Screen Mirroring Google Pixel – A Complete Overview

Screen Mirroring Google Pixel is a common query asked by many individuals these days due to various reasons. If you are one of them and want to learn what it is, this article is just for you. You can go ahead and learn everything about it after reading this informative article.

Google Pixel is considered to be an excellent mobile device that offers superior performance. There is a wide range of uses for Google Pixel’s high-resolution camera, screen display, and video qualities. This device’s screen is extremely impressive for playing games, as anyone with one will attest.

When you mirror Google Pixel to your TV or PC, you’ll get an even greater visual experience. Compared to the mobile device, you can experience a better visual performance from it once connected to the PC.

You’ll be able to get a bigger screen for your phone this way. In this article, you’ll find a variety of methods for achieving your goal.

Part 1: Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using Chromecast

Using Chromecast devices, you may effortlessly mirror the display of any Android smartphone to your television. There is an option in the notification shade of a Pixel phone. However, if you’re using any other device to mirror your screen, you’ll find it in its Google Home app.

  • Make sure your mobile phone and Chromecast are connected to the exact WiFi network.
  • It’s time to get started with the app called “Google Home“.
  • To cast any mobile device to a Chromecast, select the Chromecast from the list and click on it.
  • Make sure to select “Cast my screen” in step four.
Google Home
  • Click on the option called “Cast screen” to begin the process.
Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using Chromecast
  • During the screen recording or screen mirroring process, you’ll be cautioned not to show any personal or confidential information. To cast your screen to a Chromecast, click “START NOW“.
  • Using the Home app, you will be able to adjust the volume to suit your needs. To stop the casting, simply click the button labeled “Stop Mirroring” on the control panel.
  • Do you wish to stop your phone from projecting to your TV unit? If so, use the notification panel or even the app called “Google Home” to find the screencasting controls.
  • Take note of the similarities between screen mirroring & Google smart displays. You should cast your screen of the device to an option called “Nest Homes Hub Max“. If not, you can connect it to a Nest Homes Hub. To do that, you will need to follow the same instructions as outlined in the app “Google Home“.
  • And, that’s exactly how to perform screen mirroring Google Pixel using a Chromecast device.

Part 2: Screen Mirroring Google Pixel with Third-party Cross-platform Tools

Is it something you’d like to do using your phone’s screen? Many cross-platform screen-mirroring tools are available to assist you to screen mirroring Google Pixel. Use the below-mentioned screen mirroring apps to get the job done.

2.1. Screen Mirroring Google Pixel with Phone Mirror

Last but definitely not least, we present Phone Mirror by Tenorshare. This special application is meant for the purpose of mirroring Android devices to Windows computers. It lets you control any Google Pixel device after mirroring.

It does come with an excellent performance with no lag at all. If you have Android 6 or above, this application works on your device flawlessly.

If you wonder how to mirror your Google Pixel phone into a PC, go through the steps mentioned below.

  • As the first step, you should download the application called Tenorshare Phone Mirror and install it.
  • Then, go ahead and connect your Google Pixel device to the same computer using a data cable. Then, you should follow the guide and enable its USB debugging mode.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror
  • Once you have done that, you will notice that the program detects the device. You will also notice a mirroring icon. Just click on that icon so the mirroring process will start.
Screen Mirroring Google Pixel with Phone Mirror
  • In a couple of seconds, the screen of your Google Pixel device will appear on your PC.

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2.2. LetsView

LetsView is a top-notch screen mirroring app that works across a wide range of devices. It is compatible with Android, macOS, Windows, and Apple products. With LetsView, you may use your computer to see what’s on your phone by using a screen mirroring app.

Screen Mirroring Google Pixel with LetsView

Features of LetsView

  • It is completely free to use.
  • It does let you take screenshots as well.
  • LetsView can easily record your screen.
  • This application is compatible with wireless connections as well.
  • It does offer a whiteboard for the purpose of drawing.

How to Perform Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using Letsview.

Simple steps are all that is required to get it working. Installing the software on the PC as well as Google Pixel is the first step.

Make that they’re both connected to the exact WiFi connection. LetsView will try to locate your gadget for you. After it is discovered, click the device’s name in the list. Start mirroring after that.

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2.3. ApowerMirror

This is an excellent option for those who are looking for a screen mirroring Google Pixel option. This is an exceptionally dependable tool that works smoothly on any PC to cast the smartphone screen.

It delivers excellent speed performance with no lag whatsoever. The entire casting process takes place in real-time. The overall quality of the videos will stay as they were.

All in all, ApowerMirror is a great option to consider. This is true if you are looking for the best way to screen mirroring Google Pixel.

Screen Mirroring Google Pixel with ApowerMirror

Main Features of ApowerMirror

  • It can take screenshots with ease
  • There is a built-in screen recorder
  • You can use it to track both iOS and Android devices using WiFi and USB technology.
  • There is cloud mirroring functionality for an improved experience
  • You can use it to add annotations
  • You can use it to control Android devices through a computer
  • Excellent control over the keyboard
  • Impressive screen mirroring technology with no lagging

How to Perform Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using ApowerMirror

What are the workings of ApowerMirror? Begin by saving the app to your computer’s hard drive and running the installation process. Please download the software from the Play Store (Android smartphones) or the App Store (Apple devices) (Apple devices).

Run the applications on both of those devices and make sure they’re both linked with the same network connection. You can link the two devices through a USB cable or WiFi.

You’ll need a USB cable if you want to connect the phone and your PC using a USB cable. Run the applications on both devices after they’ve been connected.

However, be sure that the debugging mode is already enabled in the phone’s settings before you begin this procedure. See the option called “Developer Options” to acquire more information. 

Your computer’s name will appear on your phone if both devices are linked to the same WiFi network. Select “phone screen mirroring” from the drop-down menu that appears after pressing the name of the app. Assume that the connection is established. After that, you should press “Start Now” so you can start the mirroring process.

2.4. Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using Mobizen

To assist you to mirror your device’s screen, Mobizen is known as a cross-platform tool. Even if your phone’s screen is replicated on another device, you can continue playing with this feature.

Aside from that, you don’t need to root your phone or tablet to record your screen. Mobizen can also be used to transfer files from one device to another one.

Screen Mirroring Google Pixel using Mobizen

Why Use Mobizen for Screen Mirroring Google Pixel?

  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • It is only compatible with Android-based smartphones and tablets
  • Using a computer, you may manage Android
  • It gives you access to all of your phone calls
  • Use your smartphone to receive notifications

How to use Mobizen for screen mirroring Google Pixel?

First, log in with your social media or email account to link Mobizen mirroring. When you log in, you’ll get information about the logged-in user as well as the recently connected device. Using the “CONNECT” button, select your device. You’ll see a two-step verification code of six numbers when you connect to a WiFi network.

If 2-step verification is prompted, open the app and click the option at the bottom to enable it. Then, enter the six-digit code displayed on the computer and press “OK“. You should be able to see your phone’s display on your computer by now.

That’s how to perform screen mirroring Google Pixel.  


After reading this, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how to perform a screen mirror on Google pixel.

We wanted to give you a more expansive view of the screen on your phone. That is why the article is equipped with tools that have been thoroughly tested and proven to work.

As previously mentioned, the Google Pixel comes equipped with a mirror/cast feature. In fact, screen mirroring Google Pixel screen mirroring is now known as a big hit.

In fact, Google Pixel is a very popular smartphone variety, and screen mirroring Google Pixel can be very handy.

We are confident that at least one of the above options might match your requirements perfectly.  



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