Various Ways to Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone

Did you lose all your iPhone contacts or did you face the problem of contacts disappeared from iPhone? Losing contacts can be very troublesome if you don’t have a backup of all your contacts. But there is nothing to worry about as technology has a remedy for every problem. Here in this article, you are going to discover the various ways through which you can recover lost contacts on your iPhone.

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Part 1: Direct method to recover lost contacts on iPhone

There are numerous users who face this problem of losing contacts and not being able to recover them. dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery is the most flexible as well as incredible program, which enables you to recover the contacts that are deleted. Other than that, it allows you to retrieve Facebook messages, notes, videos, music, photos, and lost messages. Also, this app enables you to recover the information lost selectively.


Features of dr.fone – Data Recovery for iOS

  • This application is considered as the best app for recovering lost contacts on iPhone.
  • This WhatsApp Messages Recovery software is simple, flexible, fast, safe, and reliable.
  • Dr.fone-recover can restore deleted pictures and text messages, recover deleted messages from iPhone & retrieve your voicemail easily.
  • This software can retrieve contact information that includes job titles, emails, names, and numbers.
  • It is compatible with the latest iPhone devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 11 (Pro), iPhone 7 (plus), 8 (plus), iPhone X, iPhone 6s (plus), and other devices that run on iOS 14.

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Easy steps to recover lost contacts on iPhone

Link your iPhone to the computer system; Then, you will observe the main interface, now go to the button of “start scan” for initiating the scanning.

Recover Lost Contacts from iPhone

Step 2: Restore the lost contacts on iPhone

Once the scanning is over, all found information will be displayed on the computer screen. Now, go to contacts, preview, and then click on the option of recover.

Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone Unsing dr.fone

Part 2: Use iTunes backup to recover lost contacts on iPhone

Another way to recover lost contacts on iPhone is through iTunes. There are two different methods that you can adopt in order to restore the lost iPhone contacts. One is to recover through dr.fone, and another one is to retrieve data directly from iTunes.

Method 1: Selective recovery of contacts via iTunes

As discussed initially, the software of dr.fone recover enables the user to recover the data of your choice from iTunes backup selectively. Moreover, it allows the user to transfer the contacts to your computer system where these files are going to be stored as CSV and HTML files. Additionally, you can look at them on Mac or Windows. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover the lost contacts on iPhone.

Step 1: Scanning of the file to be restored

A number of backup files will appear in front of you when you will choose the option of “Recover from iTunes backup file”. Select the file of your choice for your iOS device, and then initiate the scanning by clicking on the button of “start scan”.

Step 2: Restore lost contacts on iPhone

The scanning will be completed within 2 or 3 seconds. All the files of backup will be displayed on the screen. Now, select the data that you wish to restore by clicking on the button of Recover. The contacts are clearly visible on the computer screen as they are stored in .csv, .html, or .xlsx file. This is how you can recover lost contacts on iPhone by using this method.

Recover iPhone Lost Contacts from iTunes Backups with dr.fone

Method 2: Restoration of contacts through the whole backup of iTunes

The first thing that you are required to do is to disable auto-sync so that your iPhone does not sync automatically. The Windows users are required to go to iTunes first, then edit, preferences, and then finally devices. The users of Mac are also required to follow the same procedure, but the option of edit will not come in between. Once the restoration is completed, then your device will reboot, and all the lost contacts will be retrieved from your device.

Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone with iTunes Backup

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Part 3: Use iCloud backup for recovering deleted iPhone contacts

Backup of contacts and other important data is also there on iCloud. In this way also there are two different ways to recover lost contacts on iPhone. One way is to recover directly from iCloud, and the other method to recover lost contacts on iPhone is through dr.fone. The dr.fone method is very friendly, easy, and safe whereas the other method will delete all the present information from your device.

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Method 1: Preview contacts and then recover them through iCloud backup

The software of dr.fone enables you to extract the backup of iCloud and recover the information selectively that you wish to select so that there is no need for you to recover the entire backup and reset your device. You can also download the trial version of the app if you wish to try it out.
Follow these steps to recover lost contacts on iPhone using this method

Step 1: Start the program

And go to the option of “Recover from iCloud backup file” by going to the interface’s left side. Now, enter your iCloud credentials and login into your account.

Step 2: Choose the files of iCloud backup

Once you have logged into your account, you will observe a list of backup files on iCloud. Select the file type that you wish to restore which is contacts so that they can be scanned from the backup of iCloud.

Step 3: Restore lost contacts on iPhone

When the scanning procedure is finished, a list of all the contacts will appear on the main interface. Now, choose all the contacts that you want to restore on your device. The files that have been transferred can be stored as .csv, .html, or .xlsx.

Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone from iCloud with dr.fone

Method 2: Restoration of contacts through iCloud by deleting current data on iPhone

Step 1: Delete all the data from your iOS smartphone

Prior to the restoration of iCloud, you are required to delete all the data from your iPhone. In order to do so, go to the settings first, then general, reset and then finally select the option of “Erase all contents and settings”.

Step 2: Restore the backup of iCloud on your iOS device.

In the next step, we can begin to recover contacts from the backup of iCloud by selecting the option of setup your device, then sign in to iCloud and select the backup.

However, this option is not a secure one as the user has to delete all the existing data from his or her iPhone before the restoration. Moreover, this option is inflexible.

So, above mentioned were the three different methods through which a person can easily recover his or her lost contacts on iPhone. If you have never tried creating a backup of all your contacts, then you should try to do that with dr.fone – Data Recovery for iOS as it is considered as the safest option. If you have a backup of iTunes or iCloud and all your lost iPhone contacts are there in that backup, then it is better if you restore the contacts from those backup options.

Everything has become easier as the world of technology is becoming more and more advanced. Now, if you lose any important detail or information from your phone like messages, contacts, chats, images, and videos, then you can recover them through various solutions available.

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