How to Make a Twitch Overlay via Top Twitch Overlay Makers

Twitch is inarguably the most popular live streaming platform on the internet. It started exclusively for streaming video games, but nowadays, it is home to pretty much anything you can think of. The “Just Chatting” section has a variety of interesting streams – live streams of police officers on duty, therapeutic streamers, Uber drivers, musicians creating their own tracks. Gaming tournaments are just the tip of what you can find on Twitch. For users like you who want to become popular on this site, a Twitch overlay maker is a necessity.

Plain streams aren’t a bad thing, but overlays can improve how a basic stream looks to viewers, and it can simply make the stream more enjoyable. With there being a lot of different overlay makers, there isn’t a reason for not having one either. To aide, your streaming efforts here are the top overlay makers for Twitch.

Why Use a Twitch Overlay Maker?

As a newer Twitch streamer, you might wonder why you need to use overlay makers. To help you understand the benefits of this tool, here are some reasons.

  • No Need for Professionals. Paying a graphic designer is one option, but obviously, that’ll cost you. You also need to consider the fact that the better designers are more expensive. Overlay makers let you make your own overlay without a professional or their high fees.
  • Easily Design an Expert Overlay. Some streamers choose to use graphic editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or even GIMP. This is another great way to make overlays, although if you’re unfamiliar with graphics editing, it can be difficult. Overlay makers give users tools specifically to make Twitch overlays easy to create.
  • Improves Your Stream. Your live streams’ quality will improve greatly. This simple change shows viewers that you make an effort, and it also attracts more people to the stream.

Now, the next question you’ll have is how to make a Twitch overlay. The best method is to use an overlay maker which, as we said before, will make your life easier.

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Best Twitch Overlay Makers

Now’s the time to focus on the important stuff – what Twitch overlay designers can you use? Below we’ve put together a reliable list of makers and some of their best features.

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#1 Twitch Overlay Maker. Streamlabs

Anyone who has been on Twitch for a while will know about Streamlabs. It is best known for competing with OBS (an opensource program for streaming) as the most popular live-streaming utility.

Streamlabs shook the Twitch stream and made it incredibly easy to start streaming on various platforms. This includes having features like a Twitch overlay maker. The biggest thing to remember about this solution is that it’s free and is basically a one-stop streamer’s toolbox.

  • Design overlays that respond to donations, subscriptions, and bits
  • Start streaming with your overlays directly from Streamlabs
  • All of the streaming tools you need are a part of Streamlabs, not just an overlay maker
  • Free to use (and very easy)
  • Host streams with overlays on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook

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#2 Twitch Overlay Maker. StreamPro

Less of a toolbox, but still a great overlay designer, is StreamPro. In a matter of minutes, you can start learning how to make a Twitch overlay, and you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t difficult. Creating unique designs for your Twitch stream doesn’t take much effort with StreamPro.

When you make an overlay, you can also prepare it for donations. Of course, it isn’t necessary to accept money from viewers, but since a lot of Twitch streamers make it their career, donations are important to consider. Moreover, overlays that you make with this maker can react to donations, new subscribers, and new followers.

  • Streamers can design overlays online without downloading tools
  • Responsive when you receive donations, a subscriber, followers, and other alerts
  • Display your stream’s chat as part of the overlay
  • Has a built-in donation tracking feature
  • Free to use, but paid subscriptions are available for extra features

#3 Twitch Overlay Maker. StreamJar

StreamJar is similar to Streamlabs and will give you everything you need for running a successful Twitch stream. You’ll have access to a dashboard where details about your stream are shown, moderation and bot tools are available, and you can even set streaming goals to track.

Most important is the Twitch overlay maker that comes with it. The StreamJar overlay builder uses a drag-and-drop system that lets you design the perfect overlay. Aside from the general design of an overlay, it can also display the chat and a banner that shows the name of your music. Any goals you set for your stream, such as reaching a certain amount of subscribers, can be shown too.

  • Manage and track the donations/tips that your Twitch stream receives
  • Drag-and-drop overlay builder makes it easy to add impressive features
  • Include a music playlist, stream goals, and the stream’s live chat in your overlay
  • Access your streaming analytics from multiple platforms in one place
twitch overlay maker -

#4 Twitch Overlay Maker. Nerdordie

A slightly different site where you can arrange an overlay for a Twitch stream is Nerdordie. Not only can you create a custom overlay using the Nerdordie Twitch overlay maker, but they have a shop where you’ll find a lot of Twitch resources.

In their shop are overlying packs for Twitch and Mixer streams, and they work with OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit. If you don’t want to spend anything, then there is plenty of free resources too.

  • Customizable overlay maker, users can adjust the overlay dimensions and theme
  • Overlay maker includes pre-sets for game-specific overlays
  • Nerdordie also provide a Twitch panel maker and scene maker
  • Overlay design packages made by professional graphic designers can be bought
  • Streamer packages include alert noises, overlays, and sound effects
twitch overlay maker nerdordie

#5. shares a similar concept to Nerdordie. You can browse and buy premium overlays made by talented designers, download free overlays, and request custom designs.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access a Twitch overlay design tool. Instead, you explain what sort of design you want for your overlay and pay a fee. The team behind the scenes then consider your request and design an overlay specifically for your Twitch stream.

  • Various free and premium overlay designs to download
  • Users can pay to have graphic designs create custom Twitch overlays
  • Stream packages can be bought which contain overlays, icons, and other graphics
  • Stream packages may be altered for a fee

#6. Overlayr

Next up is Overlayr, a basic but effective Twitch overlay maker that gets the job done without overcomplicating things. During the design, you can choose from the template library before customizing the colors and adding whatever widgets you desire.

Using the drag-and-drop approach, it couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of templates so that if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time customizing, just grab an attractive premade design and add it to your stream.

  • Drag-and-drop overlay builder
  • Perfect for beginners who want to start streaming quickly
  • Huge library of templates to choose from
  • Requires an Overlayr account to use all of the design features

#7. OvrStream

Whatever games you live stream on Twitch, OvrStream is the perfect overlay maker to use. Either download the free version or pay $4.99 per month and get everything. The free version doesn’t include all the design features, but it has all the basics!

OvrStream doesn’t just produce high-quality and attractive overlays. In addition, those overlays can have motion graphics, and you can implement an alerts system too. When someone new follows your Twitch account, or they subscribe, a fancy and creative alert will appear.

  • Creates amazing motion graphics for overlays
  • Includes lots of different overlay and alert templates/styles
  • Also suitable for making overlays for YouTube and more
  • Easily add 3D motion graphics that look professional
  • Synchronize donations and trigger various alerts
twitch overlay maker - OvrStream

#8. Strexm

Last up in this line of overlay makers is Strexm. Knowing how to make a Twitch overlay is made simple with Strexm. Better yet, if you aren’t ready to make your own design, they have premade overlays for all the major games.

Integrating with Strexm is made easy, as well. Donations and subscriber notifications can be set up relatively quickly. If you aren’t happy using any of the premade designs, then you can use the overlay builder to either edit them or make your own from scratch.

  • Wide range of predesigns that already have a donation, follower, and subscription alerts
  • Overlay builder lets you create your own unique overlays
  • Easily add or remove widgets from the overlay design
  • Free to use without any feature limits twitch overlay maker

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Conclusion on How to Make a Twitch Overlay

By using one of these great Twitch overlay makers, you won’t have any problems running a high-quality and professional live stream. This basic improvement makes all the difference, and will no doubt bring in higher viewership. The thing that makes these overlay creators so great is that anyone can produce good looking overlays with them. Having a sense of creativity will help, but even without it, you can make a decent overlay.