[FIXED] Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On

What if you wake up in the morning only to find that your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on? It is pretty sure that you will find it to be a really frustrating experience. Well, if that is the case with you, don’t be panicked and frustrated. We have composed this article to help you out. Keep reading!

As per the studies we did, Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on due to two major reasons. That means it either experiences a hardware issue or has a problem in booting up. Of course, the first instance can be addressed by replacing the faulty hardware component. However, the latter issue can be fixed from the client’s level only. With that said, if you wonder how to fix your Galaxy S10, let’s look at the solutions.

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How to resolve ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on’ issue?

The good news is that we have 09 good solutions to address the ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on’ issue. Listed below are the options you should try and fix the respective issue associated with your Galaxy S10.

01. Fix ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on’ issue with ‘one-click’ functionality (iMyFone Fixppo)

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on, the best solution would be this. We recommend this solution for all the Android users out there in the world. No matter whether you are a novice user or an expert, the option we explain here is very handy. iMyFone Fixppo for Android is the software we use in this case, and it delivers a wide array of benefits for the user. Fixppo is an exceptionally versatile tool that allows you to fix various Android-related issues using a single click. So, we highly recommend this tool for those who expect convenience and quick solution to fix your Android.

Features of iMyfone Fixppo for Android

Before we learn how to use Fixppo, we will explain the features associated with it.

  • It can easily fix Android system issues using a fast and convenient method, such as Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn On.
  • It comes with a simplified design and advanced technology to fix a variety of system issues.
  • You can expect the highest success rate of repairing your Android device using this tool.
  • You will not need any special skills to repair your Android device on your own.
  • Ideal for novice users.
  • Fixppo can be used to fix white/black screen, boot loop, frozen device, update issues, etc.
  • It can provide a strong solution to the issue Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on.

Get iMyFone Fixppo for Android

How to fix ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on’ with iMyFone Fixppo.

  • As the first step, you should download and install iMyFone Fixppo on your computer. Then, you should launch the software and click on the option labeled ‘Start.’ This button is located on the home interface.
iMyFone Fixppo for Android
  • When you are directed to the next window, you should provide correct information related to your device. In fact, this is vital to download the device firmware accurately and fix it. After choosing the information correctly, click on the option labeled ‘Download Firmware.’
iMyFone Fixppo for Android
  • As the next step, you should connect the troublesome device into the same computer and hit ‘Download Mode‘. You can then follow the onscreen instructions to put the device successfully in ‘Download Mode‘.
iMyFone Fixppo for Android
  • Once you have entered the download mode, the process of repairing will begin automatically. All you have to do is to be patient so that the process will be completed. Be sure that your phone is connected to the computer for the successful completion of the process. Once the repairing is done, you will see that the device restarts automatically, and that’s it.
Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won't Turn On Using iMyFone Fixppo for Android

Apart from fixing ‘turn on‘ issues, Fixppo can address a variety of issues on Android devices. So, we recommend this tool for any Android user who prefers convenience.

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Try iMyFone Fixppo for Android

02. Check the wall outlet of the device

One of the most basic fixes you can try is to check the wall outlet of the device. In certain cases, the wall outlet of the device can get damaged due to some reason or another. So, it is a very wise approach to check if the power reaches the device without any interruption. You can even use a different wall outlet to figure out the culprit.

03. Check your device’s charger

There are instances in which your Samsung S10’s charger can be the culprit behind the issue. If the charger is damaged, your device is most likely to have this issue. If the same charger doesn’t charge the other devices, the issue is definitely on the charger. However, if the charger is working fine, the issue is something else. You can just move on to the other methods.

04. Give the batter a full charge

If none of the above solutions can fix your issue, you should ensure that the device is 100% charged. You can do this easily by plugging the device into a reliable source of power. Just follow the steps mentioned below to do it.

  • Plug the charger into the device so the charging will begin.
  • Make sure that you use nothing but the original charger and cable provided with Samsung S10.
  • Wait for several seconds & see if the device is charging.
  • Let the device be fully charged, and then you can try to turn it on. If the problem persists, move to the next solution.

05. Force restart the device to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On

Well, performing a force restart can be one of the most effective solutions to address various minor issues. As we believe, force restarting is one of the simplest yet powerful ways to resolve common Android issues. A force restart will refresh the memory of the device and load everything, including threads, apps, and processes. And below are the steps to force start your Samsung S10.

  • First, press and hold ‘Volume Down‘ and power keys simultaneously for 10 seconds at the least.
  • Then, you should release the buttons when you see the Samsung icon on the screen.

For many users, this method can fix the respective issue we are talking about. However, if you are still with bad luck, read the next solution.

06. Boot the device in safe mode

Booting the device in safe mode is another solution to be tried. However, this method helps you if the issue is caused by a third-party app. For instance, some apps you install can cause virus attacks, and to fix it; you can enter safe mode. Here’s how to do it.

  • Press & hold the power button on your Samsung S10.
  • Release the power button after a couple of seconds when you see the Samsung icon.
  • Now, you should hold the ‘Volume Down‘ button, so the device is turned on.
  • Release the buttons, and you will enter safe mode.
  • Uninstall the third-party applications you have recently installed and see if the device is booting.

07. Wipe the Cache Partition to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On

If none of the above options do any favors, you should wipe the cache partition and try. With this, you will be able to delete cache files, and the OS will boot from scratch. Mentioned below are the steps to be taken to wipe the cache partition of your Samsung S10.

  • Press the ‘Home Button,’ ‘Power Button,’ and ‘Volume Button‘ simultaneously. Then, hold those buttons to see the Android logo.
  • Keep pressing the ‘Home Button‘ and ‘Volume Down‘ buttons and release ‘Power Button‘ as you see the Android logo. Keep holding both of those buttons so the ‘System Recover‘ screen will appear.
  • You will now see several options on the screen and just choose ‘Wipe cache partition‘. You can navigate through the options using Volume keys.
  • Confirm the action using ‘Power Key‘ and wait for the cache partition to be cleared.
  • At the completion of the cache clearing, turn the device on as you would normally do. It should work now. If not, move on to the next solution.
Wipe Cache Partition to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won't Turn On

08. Put your device on recovery mode

If you still have no luck, try putting the device on recovery mode and see if it works. Mentioned below are the steps to that.

  • Press ‘Volume Up‘ and ‘Bixby‘ buttons together and hold them.
  • Press the ‘Power‘ button and hold it.
  • Release all those buttons as you see the Android logo.
  • Before you see the Android system recovery, you should wait to see the message ‘Install System Update‘.
  • Then, turn the device on. If it doesn’t work, try the next solution.

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09. Perform a master reset to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On

If none of those solutions work, the last thing you can try is a master reset. Mentioned below are the steps to be taken to perform a master reset and fix the issue.

  • Press the ‘Bixby Key,’ ‘Power Button,’ and ‘Volume Up‘ buttons together and hold them.
  • As you see the Android recovery screen, release the keys.
  • Now, on the list of options, just choose the option ‘Wipe data/factory reset‘. You can navigate to this option using Volume keys.
  • Select it using ‘Power Button‘.
  • Now, you should choose ‘Reboot System Now‘ and press the power button to begin it.
Factory Reset to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won't Turn On

That should fix this Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On error!

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All the solutions we have mentioned in this article are tested to be working. As we have experienced, the most convenient method is iMyFone Fixppo for Android. It can fix ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t turn on‘ issue easily. Even if you are a novice user, that tool will allow you to fix various issues on Android devices. Should you have further questions about this issue, please let us know.