How to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone Effortlessly

“I want to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. I believe that there is an easier way of doing it, but I have no idea about the process. I bought my new iPhone a couple of days ago, and I want all WhatsApp data transferred to it. Can anyone out there help me? TIA!”.

Does the above paragraph relate to you somehow? In other words, do you want to learn how to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone? If that’s the case, this article explains how to get it done easily and smoothly. So, continue reading and learn how to do it.

When it comes to the world of smartphones, Android and iOS are the most popular options to consider. Of those two, iOS is designed only for iPhones, but Android is run on various devices under different brands.

Both of these operating systems come with unique eco-systems, and they offer an easy flow of data. Nevertheless, cross-platform data transferring is pretty challenging among these two platforms.

In fact, there are no official methods to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. However, that doesn’t mean that transferring WhatsApp between different platforms is impossible. Don’t worry; here, we will explain how to transfer your WhatsApp data between different platforms.

Part 1: Why Official Methods Fail to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone?

Just like we have mentioned above, official methods simply become ineffective to transfer WhatsApp data between different platforms. However, the official methods provided by both the operating systems work perfectly to transfer data within the same eco-system.

In fact, those methods are developed to be compatible with their respective ecosystems only. That means those methods allow you to transfer data from an iPhone to iPhone or Android to an Android. Mentioned below are the official methods used in both of those eco-systems to transfer data.

PS: let’s learn more about how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

01. Creating Local Backups

One of the most common & convenient ways to transfer WhatsApp data is by doing it through local backup. This option works perfectly between devices that run on Android devices. You can use a File Manager app on Android platforms and transfer data from one device to another.

However, the bad news is that you cannot use it to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. Even if the transferring process is completed, the iPhone won’t be able to read the files that are transferred. That is because the respective files are encrypted only to be compatible with Android OS.

02. Move to iOS

Move to iOS is recognized by many users as the most convenient method to transfer data. This method can transfer a large range of file formats between Android devices and iPhones. For instance, it can transfer photos, videos, and text messages.

However, this method does not transfer WhatsApp data because of the access restrictions too. So, you cannot consider this as an effective method to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. On top of that, this method can be used only when you have set up the iPhone freshly.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone with Move to iOS

03. Google Drive

If you use an Android device, it allows you to create both manual and automatic backups of data. Thanks to this method, you can create a backup of WhatsApp data and transfer it to other devices.

However, the receiving device should be configured under the same Google account to make it happen. Also, you cannot use this method to transfer data from Android to an iPhone. That is because iPhones support iCloud backups but not Google Drive.

So, in simplest terms, none of the above options are solutions to our problem. But don’t worry; we will explain practical methods to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone.

Also, let’s figure out how to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive.

Part 2: Practical Methods to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone

As you already know, there are no official ways to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. However, we also mentioned that transferring data between different platforms is possible if you use special methods.

This part of our guide explains those practical methods to transfer data from your Google Pixel to your iPhone. In fact, we explain two practical methods for your convenience. You can choose one of the below methods.

The most practical, efficient, and powerful method to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone is iCareFone for WhatsApp.

We consider this software to be the best option due to plenty of reasons. This reliable app makes the WhatsApp transferring process very easy, even if you are a total novice. All the options are nicely listed, so anyone can navigate with no hassle.

In addition to transferring WhatsApp data, iCareFone allows you to perform various other handy tasks. For instance, it allows you to create backups, restore, and export WhatsApp on any operating system, like WhatsApp backup on Google Drive and restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone. Also, this app works perfectly with both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Businesses seamlessly.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone using iCareFone for WhatsApp:

  • The first step is to connect both the devices to your computer using their USB cables. Once your iPhone and Google Pixel are connected to the PC, you can proceed to the next option.
  • Now, you should launch iCareFone on the same computer and choose Transfer WhatsApp between devices. You should also make sure that the option called Google Pixel is chosen as the source. Also, your iPhone should be the destination device to make the data transfer happen successfully.
iCareFone Transfer for WhatsApp
  • Now, you should click on “Transfer” and initiate the process.
  • At the completion of this process, you will be able to see the “WhatsApp Messenger Transfer Successful” message.
Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone Using iCareFone

Important: Do you already have some WhatsApp data on the iPhone, and do you want to keep them? If so, you should create a backup of the existing WhatsApp data. The WhatsApp data backup can be kept on the PC for future use. Then, you can read the chats in that backup without any hassle. More importantly, you can restore that backup to your iPhone or to any other device whenever it is required.

Method 02: Use Built-on Export Chat Feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp itself offers an official method to transfer data between different platforms. Even if the official methods provided by the OS are ineffective, the Export Chat feature works with some limitations.

For instance, this method allows you to export the last 10000 messages (with media) and 40000 messages without media. Also, if you choose to export media as well, those files will be exported separately as a ZIP file. On the other hand, the messages of the chat will be exported as .txt files.

With That Said, Mentioned Below Are the Instructions to Use the Export Chat Feature on WhatsApp.

  • First, you should open one of the chats (be it an individual or a group chat). This should be done on your Google Pixel phone from which you intend to transfer WhatsApp data.
  • Next, you should tap on the 3-dotted icon (located in the top-right corner). Then, choose the option called “More” and then go to “Export Chat“.
Use Built-on Export Chat feature on WhatsApp
  • Once you have done that, choose if you intend to export messages with media or not.
Use Built-on Export Chat feature on WhatsApp
  • You will be able to see a popup message now, and it will show a variety of options. These options are there so you can choose to export WhatsApp to Email, Google Drive, social media, etc. What you need is to choose the option that can be accessed easily using the iPhone.
  • Once you have clicked on the option called “Export,” you can see a new message. This message comprises an attachment with a .txt document. Also, if you have exported media as well, those files will be there as a ZIP attachment. You can download those attachments on the destination device and open them. However, as mentioned before, this method has some limitations.
Use Built-on Export Chat feature on WhatsApp

To Conclude

So, those are the best methods to transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone. As you can see, the second method (Export Chat) has some limitations compared to iCareFone for WhatsApp.

So, if you don’t like any limitations, use iCareFone, which is reliable, convenient, and fast. If you have any other questions related to this subject, please let us know.

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