue, you need first to examine the volume of Waze for making sure that it is sufficient. Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Open Waze

For doing so, you have to open the application Waze on your iPhone. After that, navigate to ‘Settings‘ and click on ‘Sound.’

Step 2: Move the Slider

From there, you can regulate the slider present beside ‘App Volume‘ for increasing the sound according to your preference.

Step 3: Adjust your Device’s Volume

Also, you need to adjust the volume on the iPhone ringer. For performing this action, you have to visit ‘Settings‘ and then, ‘Sounds.’ Next, regulate the slider present beside ‘Ringer and Alters‘ for increasing your volume. After you have increased the volume, check if the Waze sound is working fine.

Change or Check the Waze Volume on Your Device

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Method 2: Fix ‘Waze Sound Not Working’ by Resetting All Settings

To resolve the issue ‘Waze sound not working,’ you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone. This will help you in removing conflicting settings, if any, which may be interfering with the volume of the application. For resetting the settings, you need to visit ‘Settings‘ and go to ‘General.’ From there, select the ‘Reset‘ option and then choose ‘Reset All Settings.’ Once your device has restarted, check if you are still struggling with the ‘Waze sound not working’ issue.

Fix 'Waze Sound Not Working' by Resetting All Settings

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Method 3: Resolve the ‘Waze Sound Not Working’ Issue by Force Closing and Reopening Waze

Another great solution to get rid of the ‘Waze sound not working’ problem is by force closing the Waze application. This trick helps when applications do not work properly. For force closing this application, you need to access recently used applications. The process could be different for doing so. After that, search for Waze and swipe up on the application preview for force closing it. Now, open the application again to check if the issue has been successfully resolved.

Resolve the Issue by Force Closing and Reopening Waze

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Method 4: Eliminate ‘Waze Sound Not Working’ by Updating the Application

Users can fix any bugs that may be causing the ‘Waze sound not working’ issue by updating the Waze application to the recent version.

For updating the application, users have to access the Apple Store and then select the ‘Updates‘ option on their iPhone. Now, look for the application ‘Waze‘ and see if it has an update available. Click on ‘Update‘ for installing the recent version. Users can even update all the applications present there.

Eliminate 'Waze Sound Not Working' by Updating the Application

Method 5: Fix the Problem by Force Restarting the Device

Sometimes, you just need to do a force restart for refreshing your device. This simple way helps your device to function normally once again. This method works for every iOS problem. So, it is worth giving it a try. If you want to force restart your device, follow the instructions given below, depending on your iPhone model.

For iPhone 8 or recent models

If you have iPhone 8 or recent iPhone models, then go through the following simple steps.

Step 1: Press ‘Volume Up’

In the first place, you need to press and release the Volume Up tab. After that, press and release the Volume Down tab.

Step 2: Wait for the Apple icon

Next, you have to press and grip the Power/Side tab until you see the Apple icon on your phone screen.

For iPhone 8 or recent models

For iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7

If you have iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7, you need to follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Press the Side tab

First, press and grip the Side/Power tab.

Step 2: Wait for the Apple icon

After that, tap on the Volume Down tab until you see the Apple icon on the screen.

For iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7

For iPhone 6 or previous models

Users who have iPhone 6 or previous iPhone models need to go through the instructions below.

Step 1: Press ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ tabs

You have to press and grip the Home and Power tabs until you can see the Apple icon on your phone screen.

For iPhone 6 or previous models

Now, you need to check if you are still facing the ‘Waze sound not working’ problem on your iPhone.

Method 6: Get Rid of ‘Waze Sound Not Working’ Without Losing Data

If you cannot eliminate the ‘Waze sound not working’ issue on your device after trying out all the above-mentioned fixes, then it is a possibility that there is some problem with your iOS system. This iOS issue may be causing the application to act abnormally. In that case, the only solution to fix this issue is by using an iOS recovery tool. One such professional recovery tool is iMyFone Fixppo. So, let’s have a look at some of its amazing features below.

Unique characteristics of iMyFone Fixppo:

  • This tool helps you repair all issues related to iOS successfully, like iPhone Maps Not Working.
  • Fixppo features two modes for fixing the device. One mode is the standard one, and the other one is the advanced mode.
  • Its standard mode helps to resolve common problems without losing any data.
  • Its advanced mode is helpful in resolving stubborn issues.
  • Users can easily repair their devices efficiently and quickly through a simple procedure.
  • The tool is compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including iPhone 11 Pro (Max)/11.

Get iMyFone Fixppo

Steps to fix the ‘Waze sound not working’ issue:

To get rid of the issue ‘Waze sound not working’ on your device, you need to go through the instructions given below:

Step 1: Download iMyFoneFixppo

In the first place, users need to download iMyFoneFixppo on their system. Install and launch this program. To begin, you have to tap on the ‘Standard Mode‘ from the home interface. After that, connect your iOS device to the system and tap on ‘Next.’

iMyFone Fixppo

Now, you have to put your device in Recovery or DFU Mode if the application does not recognize or detect your device immediately. For doing so, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Download’

Once your phone is in recovery or DFU mode, you will see an option to download the firmware. Choose the firmware package that you like to download for your device from the listed options under the ‘Firmware Version‘ section. After that, tap on ‘Download.’

iMyFone Fixppo

Step 3: Hit ‘Start’

iMyFoneFixppo will download the selected firmware package and extract it. Next, you have to choose ‘Start‘ for allowing the application to resolve the issue ‘Waze sound not working.’ Now, check if the issue has been resolved successfully.

iMyFone Fixppo

So, this is how this application works to resolve any issues related to iOS. This program features a free trial. Try out its free version to enjoy all the amazing features.


So, issues related to application volume, such as ‘Waze sound not working,’ are pretty common. With the above-mentioned fixes, users can get the Waze application volume functioning again normally. All of these solutions are effective. Try them one after another until you get the issue resolved successfully. If the problem is related to iOS, then it is best to go with iMyFone Fixppo. Download the free trial version of iMyFone Fixppo for finding out what all this program is capable of.

Try iMyFone Fixppo

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