The Best Video Joiner Apps for Android and iOS devices

Now that the technology is developing day by day, we can see the advancements that have been introduced in the iPhone as well as Android Smartphones.

As this development is taking place, there is an increasing requirement for merging or splitting of videos for easy transmission. To fulfill this purpose, we need the help of the best video joiner apps.

Although iPhone as well as Android applications are less complicated and provide an easy as well as a simple interface for quick operations.

Mentioned below are some of the video joiner apps recommended for both iPhone and Android.

Part 1: The Best Video Combiner Apps for Android

#1 – The Video Editor of AndroVid

This is an incredibly efficient video combining the application of Android. You can merge many files by making use of this application.

Additionally, you can add effects, split videos, and then convert them. You can exercise many other options by making use of this tool. You can integrate various video formats like MPEG, MP4, AVI, and 3GP by using this video editor.

PS: here, you will learn more about how to perform YouTube to MOV conversion easily.

#2 – Video Show

Video Joiner Apps - Video Show

Video show is considered the most incredible program of video editing on Android. This application does not only enable you to join videos but also gives you a chance to join photos and videos, add subtitles, and remove watermarks.

Additionally, you can add texts to your video by making use of this application. It offers support to several formats of video files and is also one of the most favorable video joiner apps.

#3 – Video Merge

Video Joiner Apps - Video Merge

This video combiner app is exclusively available for Android users as a free service for merging videos. All you have to do is to select the videos on your Android Smartphone and then combine them within a few minutes.

This application is great for beginners as well as professional users. It can support all kinds of video formats and keeps you away from the disturbances in malware, spyware, or adware. It is a reliable application as it enables you to combine files of distinct formats.

#4 – VidTrim

Video Joiner Apps - VidTrim

It is an application for merging video clips on Android Smartphones. You can make use of its various editing features, which include audio extraction, trimming, merging, and frame grabbing.


  • Easy sharing with family and friends
  • It is available free of cost


  • Gets affected by the virus
  • Constant crashing

#5 – VivaVideo

Video Joiner Apps - VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the best applications for combining videos. This video joiner app is available in various nations across the globe, which means that it is a reliable application for editing.


  • You can improve the quality of your video by making use of the cool effects of this application.
  • This application is available for free


  • Its features have certain limitations

Part 2: The Best Video Joiner Apps for iOS

#1 – Apple iMovie

Video Joiner Apps - Apple iMovie

This studio of video editing is considered the most effective studio for iOS Smartphones. This top Vertical Video Editor app has a price of 4.49 dollars. It is a video joiner app that can join transitions, videos, images, and audio. You are required to organize your video clips in any order according to your wish before integrating them into a single file.

#2 – Splice

Video Joiner Apps - Spice

This video joiner app is available in two different versions that is a free and a paid version. The free version has a lot of advertisements whereas the paid version does not contain any ads. This application of video editing enables users to edit and create audio, movies, and photos.

Moreover, it has an inbuilt editor of videos that a person can use for adding background music as well as transition effects. Additionally, it enables a user to add topics prior to joining the video.

#3 – Pinnacle Studio

This is a video combiner app available for iOS Smartphones. This application of iOS is very prominent and is particularly known for its speed. It provides services of video editing within a limited time period.

Additionally, you can edit or trim your videos before combining them. Plus, it provides fancy effects and transitions.

#4 – VivaVideo for iPhone

It is a prominent application for combining videos that one can use very easily. Additionally, it enables downloading for free.


  • Inbuilt interface
  • It is available for free
  • Professional and beginner video editors can use it very easily


  • It has certain limitations

#5 – Free Merger of Videos

This is another application recommended for iOS Smartphones for combining videos. Other than merging, you can make use of this application to add various effects and edit the videos, which are available for free.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to operate
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available for free


  • The free version does not have all the features

Different Ways to Edit and Merge Videos on iPhone?

A. Videoshop

It is a great video joiner app for iPhone. You can perform additional functions by using this app such as cutting, trimming, and resizing videos. Plus, you can change color, and add voice messages or music. Follow the steps mentioned below to edit a video using videoshop.

Video Joiner Apps - VideoShop
  • 1: Download and then launch the application.
  • 2: Press on the sign of plus to add more videos.
  • 3: Go to the options line above the video and select the settings that you require. Change in the settings can be about adding transitions, clips, changing the color, or the speed balance.
  • 4: Go to the button next after the completion of editing.
  • 5: Now add the place, title, date, or author if it is required. You can select the theme by choosing video filters.

B. Video Mixer

The mixer of videos is a small video combiner app that enables you to combine and edit your videos. Follow the below-mentioned steps for merging or editing the videos.

  • 1: Download and then run the application on your iOS Smartphone.
  • 2: Select the landscape, portrait, and square.
  • 3: Add videos by tapping on the sign of a camera. After adding the video, you can preview it and then filter it.
  • 4: Select a proper background color by going to the sign of the palette.
  • 5: If you want you can add your own line of music in the video or just keep the normal track.
  • 6: When the editing is completed, then you can save the video.

Filmora- A Video Editor and Merger for iOS and Android Devices

Filmora is particularly used for merging and editing videos by video editors of the desktop. You can initiate by selecting the images and video clips from your smartphone and then adding them to the resources that are available to you. The media files that are pooled by you will be displayed on the left tab.

Go to “next” in order to get access to the screen of editing. You will view the video clips and images coming from the screen’s bottom. Filmora provides you with ready-made themes to give a distinct look to your videos. If you have several images and video clips, then you can use the transitions for splitting the video clips, adding subtitles, and cropping the videos.

Filmora is considered the most powerful editor of video, which enables the user to join, combine, or merge videos easily. It can support various formats and is very simple to use.

Why Choose this Video Editor?

  • Does not lead to a loss of quality
  • Supports various formats of videos like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, and MKV.
  • Enables the user to add transitions between the clicks or scenes.
  • You can save videos online.
  • You can also crop a video easily, and upload videos online directly.

Get Filmora


So the various video joiner apps for Android are video show, video editor of Android, VidTrim, video merge, and VivaVideo. These applications are highly rated and have satisfied a large number of consumers.

You can download these applications from Google play for free. All of these are the most amazing programs for video editing on Android.

Video joiner and video show are available in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and WMV. There are various video combiner apps available for iOS Smartphones like splice, pinnacle studio, VivaVideo, Apple iMovie, and free merger of videos.

There are various other applications available through which one can merge and edit videos on iOS devices such as video mixer and VideoShop.

Technology has made our life easier, now through the use of technology, we can merge, edit and split video clips on Android as well as iOS Smartphones because of which the transmission of videos has become more simple and easier.



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