How to Fix Snapchat keeps Crashing on Your Android Easily

The number of subscribers of Snapchat keeps on increasing every month. This platform operates on an incomparable notion of enabling users to spread pictures. The most amazing part is that this application is available on Android devices, which has made Snapchat even more popular all across the globe. However, the main problem is that not all Android users can enjoy the incredible features of Snapchat. Sometimes, users may face errors like ‘Snapchat keeps crashing‘ on their Android devices. Here, you will know about some impressive ways to fix Snapchat crashing. Before we do that, let’s know about some common reasons why you come across the problem ‘My Snapchat keeps crashing.’

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Common Reasons Why Snapchat Keeps Crashing

Basically, there are various reasons why the Snapchat application does not work effectively at some moments. However, the main reason for this issue is that there could not be a proper connection between Snapchat and its server. This can even damage the cache that makes this app not operate effectively. If you are starting to experience this problem on your Snapchat, Snapchat keeps crashing again while exploring its special features.

Another possible reason why Snapchat keeps crashing is that you might have restarted your Android device while Snapchat was still working. So, these are some reasons, and now, let’s discuss some quick fixes for resolving this annoying issue.

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Part 1: Different Methods to Resolve ‘Snapchat Keeps Crashing’

Whenever you experience Snapchat keeps crashing on your Android device, it will obviously frustrate you a lot, especially when you cannot find any solution to it. Fortunately, you can fix this frustrating problem using various methods. So, let’s discuss some effective methods to resolve this error.

Method 1: Reboot Snapchat

One way to resolve the problem ‘Snapchat keeps crashing‘ is by rebooting the application. It might seem complicated to those who have not tried this out before. It is an easy method, which ensures that Snapchat functions effectively. So, this is the first method that you can try if you are experiencing a problem related to Snapchat.

Firstly, you need to quit Snapchat and restart the same on your Android device. If it does not work, you need to restart your device. Or else, you can switch your device off and then switch it on.

Reboot Snapchat

Method 2: Clear Cache of Snapchat

Another reason why Snapchat keeps crashing could be when you do not clear cache for a while. This could lead to the crashing of applications like Snapchat on a continuous basis. So, you need to clear the cache for the smooth functioning of Snapchat. It can be cleared on Android devices in the following way.

Steps to fix Snapchat keeps crashing by clear cache

1: Visit Settings on your device and then look for the tab ‘Applications.’ Once found, tap on this option.

2: Search for Snapchat and then select the option saying ‘Clear Data.’

snapchat clear cache

After following these steps, you can restart your device. This will ensure the proper functioning of Snapchat. Check if the problem still persists!

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Method 3: Check the Internet Connection to fix Snapchat keeps Crashing

Slow or poor internet connection could hinder applications like Snapchat from functioning effectively. It is an easy solution that people can try to resolve the problem of Snapchat keeps crashing. For users who happen to reside in a location where signals are really poor, it is advisable to use a router to enjoy a better internet connection.

It will make sure that you can browse Snapchat through Wi-Fi on your Android phone. This is so because one can place a router at any spot where signals are very strong. Hence, you enjoy great signals and connections all the time.

check network connection

Method 4: Re-install and Delete Snapchat

It is another incredible way to resolve the problem ‘Snapchat keeps crashing.’ If Snapchat on your phone is causing issues, then this solution makes sure that every file will be deleted completely that is responsible for it. So, use the following instructions for deleting the Snapchat application.

Steps to fix Snapchat keeps crashing by Reinstall Snapchat app

1: Visit Setting on your phone and then search for the option called ‘Applications‘ while scrolling it.

2: Next, find Snapchat and click on the option ‘Storage.’

3: After tapping the back tab once, you need to choose the option ‘Uninstall.’ Here, you have to confirm whether you like to remove such applications from your device completely.

Uninstall Snapchat and ReInstall to fix snapchat keeps crashing

Now, you have to re-install the application after successfully deleting Snapchat. Certainly, you would not be facing the ‘Snapchat keeps crashing’ error anymore.

Method 5: Updating Snapchat

Snapchat can repeatedly crash if you do not update it on a regular basis. On facing the problem ‘Snapchat keeps crashing,’ you should update the application first. For doing so, go through the steps given below.

Steps to fix Snapchat keeps crashing by updating Snapchat

1: Look for Google Play Store on Android devices. Tap on it and tap on the three horizontal lines there.

2: Once the menu has opened, you have to look for the section that says ‘My Applications & Games‘.

3: Next, search for Snapchat amid other applications, and tap on ‘Update.’

update Snapchat

Method 6: Check for New Firmware and ROM to Fix Snapchat keeps Crashing

There are several ROMs that do not work well with Snapchat. So, you have to keep trying to get a ROM version, which would be compatible with your device. For finding out more about this, users can browse for the same online. Plus, watch out for how other Android users manage situations like this one.

how to fix snapchat crashing by checking new firmware and rom

Method 7: Device Incompatibility

There are various devices that do not support the Snapchat application. It can lead to the problem ‘Snapchat keeps crashing,’ where Snapchat does not work effectively. To know more, you can search online to find out whether other people who are using a device like yours are facing issues related to Snapchat. Plus, you can even find an effective solution for the same.

In case people are using Snapchat successfully on their Android device, you can search for the information in the ‘Old Software Version‘ section and even find details on the ‘New Snapchat Update‘ version.

Method 8: Reset your Phone and Backup the Files

It is the last thing you could do if the above-mentioned methods fail to resolve the issue of Snapchat keeps crashing. Hence, resetting your phone will help in getting the default settings. Before you go on with this solution, it is recommended to back up your fail to avoid losing them permanently. If you like to reset your Android device such as Samsung Galaxy 8, follow the steps:

Steps to fix Snapchat keeps crashing:

1: Turn off your device by pressing and holding the Volume Up tab and Bixby tab. Next, you have to press and hold the power tab.

2: When the Android logo appears, release all the tabs together. Press the Volume Down tab if you like to highlight the options of wipe data or reset.

3: For selecting this option, employ the power tab. Keep pressing the Volume Down tab until it says ‘Yes.’ Here, you will come across the highlighted text saying all user data will be deleted.

4: For starting the master reset, tap on the power tab. Once the resetting process is over, you will see the highlighted text saying ‘Reboot system now.’ Next, you have to restart your device by tapping on the power tab.

Part 2: Best Way to Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing

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Steps to fix Snapchat keeps crashing with Fixppo for Android

Below are some steps that you can follow to resolve the Snapchat-related crash problems on Android devices. So, let’s begin without further ado!

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iMyFone Fixppo for Android

2: Choose the details of your Android phone and install the firmware from there.

3: Connect your device to the computer and enter the download mode on your device.

iMyFone Fixppo for Android

4: Begin to repair your Android system.

Fix Snapchat keeps crashing with iMyFone Fixppo for Android

While carrying out this entire process, you need to make sure that there is no interruption throughout the process. Once completed, you will no longer face ‘Snapchat keeps crashing.’

Now, you know about different methods to fix the problem ‘Snapchat keeps crashing.’ However, it is best to employ iMyFone Fixppo for Android to resolve this error. This repair tool fixes all the problems related to Android OS. So, download this application now!