Top Spy Microphones in 2022 You Can Choose From

Today, spy microphones are used by many people. These days, spy microphones are not just part of famous detective Hollywood movies; they are used in real life as well. A spy microphone is used for various purposes.

Investigative journalists use it to unravel a serious mystery; new employees use it to record everything said in weekly briefings or staff meetings, students use it to take notes in class, etc.

The uses of a spy microphone are so many. Therefore, it depends on you whether you want to use a covert listening device. People from every field can use a spy microphone. This is why spy microphones are so much in demand today. Various manufacturers offer a wide range of spy microphones to customers.

Owing to multiple options, it becomes a tad tricky to choose the best spy microphone for yourself. You must buy a covert recording device that is of the best quality with all the features and offered at a reasonable price.

In this article, you will get to know about the ten best spy microphones available on the market that you can buy for yourself. We have reviewed top spy microphones here.

Plus, we have put together a buying guide at the end of this blog post, which can make it much easier for you to choose the right spy microphone.

Ten Best Spy Microphones and Voice Recorders

#1. Zoom ZH1 H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Zoon ZH1 Spy Microphones

This portable digital recorder is easy to use and carry. Its compact size lets you simply put it into your pocket and use it in any situation, such as band rehearsals, seminars, live concerts, interviews, etc. This versatile spy microphone can record high-quality audio and is one of the best recording devices available on the market.

Zoom ZH1 recorder is equipped with superior features like an in-built stereo X/Y microphone, a low-cut filter, and an audio level controller. With great performance and design, the Zoom ZH1 recorder features two synchronized, unidirectional microphones set at an angle of 90 degrees, which allows you to record maximum sound.

Furthermore, the recorder is outfitted with a headphone or line output, which you can use to connect other devices to it, such as your DSLR. The recorder has 2GB storage, which is expandable up to 32GB. Moreover, the device features a single rechargeable battery that delivers a maximum record time of 10 hours at a stretch on a full charge.

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#2. Olympus ME-52W Noise Canceling Microphone

Spy Microphone. Olympus ME-52W

As its name suggests, the Olympus ME-52W microphone is an ideal device for recording top-quality audio in loud surroundings. It allows you to secretly record anything in a noisy environment since it skillfully reduces the background noise for a clearer and more precise recording. For a unidirectional recording, you just have to plug this device into the 3.5mm microphone jack of a digital recorder.

It is made with a durable and lightweight plastic body, the Olympus ME-52W spy microphone is equipped with an extension cord of 3.3 feet that allows you to place it easily. The device has a sleek design and comes with a convenient tie-clip and windscreen cover. Moreover, it is offered at a cost-effective price as compared to other spy microphones out there.

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#3. EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder

Spy Microphone. EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder

This reliable and sleek spy microphone from EVISTR can be used in various situations with its built-in dynamic noise cancellation feature. It’s small in size and comes with a playback option. The recorder offers consistent, high-quality, and crystal clear audio recording of 1536kpbs.

Moreover, the intelligent voice-activated record feature of this device ignores low decibel talk and only records when it detects a major sound. This allows the recorder to decrease whispering and blank clips in your recording.

The in-built MP3 player in this recorder lets you listen to your recorded files as well as music. This voice recorder comes with an internal memory of 16GB, which allows it to store recorded audio for more than 100 hours.

Furthermore, the EVISTR recorder is equipped with a sturdy USB rechargeable battery, which allows you to record for 16 hours at a stretch with a full charge. This recorder is easy to use with its REC and STOP buttons. It comes with a simple file management feature that tells you the date and time of your recordings.

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#4. Homder Digital Voice Recorder

Spy Microphone. Homder Digital Voice Recorder

This spy microphone can be used in multiple situations. It has a sleek design with an in-built dual-microphone that allows you to record stereo HD audio. This digital voice recorder features a menu setting, using which you can set a password in order to safeguard your recordings.

The MP3 player on this device lets you hear natural sound using good-quality earphones. Some of the other striking features of this recorder include voice-activated recording, recording monitor, timed recording, A-B repeat, rewind, fast forward functions, and the timestamp function.

The sturdy rechargeable battery in this voice recorder lets you record for over 12 hours with a full charge. Moreover, it has an internal memory of 8GB that can store a maximum of 580 hours of audio files, and the memory can be expanded up to 72GB.

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#5. Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder

Spy Microphone. Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder

Sony is a famous brand that offers only the best quality in its products. One such product it offers is a spy microphone. This device is small in size, owing to which it can easily fit on your belt or in your pocket.

The recorder features voice-operated recording and an in-built stereo microphone with high performance. You can choose from its three recording options, namely narrow or focus, wide or stereo, and normal. Sony ICDUX560BLK recorder is equipped with a detailed LCD screen and voice activation feature.

The recorder comes with a 4GB internal memory, which is expandable with a Micro SD card. With this Sony microphone, you can even listen to your previous recordings via the headphone jack or the in-built speaker. Moreover, you can connect this voice recorder to your Windows or Mac computer using its USB output.

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#6. YEMENREN Digital Voice Activated Recorder

YEMENREN Digital Voice Activated Recorder

This spy microphone offers top-quality recording, and it can be used in varied situations. YEMENREN recorder is outfitted with a powerful double-sensitive microphone system that can reduce noise, which allows you to use it in loud surroundings as well.

This device can start recording audio with just the touch of a button. It features an LCD screen of 1.4 inches that you can use in suitable scenarios and a voice-activated function that starts recording as soon as the microphone detects sounds.

This hidden audio recorder comes with an in-built 360mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to record for straight 15 hours. Moreover, the recorder has an internal memory of 8GB which lets you store a maximum of 576 hours of recording.

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#7. WJLING Digital Voice Sound Recorder

WJLING Digital Voice Sound Recorder

This spy microphone offered by WJLING has a striking design with the appearance of a USB drive. It features dynamic noise reduction technology that allows you to record high-quality, crystal clear audio through it. The microphones of this voice recorder are ultra-sensitive, which allows you to record at a maximum distance of 40 feet.

Some of the other notable features in this device include switching from recording to MP3 player with just the touch of a button, various record formats, an in-built speaker, an A-B repeat function, and a transcription option that lets you transcribe recorded voice to text using its app.

The recorder has a memory of 8GB that allows you to store recordings of a maximum of 150 hours. Moreover, the WJLING voice recorder has amazing battery capacity, which allows you to record for straight 11 hours with audio playback for up to 16 hours. The whole package includes a recorder, microdata cable, USB cable, Type C data cable, English manual, and earphones.

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#8. Lgsixe Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive

You can easily use the Lgsixe Voice Recorder anywhere owing to its deceptive appearance. It looks like a standard USB drive and allows you to record anything without anyone noticing you. You just have to switch this voice recorder on from its power switch.

And, since the device does not have any markings that show it’s a recorder, it’s easier to conceal it. This covert recorder allows you to record for straight 15 hours. Moreover, it can be charged easily by just plugging it into any of the USB ports on your computer.

You don’t require any charging cables to charge this recorder. This versatile digital recorder can be used anywhere, including conferences, sermons, training sessions, concerts, agreement negotiations, telephone chats, etc. However, you must not use this spy microphone in noisy environments.

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#9. BOOCOSA Voice Recorder

This portable rechargeable Dictaphone recorder allows you to record an event secretly. It has a very appealing design and comes in a polished aluminum case. The spy microphone is lightweight and sturdy, which allows you to comfortably carry it in your briefcase, bag, purse, or your pocket.

The recorder is outfitted with two microphones of 1536 kbps, which allow you to record top-quality audio. It also reduces background noise with its innovative noise reduction technology in order to record clearer audio even in noisy surroundings. With a storage capacity of 8GB, BOOCOSA Voice Recorder allows you to store audio recordings for a maximum of 560 hours.

The recorder has an in-built high-capacity rechargeable battery, which allows you to record audio for over 10 hours with a full charge. Moreover, this device provides playback through the integrated MP3, or you can listen to your recordings by connecting it to your computer.

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#10. Sony Business Microphone | ECM-CS3

This spy microphone is offered by Sony, which is a well-known name in the world of electronics. It is a clip-on microphone, which can be easily used for hands-free audio recording in any situation. You can simply attach this device to your clothes during your business meetings or training sessions.

The recorder comes with a cord of optimum length like your earphones, which allows you to clip it on your collar and reach inside your pocket. It can even be rotated for omnidirectional recording, which makes it unique. You can connect this device to your Apple or Android smartphone and even to your laptop via a 3.5mm microphone jack.

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Buying Guide of the Top Spy Microphones

As mentioned above, there are many digital voice recorders and spy microphones available on the market. Therefore, it’s quite hard to choose the right spy microphone, even from our list of the top 10.

This buying guide will make it easy for you to buy the best voice recorder for yourself from our list. It lists down the things you need to consider for buying a covert audio recorder.

1. Your purpose

First of all, you must consider why you need a spy microphone. There are many reasons why people opt for a covert voice recorder. Moreover, different people use a digital audio recorder for different purposes.

For instance, an investigative journalist might use it to expose a mystery, and a student might use it to record their lessons.

Therefore, you must buy a spy microphone as per your specific requirement. Moreover, if you want to use your audio recorder for a discreet and secret purpose, then you must make sure that you buy one that you can easily conceal, and that works properly while it’s hidden.

2. The Situation

The next thing is the surroundings in which you will use your spy microphone. If you want to record in a noisy location, you should get one with noise-canceling or reducing features that can help you to diminish the background noise and always pick the major sound. This is because not all top spy microphones can record the chief sound in a loud environment.

3. Storage or Memory Capacity

You must see the maximum amount of recordings a spy microphone can store before buying one. The audio recorder you purchase should have sufficient memory space to store everything you record.

You can do without memory space if you want your covert voice recorder for very small projects. However, if you need it to record large projects, then you must look at its storage capacity.

4. Battery Capacity

You should buy a spy microphone with a large battery capacity if you don’t want it to switch off in between your recording sessions.

A majority of good spy recorders on the market are equipped with rechargeable batteries that can work for quite a few hours with just one charge. You must ensure to buy an audio recorder that works for several hours, no matter if you are recording or listening to your audio files.


So, now you know which spy microphone you can buy from this list. The buying guide is of great help when it comes to choosing the right audio recorder from a host of options.

You can opt for any of the spy microphones listed in this article, as all of them are great to use and have amazing features. Make sure you choose one carefully so that you can make the most of your spy microphone.



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