Text Message Interceptor for Android/iOS

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Parents, children, employers, and even grandparents. With there being so many people that have access to a smartphone, security should be a top priority.

This is still something that manufacturers and developers are trying to perfect – iOS and Android sometimes have gaps in their security. As such, smartphone owners should be more aware of the text message interceptor.

This piece of software targets vulnerable smartphones and allows hackers to see your private text messages. But it’s not always as simple as that. Sometimes it’s parents who want to monitor their children or employers checking on their employees.

However, if you aren’t fully aware of these tools, we’ll be explaining what you need to know.

Part 1. Is Someone Using a Text Message Interceptor on Me?

First off, realizing if someone is using an SMS interceptor on you can be worth learning. Understanding the effects of a hack on your smartphone will give you an advantage.

If you ever become a hacker’s victim, you’ll quickly realize, and you can take measures to stop their attack. So, what are some of the most noticeable signs?

Sign #1 – Shorter Battery Life

This is the biggest giveaway that something’s not right. Most spying tools are constantly running as a background process, and therefore, they are always using your device’s battery power. Depending on the exact tool and how much data it is gathering, the battery life will be a lot shorter.

Recently been noticing that your battery needs to be charged more frequently? Do some investigating because it could be an SMS interceptor.

Sign #2 – Random Phone Restarts/Shutdowns

Some tools can’t run for long periods of time, and thus after a while, they’ll force your phone to restart or shut down.

Yet again, this is another dead giveaway that someone is spying on your texts. Furthermore, if you recently bought your phone or the battery is full, there’s no reason for random restarts.

Sign #3 – Increased Mobile Data Usage

One incredibly frustrating thing about this is that most smartphone users have a cap on their data usage. If the device exceeds the cap limit, you might see extra charges on your phone bill. As a result of the text message interceptor sending the data to the hacker’s device, your data will constantly be in use.

Fortunately, both iOS and Android devices give options to see what consumes your mobile data. Once in a while, head over to the settings app and check your data consumption – you might see something you didn’t expect.

Sign #4 – Strange Smartphone Activity

Above all, keep an eye out for your smartphone acting weird. Maybe apps are opening randomly, web pages are closing whilst in use, or maybe even the device’s display is glowing in your pocket.

Any sort of random, obscure, or strange behavior from your smartphone is cause for concern. Of course, this could be a problem with the device itself. But, in most cases, these things happen when the data is being sent from the SMS interceptor.

Part 2. Best Text Message Interceptor Solutions

Perhaps you aren’t worrying that someone is using an interceptor on you. Instead, you might want to be on the other side of this scenario – using the interceptor on someone else.

Don’t worry; we’re not here to judge you. In fact, if you’re looking for a text message interceptor, we’ve got a couple of recommendations for you to try out.

From our research and testing, we found that KidsGuard and mSpy are the solutions that excel among others. Both of these tools go above and beyond by offering many different features and generally being flexible tools for hacking text messages (how to hack iPhone text messages).

So, due to how useful they are, we’ll be introducing you to both.

A. mSpy – Top 1 Text Message Interceptor

Don’t think KidsGuard (we will talk about this later) is what you’re looking for? mSpy could be worth checking out instead. This is a similar tool that is an ideal text message interceptor for anyone. And it’s much better than Heimdall Parental Control.

  • Monitor popular social media platforms (top social media blockers)  like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.
  • The quick and easy installation process for this SMS tracker hidden tool
  • Supports intercepting iOS and Android devices
  • Access the live GPS location of your target
  • Comes with a keylogger so that you can track as much information as possible
  • No requirement to jailbreak or root your target’s device beforehand

The above features are just a few of the things mSpy provides. mSpy shares a lot of features with KidsGuard, and thus, they’re both fantastic choices. If you struggle to pick between the two tools, demos are available to help you decide.

Using mSpy as an SMS Interceptor

Before we wrap things up, here’s a quick explanation of how to use mSpy. Learning to use this text message interceptor is easy, and with the minimal stress involved, you can’t go wrong.

Follow these steps to begin.

Step #1 – Create a mSpy account and select an account subscription suitable for your needs.

Order mSpy Text Message Interceptor

Sign up mSpy

Step #2 – After making the purchase, download the mSpy APK on the target device. You must enable “Unknown Sources” prior to doing this.

install mspy Text Message Interceptor on Android

Note: to enable third-party downloads, go to “Settings > Security” and turn on the “Unknown Sources” slider if it isn’t already on.

Step #3 – Tap the APK to begin installing it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step #4 – These easy-to-follow instructions will take just a few minutes. Afterward, delete the app’s icon and return the device to the owner.

Step #5 – Sign in to your mSpy account via the online dashboard, and you can monitor their text messages with ease.

mSpy Text Message Interceptor

Before you can monitor text messages with mSpy, you have to purchase an account. Other than this, it’s a fantastic tool to have by your side. Monitor your kids to ensure their safety or keep your employees on a productive track – all with the help of mSpy.

One thing to make a note of is that to use mSpy, you’ll need direct access to the device. There’s no “contactless” approach here, and no matter what, you’ll have to get your hands on it.

B. KidsGuard – Top 2 Text Message Interceptor

Starting with KidsGuard, this is a tool that will show nothing but great results. The initial setup can be a tad tricky for some users, but afterward, you can use this SMS Interceptor to intercept text messages. A few of KidsGuard’s main features include:

  • Hack into a smartphone without jailbreaking or rooting the device
  • View the target device’s destination whenever you like
  • As the best AD blocker for Android, it can not only block the user from accessing specific websites or apps but also Block Pornography for your kids
  • Access all of their browsing history and call logs
  • Receive full access to their WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats, Instagram posts, and much more social media information
  • All of the data that the target enters into the device can be seen in the keylogger feature

So, even though we’re focussing on KidsGuard as a text message interceptor, its clearly got usefulness elsewhere.

Using KidsGuard as a Text Message Interceptor

If KidsGuard seems like the type of tool you want to use, this guide is for you. Know that these steps are applicable to iOS and Android devices, and on top of that, you can tweak the steps to intercept different data types. But, that aside, let’s jump in.

#1 – First, you must create your KidsGuard account unless you already have one. Click here and follow the instructions, entering the info which it asks.

Sign up KidsGuard

Sign up KidsGuard

#2 – Towards the end of your account setup, select the correct platform because the process varies.

Note: the steps below are for Android. If the target has an iPhone, all you must do is sign in with their iCloud account.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS

#3 – Next, get your hands on the target’s Android phone. If you wish to remain discreet, this will be a difficult task, so consider waiting until they are asleep.

#4 – Open the “Settings” app and press the “Security” menu.

#5 – Swipe down and enable the “Unknown Sources” slider if it hasn’t already been. A warning will appear; simply tap “OK” to proceed.

#6 – Download the KidsGuard APK file on the device and install it. Instructions will be given every step of the way, and tap “Grant > Allow” to ensure the correct permissions.

Download KidsGuard Pro  Text Message Interceptor on Android

#7 – Sign in to your KidsGuard account and delete the app’s shortcut. This will ensure anonymity while the app works efficiently.

KidsGuard Pro

#8 – Return the device, and you can then sign in to your KidsGuard account on the dashboard. Click “Messages” from the sidebar, and you can see the text messages from there.

Text Message Interceptor by KidsGuard

After you have KidsGuard on the device, you’ll be able to view their text messages live! When they send or receive a text, KidsGuard will show it to you on the dashboard.

C: Spyic – Top 3 Text Message Interceptor

Finding the best text message interceptor can be a pretty challenging task for any individual. You will need to do plenty of research before choosing a good SMS interceptor. However, we did that hard work for you, and we consider Spyic the best in the business.

As of today, this powerful tool is used by millions of users across hundreds of countries. With this tool, you can expect to track any device regardless of its OS. Also, it is not just an SMS interceptor – it tracks all the activities related to the device.

Specialties of Spyic

The most notable features related to this text message interceptor:

● It is a Trustworthy Application

Spyic is a reliable and trustworthy application that can track target smartphones in a very reliable manner. It doesn’t share gathered data with any other parties other than you. In addition to that, it doesn’t have any malware as well.

● It Works in Stealth Mode

One of the most noticeable features associated with this application is that it works in stealth mode. So, the target user will not find if the app is installed on their device. After all, a good spy app is undetectable, and Spyic has that characteristic perfectly. Also, it requires minimal system resources, and it won’t drain the battery or put a strain on the system resources.

● It is a Legitimate App

There is nothing to worry about the legitimacy of Spyic. So, if you want to use a legitimate spying app, Spyic is the best choice. It is already trusted by millions of individuals, and therefore, you can use it without any hesitation.

● Can Monitor Devices Remotely

Spyic has a remote monitoring feature, and therefore, you don’t have to access the target device physically. You can read the text messages through a web browser from any remote location. Once the installation is done, the app will track all the text messages from the background. All you need is to access the dashboard from a web browser.

● Can Track Social Media Apps as well

Spyic lets you access all the chatting applications, including Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and so on. So, if you want to collect evidence on a cheating partner, this is a perfect feature.

● Even a Novice Can Use It

Even if you are a novice with minimal tech-savviness, Spyic is the best option for you. It has a very convenient user interface that is super-easy to use. The navigations are very simple. Most importantly, Spyic doesn’t want you to root or jailbreak the respective device to install it.

● Affordable

Although many spying apps are very expensive, Spyic is significantly affordable. More importantly, it gives the best value for what you pay.


When it comes to the compatibility factor, this text message interceptor works well with Android and iOS perfectly. If you need to track an Android device, the Spyic app should be installed on the target device. The process won’t take any longer than 5 minutes, and no rooting is required. Also, the app icon will disappear soon after the installation, so no one can track it.

In addition to working as an SMS interceptor, Spyic can monitor all the other app-related activities. For instance, it tracks Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

For iOS devices, you can do it through the iCloud account. All you need is the respective account’s credentials, and then you are ready to go.

D: Cocospy – A Perfect SMS Interceptor that Works Seamlessly

Cocospy is another powerful, handy, and convenient SMS interceptor that works like a charm. This app, too, can track text messages without the knowledge of the target device’s owner.

Also, just like Spyic, it can work in the background and track all the text messages. Even if it costs a small amount, you will get an excellent return for the money you spend.

Steps to use Cocospy


Cocospy is a text message interceptor that works on both Android and iOS devices. For iOS devices, just use the respective iCloud account’s credentials to start monitoring. However, for Android devices, you want to install a small, lightweight app. Once the installation is done, the app will disappear and work from the background.

Reasons to Trust Cocospy

Cocospy is a very handy app that has won the hearts of many individuals across the globe. The user-friendly interface of this app makes it convenient for novice users as well. In addition to that, it offers more than 30 additional features to the delight of the users.

● It is a Reliable App

Compared to many scams available online, Cocospy is a highly reliable app that works very well. It has no malware or disturbing advertisements. Also, it features an excellent customer rating as well.

● It is legitimate

This app is completely legitimate, and there are no hidden charges associated with it. Also, it doesn’t put your personal details at risk.

● It Can Intercept Social Media Apps

Apart from tracking SMS, Cocospy can track all the social media apps as well. For instance, it can track WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc.

● No Special Permission Needed

You don’t have to root or jailbreak target devices to install Cocospy. This ensures the safety of even the target devices.

● Affordability

This is yet another affordable spying app that gives a superb return for the money you pay.

To Conclude

Using a text message interceptor is easier than most of us think it is. Admittedly, receiving the target’s smartphone can be a chore, but this is as hard as it is. Whether you choose mSpy or KidsGuard, you’ll have a reliable SMS Interceptor tool in your hands.

These are both amazing platforms that make text interception an easy task. After about 10 minutes, you can install the solution of your choice and start monitoring the target’s text messages.

Don’t forget: neither solution ends with text messages. GPS location, call logs, and a lot of other information can be read from the easy-to-access dashboard.


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