Want to Buy a Portable TV? Here are the Top 10 Portable TVs in 2021 For You

It is true that there are plenty of high-tech products to consider if you need a source of entertainment. However, televisions are still considered to be one of the must-have appliances in every household. Despite a large number of sources to access content and information, we all love the concept of TV. When it comes to TV, plenty of things have changed over the past period. It has come across various advancements, and modern-day TV sets come in various sizes, with various features and prices. Compared to the TV sets that were available a couple of years ago, modern TV sets are significantly different. That said, if you intend to buy a portable TV, this article presents a list of the best options.

Thanks to modern technology, we can watch broadcasted programs whenever we like. However, when you watch a program as it happens, it gives a totally different feeling. Such feeling and excitement can never be attained through recorded programs. So, what if you don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows even when you are away from home? The best solution is to buy a portable TV and have it with you.

What can you expect from a portable TV?

There are various benefits associated with a portable TV (which is often called mini tv as well). It allows you to stay in touch with your favorite TV program in real-time. With a good portable TV set, you can access your favorite TV channel regardless of the location. If you can buy a good device, you can watch TV even when you are on the go.

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What is the best portable TV on the market?

When it comes to portable TV devices, the number of options in the market is immense. Mini TVs come in various different sizes with different features, as well. So, it can be a challenging task for any person to choose the best portable TV from the rest. You will have to perform a considerable amount of research before purchasing such a device. If not, you will not be able to choose the device that matches your requirements and budget. But don’t’ worry; we have done the groundwork for you. After some serious research work, we were able to list down ten portable TV sets for you. You can go through the list carefully and pick the one that best matches your requirements.

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What to consider when shopping around for a portable TV

It is true that shopping for a handheld device is a really challenging task. However, there are some basic guidelines to consider if you want some inspiration. Before everything else, you must determine the reason you shop around for a portable TV. Also, you must consider the way you are going to use it. Because TV sets that are ideal for recreational vehicles may not be the best fit for your office room. Also, if you intend to buy a handheld TV to carry around, it should have an appropriate design. In addition to that, if you have other requirements, analyze those requirements carefully before making the purchase.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a portable TV

  • Options available with the antenna.
  • Size of the product.
  • Weight of the product.
  • Size of the screen and its resolution.
  • Input options.
  • Sound quality and sound output options.
  • Battery capacity.
  • Type of the power adapter.
  • Accessories included.

All those factors in the above list should be carefully considered before making your purchase. In addition to that, you can consider the price as an important aspect but do it wisely. That means you must never buy a portable TV (or any other product) just because it is cheap. You must remember that you get what you pay for.

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List of 10 best portable TV sets in today’s market

Now that you have a good idea about what you should purchase, we intend to make things easier. We have composed a list of the best portable TV sets so you can get inspiration before start shopping. Mentioned below is the list we prepared.

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01. GJY 9.5″ Portable TV with Widescreen

If you are looking for a compact TV set that doesn’t compromise your entertainment needs, check this out. GJY portable TV comes with a widescreen that has a resolution of 800 X 480. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a separate antenna to capture signals effectively. And it also has features like a TF Card reader, USB input, and AV inputs, so your options are great. To make things convenient for you, it comes with a fully functional remote control, as well.

You can use it outdoors as well, thanks to the rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is built-in. You can charge it through the car charger as well as with the plug-in charger. It is compatible with formats like AVI, MP3, WMA, and even with JPEG. Headphone jack and built-in speaker included. You can fix it to your car seat using the brackets provided. So, we consider GJY 9.5″ portable TV as a versatile device with great value for the money.

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02. Pyle 10″ Widescreen Portable TV

This is another widescreen portable TV set that comes with a very friendly user interface. The front panel of this device comes with easy controllers. It has a 12V automotive adapter and mounting brackets, making it more suitable for vehicles. The remote-control function of this device is very useful. One of the best things associated with this TV is its impressive sound quality. It comes with built-in dual stereo speakers. Compared to other portable TV sets, the video output quality of the Pyle portable TV is very good. The manufacturers of this TV set have used premium quality materials to construct it. As a result, you can expect better durability from this device. Also, it is perfect for outdoor use thanks to its rechargeable battery. In general, it is an ideal choice for automobiles and outdoor use.

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03. Axess 10″ Portable TV

Axess 10″ Portable TV is another great option for those who are looking for a highly portable TV set. This special device can play video content from multiple sources without any trouble whatsoever. For instance, it gives you the option of playing videos through SD cards, AV, and USB. That is in addition to the FM antenna.

You can use this portable TV set outdoors as well as indoors. Thanks to the built-in stand, this device can offer a hands-free function to make it more convenient. The overall portability of the device is very impressive. It has a compact size, but the screen has a substantial size of 10″. So, despite the compact size, it doesn’t limit your view to a miniature screen. With the built-in battery and its extra-long battery life, Axess portable TV can entertain you for hours.

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04. Milanix MX7 7″

This is a pretty small TV that comes with a 7″ widescreen. We consider this product to be one of the best items for those who prefer ultra-portability. It has a built-in TV tuner and a very handy rechargeable battery. With this product, you can expect decent audio and video output, as well. It has a port for earphone jack. If you need it to be a bit louder and public, use the speakers. You can use this device wherever you go, thanks to the compact size and smart design. It is packed with all the essential accessories such as an AC wall charger, AV cable, etc. The LCD screen of this device can provide you excellent video output. Overall, Milanix MX7 is a highly portable device that has a compact size and impressive performance.

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05. Tyler TTV702-9

Tyler TTV702 9 Portable TV

Tyler TTV702-9 comes with a 9″ digital LCD screen to offer better picture quality for you. Although it is small in size, the features of the device are not compromised. That means, even if the device is small, the features are impressive for a portable TV. It can be connected to your DVD player or even to the gaming console if you want private viewing.

This TV, like all the other devices in this list, comes with a rechargeable, built-in battery. This portable TV comprises multiple antenna options as well to provide you a better reception all the time. With such an approach, you will get better reception. You can use it at your home, on your RV, or during the camping trip thanks to its versatility. It comes with an AC adapter, DC adapter, and a built-in battery, so it fits every location.

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06. Supersonic Portable Widescreen Digital TV

Supersonic Portable Widescreen Portable TV

This portable TV from Supersonic comes with a 9″ screen, and it comes with an LCD screen as well. You can easily place it inside your traveling bag as it doesn’t take much space. The overall build of this device is very impressive. You can use it, particularly as an outdoor entertainment device, because of the perfect build. It weighs nearly 5 pounds, and that’s not a lot of weight for a TV. The screen of this device comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio for a better viewing experience. The image quality of Supersonic Portable Widescreen TV is impressive. When it comes to sound output, it has a built-in speaker as well as an earphone jack. It is compatible with SD cards and USB input to make it more versatile.

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07. Supersonic SC-2812 Portable LED TV

Supersonic SC 2812 Portable TV

This is another product from Supersonic for those who prefer a larger viewing experience. However, as you would expect, this product is not as portable as the previous product. That is especially because of the large screen size. However, carrying a TV with 13.5″ overall length is not a huge issue considering the entertainment pleasure it gives. This device, despite the relatively larger build, comes with a lightweight. It comprises of a built-in digital TV tuner, built-in speakers and AV jacks as well. You can make use of the HDMI input for better picture quality. It supports the remote-control feature, as well. It can be paired with an external device as well, and it supports SD cards.

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08. Tyler TTV703 Portable Digital LCD TV

Tyler TTV701 Portable TV

This is another product from Tyler, and it has a relatively smaller screen compared to the previous product. There are several special features included in this product to impress the users. The digital tuner of this device is perfectly compatible with ATSC/NTSC. That means you can gain access to your favorite TV programs through this device regardless of the channel type. The built-in speaker gives you a decent sound output. However, if you prefer more privacy, its headphones can come in handy.

The best thing about this TV set is that it comes with multiple antenna options. It also has the ability to perform from anywhere thanks to its AC and DC adapters and rechargeable built-in battery. It is capable of functioning for about 80 minutes constantly upon a single charge.

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09. Chaowei DTV530Â

Chaowei DTV530 Portable TV

This is the smallest portable TV included in this list. Needless to say, this device is manufactured, focusing on the portability factor. Though it is small and compact, it comes with a full ATSC Digital broadcast receiver. With that feature, you will be able to enjoy pretty much all your favorite programs. You can expect different antenna options as well to get better signal reception as well. The sound quality of the built-in speaker is decent enough. In addition to that, it has a headphone jack tool.

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10. Supersonic SC-1311

Supersonic SC 1311 Portable TV

This is the third Supersonic product on this list, and we included it for good reasons. This is the largest portable TV on this list, and it can offer you a widespread HDTV television experience. If you are ready to compromise a little bit of portability over an excellent viewing experience, check this out. It can be ideal to be used at home or office. Also, you can consider using it while camping or in an RV. Besides, it has all the other features that are found in the other products we have listed above.

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That’s it! We hope you can pick a portable TV from the above list and fulfill your entertainment needs.