Prank Text Messages – The Best Collection

You will see plenty of prank text messages circulating across the internet. Some of those text messages are very funny, and they can make your day. If you have a bad time or feel bored, these text messages will definitely fix your mode.

List of prank text messages 

There is absolutely no shortage of prank types these days. Of all those pranks, prank text messages are among the best. They are perfectly hilarious, especially when they get replies from the “victims.” These messages include typos, auto-corrected words, unwanted signatures, and so on. Apart from the ones that are created unintentionally, there are pranks that are set purposely. You can use those prank text messages to have some fun with your friends, loved ones, or relatives. So, you can go through the list of prank text messages below and see how funny they are.

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01 Prank Text Message. A highly practical prank

Here’s a practical prank that is played on his mom. This guy has configured the autocorrect feature, so whenever she types “I’m,” it changes into a hilarious introduction. That’s so awesome and smart.

prank text messages - 01. A highly practical prank

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02 Prank Text Message. If this prank doesn’t make you laugh, there is something wrong with you

Well, this is another practical prank made on his mom’s phone. This guy has created a shortcut on his mom’s phone to replace the word “OK.” When she types it, the word “OK” will turn into “my humps.” How funny it is. And read the text she has typed below with “my humps.” So hilarious.

prank text messages - 02. If this prank doesn't make you laugh, there is something wrong with you

03 Prank Text Message. Playing around with the signature feature once again

This is a great example of how to make some serious fun with the signature feature. This guy has added a signature to his mom’s text app, so the word “slime man” is added. Imagine how funny it is when she sends those text messages to friends and relatives. I hope this guy survived when mom finds it out.

prank text messages - 03. Playing around with the signature feature once again

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04 Prank Text Message. Another confused mom

Here’s another awesome prank that is played on mom. This guy has changed the autocorrect, so the word “ROOM” is replaced by some long and funny text. Assume your mom is angry and sends this text to you. She will definitely get confused.

prank text messages - 04. Another confused mom

05 Prank Text Message. This guy is so good!

Here’s another prank that has confused this guy’s mom. It looks so funny no matter in which situation you are. These types of messages will make your day and feel so good.

prank text messages - 05. This guy is so good!

06 Prank Text Message. This is super hilarious and stupid

Here’s another guy who has made so fun using the autocorrect option on his mom’s phone. She surely might have stopped sending text messages after seeing a couple of those messages that are sent.

06. This is super hilarious and stupid

07. Turning “Yes” into “Moo”

Oh… you will laugh so much after seeing this message. Imagine your mom sends text messages with “Moo” quite often. You will definitely find it so hilarious. But be sure to stay a couple of yards away from your mom if she finds the culprit.

07. Turning "Yes" into "Moo"

08. A next-level prank

This guy has thought very differently from others and made an exceptionally hilarious prank on his dad. It is too official. What he has done is that he has reconfigured the autocorrect option of his dad’s phone. The word “Will” is replaced by the Preamble, and it looks so funny. Read the text below to understand how funny it is.

08. A next-level prank

09. Here’s another funny autocorrect prank

This is another funny and smart autocorrect prank someone played. You can use this prank on anyone’s phone and make some serious fun when they send text messages. The sender tries so hard to make it correct, and she still sends the word “Pecan Pie.”

09. Here's another funny autocorrect prank

10. Mom is so confused

You will have to try this on your mom’s phone and see how funny it is. It actually works, and when you get such a message, it will make your day. Even your mom will make fun out of it once she realizes what has happened.

10. Mom is so confused

11. Who doesn’t love puppies?

We all love puppies, don’t we? Every individual will love to have a puppy, thanks to their fluffy appearance and cute faces. After all, they are adorable and cute. However, what if the word “Puppies” is included in an autocorrect prank? It will definitely look so hilarious. Just take a look at the below text prank.

11. Who doesn't love puppies?

12. Using one of those dumb words as an autocorrect

Here in this prank, he has used a very dumb, embarrassing word called “fart?” as the autocorrect. We already know how embarrassing and funny the word “fart” is. Imagine when someone tries to send a serious message and finds the word “fart” in the message. How funny will it be? Take a look at the example below.

12. Using one of those dumb words as an autocorrect

13. Could this be the best prank of all?

It is true that all those pranks are funny. We have prepared this list with the funniest pranks we came across. However, this one so hilarious, and can it be rated as one of the best prank text messages? It is totally up to you. Just read the text, and you know how funny it is.

prank text messages - 13. Could this be the best prank of all?

14. Prank message to the wrong person… what could be funnier?

Imagine that there is a prank autocorrect message, and that’s already funny. But think how funny it will be when it is sent to the wrong person. Oh… cannot even imagine a funnier situation. How embarrassing both the people would be? The person who got the text message would still be wondering why she got that message.

prank text messages - 14. Prank message to the wrong person… what could be funnier?

15. Lasagne the hell?

What” is a frequently used word on pretty much all the text messages, no matter what the content is. So, assume if that word is changed into something like “Lasagne.” After all, Garfield will definitely like such messages on his phone. That is because there are so many mentions about lasagne in such text messages.

prank text messages - 15. Lasagne the hell?

Well, that’s our list of prank text messages. As you can see, some of those text messages are very funny. So, you can consider the above pranks as some inspiration and start making fun of your friends or relatives. However, you should be careful not to overdo it.

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That’s basically about sending prank text messages. When you send those messages to your loved ones, please make sure that you know the limit. And, you will have to consider the ethical side as well. We also suggest you not send prank messages regarding illnesses or disabilities of individuals. Instead, you should just find some funny, harmless topics.