Everything About Truthfinder Phone Locator & Tracker

If you are a cell phone user, then the chances are you probably get at least 2 or 3 spammy calls every single day. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, as you will start receiving calls from the same number over and over again if you find yourself in that position. There are measurements you can take to prevent that from taking place on your phone. You need to get yourself a Truthfinder phone Locator & Tracker. With this, you will be able to track the owner of the spammy calls that you are getting every day.

Turthfinder phone locator will help you track down all the details about the anonymous calls that you get on your phone if you moved into a new area or changed your phone number. Then other people would have trouble getting your number. If your friend gets your number from somebody else, then you will start receiving calls. Blocking it right away without knowing the number would be a problem here.

That’s why you need Truthfinder or other security essential software that lets you know everything about the contact before you start seeing block as a primary answer to the unknown calls.

Here is the list of apps that you can use to track down the details of a spammy call.

Truthfinder Phone Locator / Tracker & Its Alternatives

This phone locator is one of the best websites that you can try to find out all the details about the contact number. It is the best reverse phone lookup on the website, which follows the method of being free of charge for their services.

Here users can find plenty of information about individuals or business.as the market is filled with a website that promises more than you would think, but they will fail to deliver a single of the things that they promised to show. Truthfinder phone Locator offers you accuracy and free. So what makes Truthfinder Phone Locator so reliable?

Because it uses public records to spot accurate information, unlike in other websites where you will only get the user’s name, and sometimes the address of the owner, with Truthfinder phone tracker, you will get background checks, police records, social media information, contact details and many more by a single press of a button.

Truthfinder phone locator

Truthfinder Phone Locator / Tracker Features

  • A well-design website with all the features right on the doorstep.
  • Ability to customize your search
  • Produces accurate information about the phone number;
  • The website is famous for its accuracy.
  • Many happy customers and plenty of rave reviews have been written about the website.
  • More than 60,000 users access Truthfinder phone Tracker to find the information they want.
  • Many 5-star user reviews have been written for this Truthfinder Phone Locator.
  • Unlike other Reverse phone lookup websites, Truthfinder phone locator doesn’t track your information.
  • The website is secured, so if you are worried about any malware infection, you won’t be able to get it from here.
  • The website uses a verified, approved SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption.
  • It provides good security measures to protect your credit card information as well.
  • You can do all the important stuff, such as connecting to new people, track down unknown numbers, screening employees, domestic workers, tenants, and professional candidates.

Using Truthfinder Phone Locator

Now that you know all the features you will get with the Truthfinder phone locator. Here are all the steps you need to follow to use it effectively on your system.

The first step is to go to the actual website. Visit – https://www.truthfinder.com/phone/search

Truthfinder phone locator

The second step is to enter the phone number; here, you will get asked questions to perform a more accurate search. In order to achieve precision in your findings, you need to answer some questions.

Truthfinder phone locator

Here Truthfinder phone locator will perform a complicated search using only the phone number. It will just take a few minutes. Once the search is done, you will see a dialogue box asking you if you are a robot or not. Just hit check on the checkbox and proceed to the next stage.

Truthfinder phone locator

Once that is done, the website will take you to the results page, where you will all the profiles connected to the phone number that you have provided

Truthfinder phone locator

Click on the Open Report to gain access to all the information about that search result.

Truthfinder phone locator

You will get all the information regarding the person, such as Social media posts, criminal records, birth records, census data, assets, professional licenses, bankruptcies, weapon permits, and business affiliations.

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Best Alternatives for Truthfinder Phone Tracker

#1 FamiSafe Cell Phone Locator

If you don’t want to access the information through a website. Then you can use a Famisafe cell phone locator to track the individual by phone number.

Famisafe is the best child protection app available in the market. If you are a parent concerned about your child spending way too much time on the internet, you can certainly use Famisafe to gain full control over what your kid sees on the internet.

Famisafe is a great Truthfinder phone tracker alternative that you can try to find out the results. All the results would be accurate by phone number, and the results would come in at a faster rate.


With Famisafe, you are going to get all the services that you need to perform a tracking operation. All you need to do is provide the phone number, and in a matter of minutes, you will see all the results attached to that number that you have provided. That’s why Famisafe is considered as the best child safety app in the market. All the results that you would get to see on the result page would be accurate.

Reverse phone lookup is one of the services that you will get with Famisafe, here you will get services such as Activity Report, web filter, browser history, screen time, youtube app control, smart schedule, and real-time location tracking. These are some of the best services that you will have access to once you pick Famisafe as your security service. All of the services will offer more than just a regular phone number lookup.

All of these features will help you control more of your life and schedule it so you can have more time at the end of the day. With features such as screen time, you will control the time you spend on the internet, with a web filter, you will stay away from inappropriate content on the internet.

Famisafe also features Location Tracking, so you can track your family members and all the details about the place they have been to. If you don’t want to access the Truthfinder phone tracker website, then you always choose the Famisafe App to do everything Truthfinder does, but you will get more options by going with Famisafe.

Try Famisafe

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#2 Reverse Phone Lookup

Here, we have a Reverse phone lookup. As we all know, users will receive a call without any details attached to it because the contact would be out of your list. Looking up the details about the phone number and owner behind that number is called Reverse Phone Lookup.

With a reverse phone lookup, you will get the phone number, owner’s name, and address. One can use Reverse Phone Lookup as an alternative to Truthfinder Phone Locator / Tracker.

Reverse Phone Lookup

And the purpose of using reverse phone lookup doesn’t consist of finding out the details about the spammy calls; it can be used to track family members that may not have your contact. You will be able to spot the local neighbors or office co-workers.

But most of the time, you will receive calls for some promotion of your local mall or online sales. This can be quite informative, but as you would get a call every single day, this will get annoying.

Using Reverse phone lookup is free to use, you can use this service without paying a single dime. There are other options on the website, suppose, if you want to learn more about the phone number. Then that can cost you some extra money to do so. But the options you will get here are plenty.

And almost all of them charge no money for using their services, as some prefer the idea of a donation than charging the user money to use their service. These websites will easily let you know all the basic information about the phone number.

Let’s talk about the downside of using these websites to seek information. One of the first concerns that you should be having with these websites is the security they will provide the user. Which, in most cases, is none?

And some will even fail to deliver accurate information regarding the phone number that you provide. Using these websites to look up phone numbers always compromise your security, as these websites will provide little to no privacy protection for your details.

#3 Facebook / Google

You can always use Facebook to look up the owner’s name of the phone number along with all the details about them. As facebook contains every single piece of information about the individual in their database.

People generally write down every little thing about themselves and everybody around them on their Facebook page. If you have a number that you want to find more information out of, you can use Facebook to look up and find valuable information about the person.

Facebook / Google

Or you can use Google since many android phones let the user sync their contact details to their Google page. In any case, they lose the contract on the phone; it will always be in google drive. You just open up google, place the number on the search bar see all the details about the number on the results page.

If the owner of the number has used the number on any of their profiles, then google will find that number and will show everything about it on the screen.

These can work as great alternatives to Truthfinder Phone Tracker & Locator. But they have their own share of lack of functionality.

In The End

If you are satisfied with the Truthfinder Phone Tracker or you want to try out something new for a change. There are choices that you can go to achieve that. Since getting spammy calls on your phone is not a new discovery, but having an option to disable it or go even further to track down the individual can be done with a smartphone.

So why not take the chances and start using Truthfinder Phone Locator or any other alternatives to fix the problem that you are having with your life. These apps provide the best security to you and your family.