PS2 Fighting Games – The Best of All Time

PS2 fighting games are not that hard to find. However, differentiating the best PS2 fighting games from the rest is the hardest task. If you’re a PS2 game lover and looking for the best options, here’s the list you were looking for.

Best PS2 Fighting Games 

PS2 is considered to be the best-selling home console. It was initially released 20 years ago, and it still retains the popularity. One of the best things about PS2 is that it offers a massive catalog of games. It stands way ahead of most of the other consoles. Also, PS2 has games in all genres. With that said, PS2 fighting games are incredibly popular, and mentioned below are the best games we found.

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01. PS2 Fighting Games – Def Jam: Fight for NY

Def Jam: Fight For NY is offered a large range of game modes. On top of that, it has a competent and very solvent story to impress you. It also has a good range of characters. This specific game has some unlockable scenarios and enough options to customize the characters. There is a large number of hours of gameplay. This game is a very good purchase for anyone who is searching for PS2 fighting games.

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02. PS2 Fighting Games – Virtual Fighter 4

Without a doubt, Virtual Fighter 4 is one of the best PS2 fighting games ever made. It can also be considered a trend-setter. The entire series of Virtual Fighter is amazing, and every game of it stands with Street Fighter. However, after the PS3 version and Xbox 360 version, they disappeared. You can only find Virtusa Fighter 5, and it is available in the Yakuza game. So, it is more of a memory. But if you want to know how great that series was, Virtual Fighter 4 is the perfect game.

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03. PS2 Fighting Games – Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008

Undoubtedly, this is considered to be one of the best PS2 fighting games you can find. It allows you to have a good time, thanks to the fun-filled approach included. Also, this game brings the advantage of the official WWE license. You can see it as a repetitive one if you play it for a longer period. However, those who are fans of WWE can consider this as one of the most games.

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04. PS2 Fighting Games – Capcom Vs. SNK 2

You will be able to find the best of Capcom and the essence of SNK in this game. It comes with all the perfect characteristics of the two games. It also has a very impressive soundtrack that can mesmerize die-hard fans who love PS2 fighting games.

05. PS2 Fighting Games – The King of Fighters XI

In this game, you can find an impressive bet, which has a slow but constant improvement. It is significant because that is made after the bankruptcy of SNK. This game has corrected all the errors and glitches that appeared in past installments. It can also be considered as a complete fighting game that has very entertaining gameplay. The story mode of the game is very impressive and interesting. If you are a fan of PS2 fighting games, this is a too-good-to-be-missed game for you.

06. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Mortal Kombat is a pretty popular title among those who love PS2 fighting games. It is true that this title is relatively expensive, yet it comes with several extras. On top of that, you can find plenty of controllable characters (60). There are plenty of game modes for action.

The combat mode in this game is pretty solid, and it has exceptionally extensive fighter rosters. You can find highly diverse modes to make Armageddon a superb title.

7. Bloody Roar 3

It is true that Bloody Roar 3 doesn’t have all the characteristics to compete with the greatest games. However, it still has enough characteristics to be rated as one of the best PS2 fighting games. It is a faster, spectacular, and more fun-filled game. Nevertheless, this game comes with fewer characters and relatively lower game modes as well. In a nutshell, Bloody Roar 3 can be considered a wonderful option for those who love fights. That’s exactly why we consider this to be one of the superb PS2 fighting games.  

8. Guilty Gear XX

This specific game is created by Sammy and Arc System Works. One of the most noticeable characteristics of this game is that it offers excellent graphics with superior aesthetics. To make it more awesome, they have added some great music to it. This is excellent gameplay that makes Guilty Gear XX one of the best PS2 fighting games. Those who love this genre of games will find Guilty Gear XX to be very exciting. Apart from having new characters and movements, this game comes in a 60Hz refresh rate.

9. Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 (81)

Although it is available in PS2 as well, it was initially introduced for the Dreamcast console. Within months of the initial release, they introduced it to PS2.

It is true that this crossover with SNK didn’t manage to peak, just like other crossover fighting games. However, it is still considered to be one of the best figures available on any console.

10. Def Jam: Fight for NY (83)

The first game of this series is Def Jam Vendetta. It has a superb rating on all the leading review sites. This specific game comes with some hip-hop, contemporary appearance. At a glance, it might sound pretty weird for you. However, the truth is that De Jam games have become incredibly popular because of their impressive sound mechanics. It comes with excellent soundtracks that are made out of licensed music. Also, it has an actual story with a goofy feeling. There is no wonder that this series became incredibly popular over the past period.

11. Guilty Gear X2

Guilty Gear was more of the bullet-hell shooter of fighting games when it was introduced. When compared to the other games, this game has some this can be somewhat harder to master. However, it is fun to learn, so you will not face any difficulties or boredom.

The sequel, in fact, is improved much better compared to the original in every possible way. It comes with refined mechanics and various new characters. This is one of the best PS2 fighting games ever introduced by Arc System Works. If you are a hardcore player, this could be one of your best picks.

12. Tekken 5

Tekken Tag Tournament is considered to be a launch game of the PS2 console. This specific game has various beautiful characteristics to be rated as one of the best PS2 fighting games. Tekken 5 goes back to the basics in various ways since they had an issue with a license. They then introduced some gameplay tweaks as well to Tekken 4 and introduced Tekken 5. Thanks to those tweaks, Tekken 5 is loved by more fans compared to Tekken 4. It has doubled core systems as well, and as a result, Namco was able to win the popularity back. Now, it is regarded as one of the PS2 fighting games.

13. SoulCalibur II

Well, the truth is that this game didn’t receive a score like its previous version, SoulCalibur II. However, this is still considered a wonderful game that has superb characteristics. With each version of SoulCalibur, you can expect an exclusive character. When it comes to the GameCube version, this game has a better rating compared to PS2 and Xbox versions.

PlayStation fans have received a special Heihachi from Tekken, but it doesn’t have a weapon. Last but not least, Xbox players should play as Spawn. It is true that these characters (guests) are pretty cool. However, the fighting combats in the game are completely realized.

14. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

This is a series that started back for PC Engine. That was in Japan with the popular Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag in 1989. In fact, pretty much all the games in this series were introduced exclusively to Japan. The first game introduced to the West was Fire Pro Wrestling 2001. That was introduced for the Game Boy Advance.

A sequel to the same title was released after a year on the same console. Then, there was a brief delay before the Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was introduced to the West. The main reason behind the specialty of this game is that it offers plenty of goofy mechanics. Thanks to those mechanics, it makes this game different from WWE titles.

15. War Of The Monsters

Here’s another PlayStation exclusive for your reference. War of the Monsters is more of a combination of Rampage and Super Smash Bros. The players are capable of choosing any of the B-movie monsters. For instance, you can choose a giant bug, a robot, or something else. Then, you can start to weaken the city.

The players are awarded points for the destruction they cause. Also, points are offered whenever you damage your opponents. With War of the Monsters, you don’t get the deepest fighting game. However, the truth is that it still fits the category of best PS2 fighting games. In addition to that, it is one of those PS2 fighting games that can be purchased easily.

16. Mortal Kombat: Deception

This one comes with plenty of characteristics and unique elements to make it a good game. It has some unique 3D environments as well. Apart from that, each fighter comes with three different styles. However, the game has a smaller roster, so one fighter can fight using three methods.

So, those are the best PS2 fighting games we have to mention for your reference. Do you know any other games that should be included in this list to make it a complete one? Please let us know.