Rec Screen Recorder with Other 6 Best Screen Recorders of Android

There are a certain number of rec screen recorders available in the market that can sort out this problem of the small Android screen. The software will authorize the users to share the screen of mobile phones while playing the games.

Video game enthusiasts can share their device’s screen by utilizing these programs. Users can share the screen of their devices with the computer system, which will enable them to play games on a large screen.

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Part 1: MirrorGo Screen Recorder of Android

If you are looking for a software of screen recorder, then you should use the MirrorGo Screen Recorder for Android. This screen recorder enables its users to share the screen of their mobile phone with a computer with a single click without any code. This recorder is better than the rec screen recorder.

Rec Screen Recorder alternative - MirrorGo

Key Features

  • This software of the Android recorder can be used to connect your device’s screen to your PC in a wireless manner.
  • Moreover, you can share the small screen of your device on a huge screen of your computer system without uploading them.
  • The recording software of MirrorGo Android allows the user to read all the sent and received messages of social media applications of your Android device. Plus, you can give an answer to all the messages received from your computer system.
  • Additionally, users can record video games by making use of this software application.
  • This software also enables its users to play games on a computer system with keyboard and mouse.

Review of the users

A person mentioned a story about his mom, who is very old but a fanatic of Android games. She used to face a lot of trouble while playing games on a small screen, but the no root screen recorder of MirrorGo software made it easier for her to play games.

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Part 2: Recordable- No root screen recorder

Recordable is an application of Android for recording good quality screens on the Android device. Both free, as well as paid versions of this application are available on the play store. The paid version of this app is worth one dollar.

Rec Screen Recorder alternative - Recordable

Recording the screen can be done easily by using the free version, but it has certain restrictions. It will display a frame rate of 8fps and a logo at the time of recording the screen. Compared to the rec screen recorder, this version enables the user to capture the attacks of the clash of clans. After recording the videos, you can also upload them on Twitter and Facebook directly through the application’s interface.

Review of a user

A user, namely Jodie Pattison, was not satisfied with the application’s performance as his screen would freeze up the moment he tried to record the screen through this app. Moreover, he faced the issue at the time of restarting the device.

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Part 3: Shou

Shou is an application of Android, which enables the users of Android to televise the screen of Android Smartphones with other users. This application is only beneficial for those users who have a rooted Android device. By using this app, you can know what other people are recording on their Android Smartphones.

Shou is an application free of ads. Therefore you will not face the trouble of ads. Plus, this app is also free of watermarks. It also has a tab for streaming that enables individuals to search other recordings they wish to watch. Compared to the rec screen recorder, this app enables you to chat with the remaining players.

Review of a user

This app has received 3 out of 5 stars. It is a satisfactory application but not a great one. This app has a shortcoming that it deletes all the recordings after one day. Many of the reviewers have requested to let them keep their streams.

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Part 4: SCR PRO – Best Screen Recorder

SCR PRO – Best Screen Recorder is a free recording application that authorizes its users to record and share the screen of Android devices with other people. This application is available for free and easily records the screen of an Android device.

Rec Screen Recorder alternative - SCR PRO

This application has numerous features, which enable its users to record video calls, live shows, videos, games, and create tutorials. Moreover, it has an option of pause and resume. As compared to the rec screen recorder, this application will enable the user to record all the prominent games.

You can also share different tricks with other players using this app. You can also use the front camera at the time of recording the videos. To make use of this application, you have to make use of this application. You need a 5.0 version of Android.

Review of a user

This application has good reviews. It is very easy to use as it opens up with just one click.

Part 5: Screen Video Recorder

This recorder application quickly records videos from your Android Smartphone’s screen. As compared to the rec screen recorder, this application is capable of recording infinite videos. By using this application, you can record any game and check how you performed in that game later at any point. You can record the screen continuously for an hour without any limitation.

Rec Screen Recorder alternative -
screen video recorder

This application is available for free, and the root is not needed for using this app. This screen recorder enables users to change the size of the video. You can also change the name of the file once its recording is complete. Additionally, these apps can be recorded without any marks of water. This is incompatible with all the versions of Android. It is only compatible with the lollipop and the versions that came after that.

Review of a user

Users are not satisfied with this app because of the way it is described. Most people dislike this app as it works on the lollipop and above versions of Android.

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Part 6: Rec screen recorder

Rec Screen Recorder is a no-root recorder application that enables the users of Android devices to record a screen in an easy and fast manner. Your device does not require any rooting if the user is using the 5.0 version of Android.

Rec Screen Recorder

Rec Screen Recorder has many amazing features, such as it can record videos for free that too be continuously for 60 minutes. It allows the user to record videos with a mic. It is going to display screen touches at the time of recording. All you have to do is to shake your device once, and the recording will stop immediately.

Review of the user

A user mentioned that this app was recommended to him by a friend of his. He stated that this app is very easy to use, and it enables the user to record videos on apps like YouTube. It does notify the user when the recording is completed.

Part 7: ilos Screen Recorder

Ilos screen recorder is an Android application for recording, enabling the user to record the Smartphone screen in 5.0 versions and later versions. Both paid as well as free versions of this app are available. Compared to Rec Screen Recorder, the user can record and share the mobile screen on apps like Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and Facebook without any watermarks and advertisements.

A user of the paid version can get access to all the features of this app. Moreover, they get a screen recorder for an operating system such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. Additionally, the paid version of this application enables you to arrange your recorded screen in a playlist. Plus, they can add users and groups by using this app. Every feature of the free version is also present in the paid version.

Review of the User

The time limit for recording is not fixed, but you can only record 15fps if you use the free version, but if you need more, you are required to get a paid version. Reviewers mentioned that it is better to use a rec screen recorder of no root than this one.

So, these were some of the best screen recorders. Now, with the help of these seven amazing screen recorders, you can play your games on a large screen. Now, the issue of the small Android screen can no longer trouble you.