Vlogmas – Learn Everything You Need to Know About It

Do you know what Vlogmas is? In this article, find everything you need to know about Vlogmas. Also, learn how you can edit Vlogmas using a professional editing tool.

Have you heard of Vlogmas before? If no, then learn everything about Vlogmas here. This holiday season, you can celebrate in so many different ways. You can spend quality time with friends or family, make cookies, watch Christmas films, and even Vlogmas.

On YouTube, vlogging (or video blogging) has become so popular that everyone tries their hands on it. During holidays, you can participate in Vlogmas. So, here’s everything you need to know about Vlogmas, including its origin, a few examples, and much more.

Part 1: Introduction to Vlogmas

So, what does ‘Vlogmas‘ mean? This is a holiday event that takes place on YouTube. In this event, YouTube creators make and post videos regularly during the month of December. Eventually, it leads to Christmas. Now, this has turned out to be a modern tradition during the holiday season.

Not just Vlogmas, there are various other events that take place throughout the year, such as Vlogtober and VEDA. Vlogtober takes place in October, and VEDA refers to Vlog Every Day in April. However, there is a difference between Vlogmas and other such events.

Vlogmas videos are not only daily vlogs, but these videos are about Christmas and other holidays that happen in December. So, YouTube vloggers make a video regularly until December 24. Therefore, vlogs that are created daily during the Christmas month are known as Vlogmas videos.

Here, one thing that you have to note is that Vlogmas is not that much easy. It is quite difficult to create content throughout the holiday season. This is because the Christmas holidays are that time of the year where everyone is under much pressure and busy.

That’s why creating Vlogmas videos is considered a huge challenge. YouTube creators challenge themselves to create great content throughout the time when there are lots of distractions all around.

So, Vlogmas is basically an event where the YouTube community welcomes Christmas. They do so by creating and posting a video every day from December 1 to December 24.

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Part 2: Let’s See How It Originated

Vlogmas is a term made of two words, which are vlog (or video blog) and X-mas/Christmas. Usually, this term is credited to the YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen. Nilsen started the concept of Vlogmas. On December 1, 2011, she created and posted a Vlogmas video for the first time. After that, she kept on posting these videos regularly while waiting for Christmas until December 24.

Ingrid Nilsen is excited to see that her concept has been able to deliver excitement to numerous people. This challenge is about performing better and creating creative content for the entire month regularly. Now, this could be fun for all your followers if you could make it up to the end of December.

Now, this idea was made famous by this YouTuber when she made an announcement for her vlogging plans for the entire December month. After her plans, people began looking for Vlogmas on search engines like Google. Also, people started to talk about it even on social media platforms, such as Twitter. So, this is how Vlogmas became popular!

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Part 3: Vlogmas Videos – Check Out Some Examples

Whatever you post for this event depends entirely on your video style. Also, it depends on the type of content you usually post. The concept is not to entirely re-invent the channel. All you have to do is to tailor your video style to the theme of Christmas.

For example, if a YouTube vlogger focuses on food recipes, then it makes sense to share Christmas holiday recipes for them through Vlogmas. And, if a YouTuber reviews products, then they can provide the product reviews of Christmas gifts. Now, this could serve as a Christmas holiday gift guide. So, what content a vlogger usually creates throughout Vlogmas depends entirely on their personal interests.

Now, here are a few examples of Vlogmas for reference:

1. Vlogmas – Adventure to a festive city

Zeo Sugg is a YouTuber with 4.86 million YouTube subscribers. Her subscribers are known as Zoella. She produced a Vlogmas video in December 2018 for the first time. In that vlog, she was seen with Poppy, Mark, Sean, and Alfie.

Here, the gang heads towards Bruges, Belgium. This place is considered to be the most festive Christmas holiday city. They all were excited about great drinks and good food. Also, they were sporting amazing accessories and attire.

In that video, Sugg was seen promoting beauty products and apparel along with Bruges itself. This also includes the Christmasy cold, amazing drinks, and good food.

2. Vlogmas – Shopping for Christmas Décor (Day 1)

Parker and Aspin have a YouTube channel with 2.13 million YouTube subscribers. In this Vlogmas video, they were seen shopping for Christmas decorations. These decorations were for their new house.

Here, they visited a departmental store for shopping for the Christmas season. They purchased noodles, chocolates, and other things that will assist them with household chores.   

This couple also has a separate YouTube channel, where they share household videos. Here, they share everything they purchase for their house. Now, these things include everything from the TV console and cushions to fuzzy, comfortable blankets and knit rugs. So, this is kind of something that they share in a Vlogmas video.

Part 4: How Can You Participate in This Holiday Event?

Now, anyone can take part in this Christmas holiday event. All you need to do is to create vlogs on YouTube for the entire holiday season. So, below are some steps that you need to follow to participate in this exciting festive event.

Steps to participate in this holiday event:

It is super easy and fun to be a part of this holiday event. Just keep posting Vlogmas videos for the month of December on YouTube!

Step 1: In the first place, YouTubers have to decide on the theme and style of their videos.

Step 2: Once decided on the theme, creators can decide on the platform they are going to post their Vlogmas videos on. Now, you can make a separate YouTube channel or continue to your primary YouTube channel.

Step 3: After deciding everything, you can plan your Vlogmas ideas.

So, this is how you can participate in this exciting event. However, if you cannot step out to create videos during the holiday season, look for some interesting Vlogmas ideas on the internet. Find something exciting that you can simply try at home.

Now, post your Vlogmas video regularly during the entire holiday season. However, there is no need to panic if you miss a day in-between or get late with your videos. Vlogmas could be intense sometimes. So, do not be so hard on yourself. Keep calm and explain whatever happened to your lovely subscribers. Hopefully, they will understand!

Part 5: Pros & Cons of Vlogmas

So, Happy December, it is! This season is all about Mariah Carey, gingerbread, and regular vlogging. When you sit calmly and listen carefully, you will only hear about vloggers over the land to begin their 25-day vlogging project. So, they start gearing up for Vlogmas with their Canons and all!

As stated above, under this project, YouTube creators post a video regularly until December 25. This video project was started by MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid Nilsen aka Favorite Internet Human 2015, in 2011. Since then, this holiday event has taken off a big leap.

So, this event sounds so exciting, where creators post 25 Vlogmas videos in just 25 days. This is a jolly time, as they are going to feature Christmas shopping, cookie making, present wrapping, and much more. However, how simple is this all to carry out? Find it out here, where we are going to list some pros and cons of Vlogmas!

Pros of Vlogmas:

1. YouTube creators get to immortalize their holiday memories

So, this is the first pro! Vlogmas creators can begin re-watching the entire playlist next October. They can enjoy videos at a time when they feel like the autumn purgatory is never going to end.

2. Get those likes, comments, and subscribers

Now, this sounds exciting. It is sort of a simple win!

3. Instant hit every day during the holiday season

When you get a video to post every day, it helps you in getting out of bed, getting all dressed up, and do something exciting with your day. It is not that you need some kind of help, but it really does!

Cons of Vlogmas:

1. Spend the entire December planning videos

When creators think of Vlogmas, they have to spend the entire December just to plan their Vlogmas videos. As a result, they have to give up on sleeping and eating as they have to make some content.

2. Everyone hates you

Unless vlogging is your real profession, this could turn out to be weird. Your family will hate you if you are going to pull out your camera during personal times. So, you have to deal with it just to record the Vlogmas footage.

3. An endless loop of filming videos, editing them, and despair

So, probably your grandparents will not like the idea of you recording videos during the Christmas dinner. Now, there could be nothing worse than their wrath.

So, Vlogmas is not a good idea, perhaps for casual YouTube creators. Maybe, we should leave this task only to the pros. When Ingrid announced that she wouldn’t be doing Vlogmas last year, there are various other bloggers that you can look for.


So, you now have an idea about Vlogmas. It is time that you give it a try. If you’re a creator on YouTube, Vlogmas could be an interesting and challenging experience. This will assist you in growing as a YouTube vlogger. Also, if you promote products through vlogs or affiliate links, it could be a profitable event too. Now, this is your chance to create something interesting and unique for the subscribers.