Best Text Messaging Block Apps To Block Text Messages on Smartphones

Here, you will find some of the best text messaging block apps available in the market. Both android and iOS users can use the apps to block text messages on their phones.

Why People Need the Best Text Messaging Blocking App?

Messaging is one of the features of the phone that can consume a lot of time if not appropriately controlled .plenty of adults have a hard time controlling themselves from using these features. Because now messaging has become as normal as making calls.

But so many people prefer taking the route of messaging than calling since it cuts the time to make the phone to let others know about your situation. The message just does that in a matter of seconds. When it comes to kids, they don’t have any control over it. Within a matter of minutes, they would have sent 100 messages to each other.

Text Messaging Block Apps

Since kids are busy on various devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it will get hard to control these devices by themselves. The parents have to step into the field to help their children get over the phone’s various features.

This article will be about all the best text messaging block apps that you need to know. So you can take proper measures to help your children. Something so minor can bring huge changes to your children’s lives, so they would get the time they need to observe other fields and take up an interest in different things than just staring at the phone.

Without further ado, here is the list of apps to block text messages on a smartphone. Each of the apps will differ from one another. Pick the one that you think is the most suitable for you.

Part 1. Famisafe – Detect & Get Real-Time Alert of The Spam Texts

Here is the best text messaging block app that you can use to stop getting calls and messages from unknown numbers. Famisafe is a powerful parental control app in the market today. Wondershare makes it. Here you will get plenty of other features that will make the software more worthwhile.

Text Messaging Block Apps - Famisafe

You can block numbers from calling or spamming you with messages, and you can also filter the web from seeing appropriate websites. You set a schedule for every app that is installed on your mobile.

So you will know how much time you are spending on that app. If it goes beyond a certain threshold, you can block the app or schedule it. You can also track the location with the app. Features that you will get with this app are plenty.

If you are looking for the best apps to block text messages on android, you can’t go wrong with Famisafe.

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Part 2. Top Best Text Messaging Block Apps for iPhone and Android

1. VeroSMS


This dedicated SMS filter helps you block messages based on certain keywords or use crowdsourced data from the area where you live. This will be a great protection app if you want to control your kid’s inappropriate vocabulary.

If you don’t want your kids to see the foul language in the messages that they receive from their friends, then you can use VeroSMS to block it. If you are interested in using VeroSMS, then you can get it on iOS.

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2. Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist

Herewith this app, you can block calls and messages from an unknown source. It can detect it from your contract, or you can enter the numbers manually. Once blocked, they will not bother you anymore. It also has both blacklist and whitelist capabilities.

You can create a locking schedule. Suppose you are in the office and don’t want to get any calls. You can do that with Call Blacklist. It is one of the best text blocking apps on android available in the play store.

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3. Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager

If you have more than two sim cards installed on your phone, Root call SMS managers will give you the option to create two blacklists, each for your sim. Then it will start blocking spam messages and MMS from getting to your phone.

Here you will also get the option of blacklisting and whitelisting the numbers. Locking and unlocking the incoming call can be done through this app.

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4. SMS Blocker

Text Messaging Block Apps - SMS Blocker

This is one of the great apps to block text messages on the phone. Then you can’t go wrong with SMS Blocker as it features multiple filters and options to customize your blocking. It also features interfaces that are simple and easier to understand.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can even customize the interface based on your liking. One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t slow down the phone’s performance at all. You can get an SMS Blocker on Android.

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5. Hiya Caller ID and Block

Hiya Caller ID and Block

From the name, you can tell the app is not about blocking text messages; it is not the primary Sell of the app. But it does come with plenty of features that can help you with that department as well. Since it can block calls from coming in, it also has the functionality of blocking messages also.

Regarding the User interface, Hiya Caller ID and block have the best interface with seamless navigation to the user. The text messaging block app is only available for iOS.

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6. BlackList

Text Messaging Block Apps - BlackList

BlackList is one of the best text blocking apps on android. It blocks SMS and Calls from coming in. As the name of the app suggests, it can help you create a blacklist of a number from messaging your kid or from calling. When it comes to looks, the app has that department covered with seamless navigation.

7. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker

Here you will get a multi-level locking system to protect your device from spam messages and calls. You can completely remove the phone numbers and messages. You can also set a timer to block the calls or any specific outgoing calls.

Blocking the messages or call from the category of calls and SMS will be possible here. The interface will be dated compared to what you get in apps today. But it is the functionality that makes the app even better.

8. Blocking SMS

Blocking SMS

When it comes to powerful apps to block text messages on your phone, Blocking SMS takes the cake here. With this app, you can do many things other than just block a number from messaging you. You can block the number for contacting you, block an unknown number.

Once you block the number, you will never receive anything from that number. If you want to go a little further, you can do that with this app. It lets block entire area codes. If you go a little further, you can block off entire countries. This is one of the best text blocking apps on android.

9. Postman

Text Messaging Block Apps - Postman

Suppose you are looking for a spam blocker application for your phone. Then this might be the app you will need to do that. Postman blocks the numbers that are not in your trust list. Don’t worry; the user would be the one who gets to create the trust list. Here you set the level for your protection.

If you want high-level protection against the SMS, you will have the option to do that; if you want a low level of protection, you have the option to switch to that. Postman automatically takes off the spam numbers from the application folder after 45 days. Frequent up[dates will keep your app stronger.

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10. Call Blocker

Call Blocker

Here is another app that helps you with your calls and messaging. You can use Call Blocker to block off messages and calls from unknown contacts. This app will replace the default app. This app does come with a lot of features. If you want an app to block the calls and messaging simply, you can expect that from Call Blocker.

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11. aFirewall Call & SMS Blocker

aFirewall Call & SMS Blocker

When it comes to bringing the basic function to the table, you can’t go wrong with aFireWall Call & SMS Blocker. It features tons of features that will help you blacklist a number that contacts you with text messages or calls.

You will also have the option to whitelist numbers. Blocking the numbers based on keywords, then the features to add a protected numbers list makes aFireWall Call one of the best text messaging block apps in the market.

12. Text Blocker

Text Messaging Block Apps - Text Blocker

When it comes to the modern era, this app doesn’t have anything going on to fit the modern interface that people now expect every app to have. But when it comes to performing what you set out to do, this app does more simply.

However, the interface will be dated compared to what do you see in the market nowadays. But when it comes to apps to block text messages and calls. This app can handle that easily without any problem.

13. Ulitmate Blacklist

Ulitmate Blacklist

If you are getting calls and messaging from tons of spammers or from the people who never got the clue that you don’t to contact them any longer or you accidentally signed up for some promotion marketing, now you are getting messages about every sale that takes place on that website. You can use the Ultimate blacklist to solve the problem.

Here you can enter the number manually to block it off. Here you will also have the option to switch between blacklisting and whitelisting the numbers. You can also view the rejected calls or messages if you want.

14. SMS Blocker for iPhone

SMS Blocker For iPhone

If you are an Apple user, you can use the iPhone SMS blocking app to prevent the unknown from making calls or sending you messages over the phone. This app will help you block unwanted messages by filtering through keywords, numbers, or the ‘wildcard’ rule.

The only negative thing about this app is that you need to have an iOS device to use it. If you have an android look for something else. This makes SMS Blocker for iPhone one of the best apps to block text messages.

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15. Call Bliss

Text Messaging Block Apps - Call Bliss

You can block all communication and whitelist the contract that you want with this app. Just like the previous entry, this app only supports iOS devices. If your children are getting many calls from strangers, you can use Call Bliss to protect your kids from unwanted calls or messages.

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16. Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus

If you have normal blacklist software installed on your phone, if you choose to go with the plus model, you will get plenty of new functions to make your software experience a little bit better. The same author makes it. With the plus model, you are going to have the opportunity to choose the method of blocking.

Here, you will save the rejected calls in the application as opposed to in the log. If you want to send messages or call the blacklisted numbers, you can actually do that with the app. Select the number in the blacklist, then hit the call or send message option to carry on.

You will get plenty of other options in the setting menu. With the newer options such as scheduling, hang up, block private numbers, block SMS, and block calls, which makes this one of the best text messaging block apps, it offers more than you want on an app that blocks text messages.

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End Thought

Now that you know all the apps to block text messages on android and their features. You have to make a decision about which one do you want for your system.

Whether you need to use the text messaging block app or an app that offers much more than just to block some texts, if it offers much more than then, you might find it more appealing than an app that just blocks the messages.

You have to decide for yourself what type of app do you need in your app. If you are facing problems only in the message department, you should go for the text messaging block app or vice versa.



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