Which Samsung Fitness Tracker Should You Buy in 2021?

Fitness trackers have been around for many years now, and technology has only improved with time. With this improvement, we have seen a rise in demand, especially trackers by companies like Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, etc. The job of a fitness tracker is to calculate the number of calories that you have burned, apart from regularly tracking your activity throughout the day. Some trackers even show notifications on smartphones, among several different things. If you are new to the world of fitness trackers, you can definitely opt for a Samsung fitness tracker. Between the price range of $120 and $300, you will find a lot of fitness tracker varieties offered by the tech giant.

Below, we have listed down some of the top fitness trackers by Samsung in terms of specs, prices, and a lot more. After reading this, you will have a clearer idea of which might best suit your needs.

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#1 Samsung Fitness Tracker – Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Fitness Tracker - Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the top smartwatches on the market today. It runs on Tizen 4.0 and is a great timepiece for almost everything ranging from tracking vitals while exercising, downloading and running apps from the Galaxy Apps Store, and displaying notifications. Additionally, you will love the speaker that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The number of apps is quite intriguing, as well.

The Galaxy Watch comes in two different variants – a 46mm watch and a 42mm watch. While there is a small difference between the display dimensions, both the variants have some common traits as well including NFC for mobile payments using Samsung Pay, powered by the Exynos 9110 CPU, and sporting a 300×300 resolution display.

The 46mm variant of the Samsung fitness tracker is fitted with a 472mAH battery while the 42mm variant has a 270mAH battery, which can approximately last for up to seven or four days respectively. Additionally, there is also a Wi-Fi-only model, apart from the LTE version. Apart from the RAM, there are not many differences between the two. The LTE variant has double the memory since it is capable of running on its own and need not be paired with another device or phone.

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Why should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great option if you are looking for something for traditional daily use. The design is quite classy and makes it perfect if you want to wear it all the time with different types of clothing. But if you are looking for a dedicated Samsung fitness tracker, this might not exactly be a great choice.

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch might offer a lot more, they also have a high price tag. Since it is also quite heavy and large, it is recommended that you opt for the 42mm Samsung fitness tracker variant since there will be lesser chances of the watch getting stuck on the edge of other equipment and getting damaged in the process.


  • MIL-STD-810G-Certified
  • NFC for Samsung Pay
  • 22mm watch bands
  • Exynos 9110 dual-core processor clocked at 1.15GHz
  • Wi-Fi 768MB of RAM; LTE: 1.5GB of RAM
  • 4GB of internal memory
  • 46mm: 472mAH battery; 42mm: 270mAH battery
  • 360x360p resolution
  • 42mm: 1.2-inch AMOLED display; 46mm: 1.3-inch AMOLED display

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#2 Samsung Fitness Tracker – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Fitness Tracker - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

If you like the Galaxy Watch, you can definitely go for it! However, we do understand that the Galaxy Watch looks quite traditional. If you are looking for something modern, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It can be considered as a toned-down version of the above and features a lot of its great features like Tizen, etc.

One of the many things that have not been included in the Galaxy Watch Active is the iconic rotating crown of the Galaxy Watch. Without the crow comes a lot of space within the 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. The Samsung fitness tracker runs on a 230mAH battery that can run for almost two days straight, has 768MB of RAM, and fitted with the Exynos 9110 CPU. You will face no issues running apps that have been downloaded from the Galaxy Apps Store.

Additionally, if you have a Galaxy S10 smartphone, you will be able to charge the Galaxy Watch Active on the back of the handset, since it is Qi-compatible; it can also be charged on any wireless charging devices.

Why should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a great option for people who are looking to combine the best of both worlds. While it is a Samsung fitness tracker that can monitor and track your stress, sleep, exercise, and heart rate, it also functions as a smartwatch and receives your notifications or access apps like your smartphone.

The design aspect of the Samsung fitness tracker is great as well and looks very comfortable on your wrist. Compared to its heavier predecessors, the Galaxy Watch Active is also quite lightweight.


  • Available in colors like green, rose gold, silver, and black
  • Blood pressure monitor, heart rate sensor, and GPS
  • MIL-STD-810G, 5ATM+IP68 compliant
  • NFC for Samsung Pay
  • 20mm silicone watch strap
  • 230mAH battery with wireless Qi charging
  • 360×360 resolution
  • 4GB of in-built memory
  • 768MB of RAM
  • Dual-core Samsung Exynos 9110, clocked at 1.15GHz
  • 1.1-inch AMOLED display
  • 40mm watch case

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#3 Samsung Fitness Tracker – Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

The latest offering in the line of Samsung fitness tracker, the Gear Fit 2 Pro is simply the greatest. It is fitted with 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display, packs a 200mAH battery and consists of a 512MB RAM. You also get 4GB worth of memory that can be used to store all your favorite Spotify playlists and songs. The auto-tracking feature of the Gear Fit Pro 2 will display how much steps you have taken throughout the day, among several other fitness data.

The Samsung fitness tracker also has an in-built GPS and a heart monitor. Up to 4 ATM, the watch is water-resistant and is fitted with a swim tracking feature via Speedo On, which makes it a great accessory for someone who is into water sports.

The Samsung fitness tracker runs on the standard Samsung Tizen OS and can be used via your iOS and Android devices. The watch is available in two different sizes – small and large. They can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will show you different notifications such as received messages, missed calls, etc. The fitness tracker is available in the market for $170 in red or black color.

Why should you buy the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro?

The Gear Fit 2 Pro by Samsung is a great buy for a lot of reasons like its weight and size. You will never be bothered and disturbed when you are exercising. At the same time, they also do not look like something that you would wear at a fancy get-together. But, if your intention is entirely investing in a Samsung fitness tracker only for fitness tracking, this is a great choice.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is an ideal choice for Galaxy users who want to wear a wearable tech that will provide them with information that will help them achieve their fitness goals like joggers and runners. The screen is brighter and longer than any other type of fitness tracking brands in the market. The Samsung fitness tracker has been in the market for a bit more than a year and is already gaining popularity.


  • Weight and size: 34g (large) and 33g (small), 25×51.3mm
  • Battery: 200mAH
  • Waterproof: Up to 5 ATM
  • GPS; Available
  • Heart rate sensor: Yes
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Processor: Dual-core Exynos 3250
  • Display: 1.5-inch Super AMOLED with 310 PPI and 216 x 432 resolution

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#4 Samsung Fitness Tracker – Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

The Gear S3 Frontier is not only a Samsung fitness tracker, but it is also a smartwatch that offers you many different types of fitness features. The Samsung fitness tracker will count the number of steps that you take, the number of calories you burn daily, etc. For runners, this smartwatch is a great option because it is fitted with a GPS and a heart rate sensor. While the Gear S3 Frontier is resistant to water and dust thanks to its IP68 rating, it is recommended that you do not wear it for swimming purposes.

The Gear S3 looks very sporty and rugged; the 1.50inches circular screen has a lot of great features, including a rotating bezel, which allows you to do certain things like increase or decrease the volume, scroll through some apps, etc. The Samsung fitness tracker also features LTE connectivity and an in-built speaker and microphone that will allow you to make or answer your calls. It also allows you to pay for services and goods with the support of Samsung Pay.

The Samsung fitness tracker runs on Tizen and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With 4GB of storage space, you can easily store your music and play them anywhere via your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. The watch is available in black color and is priced at $300, making it one of the most expensive phones on the list.

Why should you buy the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier?

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has been designed for daily use. Thanks to the heart rate monitors and the in-built GPS, the Samsung fitness tracker is especially used by runners and hikers; alternatively, it can also be used while driving around the city and checking out various locations. The Maps application is very detailed and will allow you to zoom in and out.

Also, the Samsung fitness tracker is quite comfortable and can be adjusted to give you a proper and snug fit. It has also been described as military-grade and has the MIL-STD-810G durability rating. The Samsung fitness tracker is resistant to dust and water. It is also capable of withstanding extreme temperature, vibration, and shock. All these features make the S3 perfect for athletes and runners who want to improve their fitness levels in rough environments.


  • Weight and size: 63g, 46×49 mm
  • Battery: 380mAH
  • Waterproof: IP68, Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Heart rate sensor: Yes
  • RAM: 768MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Processor: Dual-core Exynos 7270
  • Display: 1.3-inch Super AMOLED with 278 PPI and 360×360 resolution

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Which Samsung fitness tracker should I opt for?

Of course, you might get confused about what Samsung fitness tracker you should choose. The company has seen that consumers tend to move towards the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Watch when it comes to wearables. Both have the traditional looks and also include the features of a normal Samsung fitness tracker and the health tracking benefits.

If you are a swimmer and spend most of your time in the water, the obvious choice for you is the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. It has been rated 5 ATM and is the only Samsung fitness tracker that is made to survive in water for long periods. Of course, it also has the Speedo On app that records your pace, distance, lap time, lap count, and stroke type.

On the other hand, the Gear S3 Frontier is more suitable for people who are looking for a Samsung fitness tracker that is packed with all sorts of fitness tracking abilities. It also has many other features like a rotating bezel, Samsung Pay, and LTE support that make it easier to use.

The bottom line on the best Samsung Fitness Tracker

Finding an option that is priced fairly and also filled with useful features is quite rare. However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active managed to break this barrier. While your final choices will be narrowed down to your personal preferences and what you exactly are looking for, it is quite hard to pass away the option of a Samsung fitness tracker that does it all! Of course, it does not hurt to feel and look good in a single go.

However, if you are not totally into a Samsung fitness tracker but just want to enjoy certain features, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. You do not have to break your bank as well. While Samsung might offer a lot of options when it comes to fitness tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will outshine them all when it comes to its reasonable price tag, smartwatch features, and incredible tracking abilities.