Best Spy Watches with Hidden Camera in 2021

People do not necessarily have to be secret agents for getting hold of advanced spy gear like a spy watch. Due to new technologies, it has become possible to pack wristbands, watches, and bracelets with HD hidden cameras. A camera watch tells more than just the time. These spy watches allow people to spy on others and record their videos remotely. The looks and size of a spy watch are enough for deceiving others.

Here, we have rounded up the best spy watches available online. Select from traditional watch designs that blend with your formal outfit or stylish sports camera watches featuring in-built vision and hidden cameras.

Best Spy Watches with Hidden Camera

Why Do You Need a Spy watch?

At times, a camera watch comes in handy in various situations. This is when you are dealing with some risky business deal with someone. Monitoring is usually done in situations when you think recording that situation is serious. Whether it is for valid reasons or your own advantage, you can enjoy the advantages of the camera watch models anywhere at any time.

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Top 10 Spy watch Models with Microphone and Hidden Camera

In this section, we are going to talk about the best camera watch models. All of these watches come with useful features to make the monitoring procedure more effective and easier.

1. Liyahha


It is the best spy watch camera that you will find online. This camera watch comes with a hidden camera as well as night vision. It spies effectively due to the HD-resolution video recording feature. This watch supports the 1920*1080-pixel video resolution. Also, the watch features a built-in storage space of around 14.5-15.5 GB. Liyahha also supports a 32-GB TG card for playing the recorded videos on your computer.


  • Supports HD video recording
  • It takes about 2 hours to charge
  • Works both as a security camera and nanny camera


  • High battery consumption while recording videos

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2. Spy Tec Wireless Spy watch

Spy Tec Wireless Spy watch

Spy Tec watch features a premium-quality wireless remote controlling feature. It even has an action camera. This camera watch lets you fully control its action camera. It features an in-built battery, which lasts for a decent time period. The watch functions properly up to 20 feet.


  • It is very simple to pair this watch with its camera
  • It offers a satisfactory battery life


  • Its battery turns dead after a while, even when you haven’t used the watch.

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3. VRXN Spy Camera Portable Wristband

VRXN Spy Camera Portable Wristband

The watch camera is an incredible gear to spy. It is specially designed in a way to fit all wrist sizes. This camera watch supports a full HD 1920*1080P video recording. VRXN spy watch has an in-built battery having high capacity. It supports an external 32-GB micro SD card.


  • It is a very simple-to-use spy watch that is fit for regular use
  • This camera watch features excellent workmanship and exquisite appearance


  • It poses a risk to file security
  • The battery’s working time lessens with the amount of use

4. AWOW Smart Watch with Hidden Camera and Bluetooth

AWOW Smart Watch with Hidden Camera and Bluetooth

AWOW spy watch comes with a hidden pinhole camera and other applications. The spy watch camera is perfectly well for all kinds of occasions. No one can detect this spying watch. It comes with various features like heart rate detection and Bluetooth. This camera watch even functions on hands-free technology. The watch has a microphone for recording high-quality videos. It even features a volume control mechanism.


  • This spy watch camera features an anti-theft alarm function
  • One can use this smartwatch as a smartphone


  • Its battery does not last for longer hours

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This incredible spy watch comes with a hidden camera and mini camcorder. The spy watch camera features superb tech, which comes with lots of features. It is straightforward to operate and looks very stylish. This camera watch supports 1920*1080P video resolution in full HD. Plus, it even features an infrared vision function. So, get this hidden camera watch to keep your eyes on someone.


  • It is very simple to use
  • The watch comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Also, this spying camera watch features a 30-day refund policy if you are facing any issue with it


  • This spying watch just works for about 1.5 hours

6. Aipinvip Smart Bracelet

Aipinvip Smart Bracelet

This watch is not just a spy watch having a hidden camera. Aipinvip spy watch camera looks like a wristband that records premium quality video and audio recording. It offers a full HD resolution featuring Loop Videoing. This watch can even be employed as a fitness band due to its Calorie Counter.


  • This watch supports a micro SD card of about 64 GB
  • It even features a smart power-saving option and screen display


  • The recording duration depends on the video quality

7. Meibul Camera Loop Video Spy Camera watch

Meibul Camera Loop Video Spy Camera watch

It is another best spy watch that comes with an amazing 1080P night vision camera. It offers a continuous recording of about 90 minutes. And it has an in-built 16GB memory that stores around a 5-hour video.


  • Great battery life
  • Incredible storage space


  • Fewer features

8. Keep Spy watch camera

Keep Spy watch camera

This portable watch camera records at 1080 pixels at 30 fps. It has a wide-angle lens featuring 160 degrees. It can record a video for around 120 minutes.


  • Offers 2-hour recording time
  • Captures videos at 1080P


  • Limited range on wearing the watch strap

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9. XINDELI Spy watch

XINDELI Spy watch

This watch features a hidden camera that records at 1920*1080p resolution. It has an in-built memory of 32GB, which stores a 5-hour video.


  • Records videos in 1920*1080p resolution
  • Works for around 90 minutes


  • Looks simple

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10. LTMADE Spy watch camera

LTMADE Spy watch camera

The watch has a camera that starts recording with just a single tap. However, this watch has restricted battery life. It features an internal memory of around 32GB. It works well with both Windows and Macs.


  • Offers 32GB storage space
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


  • Less battery life

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So, these are some of the best spy watch models for spying on someone remotely. If you want to monitor what your kids are doing on their smartphones, then a spy watch camera would not do anything for you. Instead of using a camera watch, use Wondershare FamiSafe. This parental control tool helps you to keep an eye on all of your kid’s smartphone activities. The tool allows you to track messages, contacts, location, and social media platforms. So, get this app and try its free version to check out all the amazing features!