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TeenSafe Reviews – TeenSafe Has Moved to KidBridge


TeenSafe is a monitoring tool that helps parents to monitor the activities of their teens on their smartphones. This online program allows you to track the real-time location, calls, messages, social media apps, and what not. In order to use this amazing tool, one does not require to jailbreak or root one’s devices. If you have second thoughts about TeenSafe, have a look at its working and features to know more about it. Have a look at its amazing services further below along with TeenSafe reviews on other sites!

Teensafe is Officially Evolving into KidBridge.

How does this spying tool TeenSafe work?

TeenSafe has a long history when it comes to monitoring and spying. The company asserts that TeenSafe is the first tracker for iOS devices. This tool has worked with numerous Android and iOS devices such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

On Android devices, TeenSafe monitors all the activities of the target device remotely. You just have to install a discreet application on that phone. This application runs in the background. The target user cannot detect this monitoring tool as the logo of TeenSafe does not appear anywhere. In addition to it, the application does not appear on the app dashboard or on the home screen.

On iOS devices, the spying process is way simpler than Android devices. Here, you do not have to install any third-party application on the target device. You can easily operate TeenSafe on your personal computer, unlike other monitoring tools.

As per TeenSafe reviews, users can access its remote visibility feature on various devices at a time. After you successfully set up the TeenSafe account, only you have admittance to your secure and personal dashboard.

Unique characteristics of TeenSafe:

  • TeenSafe allows you to see received, sent and even deleted messages.
  • It tracks all outgoing and incoming calls along with details like duration and time.
  • This program monitors Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik.
  • You can even view deleted messages for Kik and WhatsApp.
  • It shows the browsing history and web search of the monitored device.
  • TeenSafe monitors the location history as well as the real-time location.

Note: Unfortunately, you would not be able to see the attachments sent or received through text on the target device. Instead, you will notice a text saying “Possible MMS data/attachment”.

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Best Teensafe Alternative – mSpy

mSpy is the best alternative for Teensafe for people to keep an eye’s on your kid’s smartphone activities. This Fantastic Spy tool can track almost all data on Android and iPhone which is more than Teensafe, including text messages and call logs. It let you monitor your kid’s activities more comprehensively.

Key features of mSpy:

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What is Rooting or Jailbreaking?

The biggest benefit of TeenSafe claimed on various TeenSafe reviews is that this program does not require your phones to be rooted or jailbroken to make it work. If you have no idea about what these terms are, learn about them below.

The process of rooting allows users of tablets, smartphones, and other such devices to attain the root access or privileged control by running the operating system within the sub-system of Android. Similarly, the act of jailbreaking iOS devices removes restrictions on the operating system with the help of hardware and software exploits. It expands features set by the App Store or Apple.

According to Layman, rooting and jailbreaking allow smartphone’s users to enlarge their smartphone capabilities. Otherwise, the manufacturer restricts these kinds of capabilities. On the other hand, users can restore their rooted or jailbroken devices to the factory settings. It can be done by reinstalling the respective operating system.

In case, anything happens to your jailbroken or rooted device; then it could hamper the warranty of your device. Hence, you have to pay for it from your own pocket.

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Is it necessary to track your teen’s device?

The answer to this question is quite dubious. You have to search for this answer yourself. According to TeenSafe reviews, some parents like the idea of keeping an eye on their children while some do not. You will get different answers for this question from different parents. Even professional psychiatrists or psychologists disagree among themselves on whether to monitor teens or not.

However, some parents are stubbornly against it as this monitoring act violates the child-parent trust relationship. On the other hand, one can find various successfully stories on the internet about TeenSafe. TeenSafe has helped various children in avoiding cyberbullying, sexual predators, and various other cyber crimes since 2011.

What are parents talking over TeenSafe reviews?

TeenSafe is a California-based monitoring tool, which was released in 2011. The Better Business Bureau has given a “B” rating to this company with a closed complaint dated December 2, 2015, regarding the free trial cancellation. There are not many users have said about TeenSafe at the time of this research. However, you can read about some of the TeenSafe reviews below. wrote reviews on TeenSafe. These TeenSafe reviews show how much impressed they are with it. They seem utmostly pleased with TeenSafe’s overall performance. They mentioned that users need to set up the iCloud backup for iOS devices. Along with that, they noted that the exact dates were missing on the restored texts regarding the feature of deleted texts. This makes it difficult to configure if the text is a recent one or back from a while. In addition to it, some of the messages do not show any number or date, which makes it difficult to know about the sender. So, thinks that TeenSafe needed to work on its deleted text feature to make it more reliable.

On SiteJabber, you can find various TeenSafe reviews written by the TeenSafe users. This spying application holds an average 3-star rating here. One of the users complained about how he found difficulty in canceling the trial period. Another reviewer complained that you would not be able to track down the activities of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. if your kid changes the account passwords. In order to monitor, you need to learn about the new password. Apart from these two reviews, you will find good TeenSafe reviews there.

As per Apple’s discussion forums, one user said that he tried TeenSafe and canceled it at the same time. He remarked on TeenSafe reviews that TeenSafe works only when the iCloud backup and the Wi-Fi network both are turned on. Check out other TeenSafe reviews on sites like Highya, Cellspyapps, etc.

Does this spying tool monitor Snapchat?

Many teenagers all over the globe use Snapchat these days. It is one of the popular social media applications with more than 8 billion views a day. Each and every picture or video sent over Snapchat is viewable for a time period of 10 seconds once opened.

Unfortunately, users can take a screenshot of these images or videos for future references. Due to this, your snaps are not altogether safe and secure. It can be used for cyberbullying or other such crimes. Parents worry about their children’s safety while they use Snapchat. The sad part is TeenSafe does not monitor Snapchat as of now. TeenSafe is not able to track Snapchat as the Snapchat servers remove those messages permanently.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TeenSafe?

Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of TeenSafe below to make up your mind!

Advantages of TeenSafe:

  • Track various devices using your phone
  • Monitor the real-time GPS location
  • No root or jailbreak required
  • View deleted texts
  • Block applications on the target device
  • Block the target device during specific hours

Disadvantages of TeenSafe:

  • Cannot track Facebook activity
  • No support for videos and images
  • Users encounter technical problems on iOS devices
  • Users face difficulty using and setting up TeenSafe
  • No customer support 24/7

About Refund Policy and Price of TeenSafe

Users can use TeenSafe for free because of its trial version. Once the trial period is over, you have to pay $14.95 every month. As per terms and conditions of TeenSafe, users have to cancel their trial before 24 hours till it ends. If not, you will be charged for the same. So, you get only six days for the trial technically.

On the other hand, if you search for TeenSafe on Google Play, you will come across the TeenSafe Support App and not the spying tool. One can download TeenSafe from its official website. This application offers the billing system on a monthly basis. It does not come up with any contract. You can cancel its services any time you want. As per TeenSafe reviews, there is no policy for refunds or for partially-used credits.

In case of queries or questions, you can contact the TeenSafe customer service at (800) 245-8598. You can cancel your trial or subscription for TeenSafe through this number.

Does TeenSafe Keep Teens Safe?

As you see, TeenSafe has positive reviews from most of the parents. It is considered to be the best as you do not have to jailbreak or root your devices to make it work. However, you need to require some technical skills to set up this program. Additionally, you would not be able to access videos or photos and not even all deleted messages. Also, you cannot view their smartphone’s activities if teens change their account passwords or not connected to any Wi-Fi network.

However, $14.95 is not a huge amount to pay for your kids’ safety. So, it is best to download this spying tool to keep a check on the activities of your kids’ smartphones. With the help of TeenSafe, you can protect your kids against cyber crimes.

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