How to Resolve the Pandora Not Working Issue

Is Pandora not working on your Windows PC? If yes, then you are not alone. Pandora is a great music platform, which was first launched for smartphones only. Recently, Pandora launched an application for Windows 10. One can access this incredible music application through a website or the application for Windows 10. However, there are some issues that you can face while using this music application on your Windows PC.

Since the release of this Windows application, users who use this application have reported several issues. These issues include Pandora keeps stopping; it does not load; the content does not show up when opening, or displays an unambiguous error message, where you do not know what the issue is.

So, first, you need to know why Pandora keeps stopping before you look for the solutions. Here, we will discuss all the possible reasons why you face this frustrating issue and then some of the fixes to get rid of it. If nothing works, then use iMusic to download your favorite tracks from Pandora.

Part 1: Reasons Why Pandora Not Working on Windows PC

There are lots of reasons why Pandora keeps stopping on your Windows PC. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

  • Application Service: It is possible that the application service of Pandora may not be functioning properly. Reset this service can help to eliminate error messages that you come across on its launch.
  • Antivirus: More often, problems that you face with Windows 10 apps occur usually due to antivirus software. So, if you disable antivirus, it may resolve the ‘Pandora not working’ issue.
  • Windows Store: The Pandora application utilizes Windows Store services for its functionality. Pandora keeps stopping if Windows Store faces any issues.
  • Windows Update: This application gets its updates through the Windows Update module. When this module faces issues or does not run properly, you may come across the ‘Pandora not working’ issue.

Before you look for the fixes, you have to ensure that you have logged in as an administrator on the Windows system. Moreover, ensure that you do not use any VPNs or proxies. For communication, you should use a private and open network. Also, Windows Store applications face problems due to limited internet connectivity.

PS: let’s learn more about how to download & record Pandora music with ease.

Part 2: Refresh Windows Update to Fix ‘Pandora Not Working’

So, Windows Update is one of the primary components required for the proper running of any Windows application with the store. If this Update module does not function properly or feature corrupt and outdated installation files, Pandora keeps stopping, and you may face error messages. To resolve the ‘Pandora not working’ issue, you need to refresh Windows Update in the following manner.

Steps to fix the ‘Pandora keeps stopping’ issue by refreshing the Windows Update:

To fix this annoying issue, go through the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Type in “services.msc” in the Run dialog box

First, press the tabs ‘Windows‘ + ‘R‘ together and then enter “services.msc” in the run box—hit Enter.

Step 2: Find the Windows Update service

Now, you have to look for the services, ‘Windows Update Service‘ or ‘Windows Update‘ and ‘Background Intelligent Service.’

Step 3: Select the ‘Stop’ tab

Next, right-tap on these services and choose ‘Stop.’ Carry out this step for both the services.

Step 4: Go to the following directory

Then, press the tabs ‘Windows‘ + ‘E‘ for launching Windows Explorer. Go to the directory, “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\.”

Refresh Windows Update to Fix 'Pandora Not Working'

Step 5: Hit Enter

Now, select all the contents and right-tap, and then press ‘Delete.’

Step 6: Restart the system

Start your Windows computer again and launch Pandora. See if the ‘Pandora keeps stopping‘ issue has been resolved. If the issue still persists, then you need to follow the next solution.

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Part 3: End Pandora Process to Fix ‘Pandora Keeps Stopping’

If the ‘Pandora not working’ issue still persists, then the culprit was not Windows Update. In that situation, you need to restart the Pandora service and check if that helps in resolving the issue. Pandora runs a service in the background always. If that service does not function properly or faces a problem, then Pandora keeps stopping.

Steps to fix ‘Pandora not working’ issue by ending the Pandora process:

To get rid of this annoying issue, follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Type “taskmgr” in the Run dialog box

Press the tabs ‘Windows‘ + ‘R‘ simultaneously and then put in “taskmgr” in the run box—hit Enter.

Step 2: Select the ‘End Task’ tab

Within the Task Manager, you have to search for any service or process that is associated with Pandora. Once found, right-tap on the service and choose ‘End Task.’

End Pandora Process to Fix 'Pandora Keeps Stopping'

Now, launch the Pandora application again and see if the ‘Pandora not working’ problem has been fixed.

Part 4: Look for Windows Applications Issues

If the above solutions don’t fix the ‘Pandora keeps stopping’ issue, you need to debug and check whether Windows Applications are the main culprit. Often, users face problems on their Windows system due to conflicts and bugs present in the Windows Store Applications.

Look for Windows Applications Issues to fix pandora not working

In that case, you have to fix the Windows Applications issues. The first thing that you need to do is to update the Pandora application. If that does not work, you even have to reset the Microsoft Store. Another thing that you need to ensure is that you should be logged in as an administrator.

Part 5: Disable Antivirus Software to Eliminate the ‘Pandora Not Working’ Issue

If you are facing an issue where you cannot load the entire Pandora application or the screen remains black, then the problem could be your antivirus software. Most of the time, issues like ‘Pandora keeps stopping’ occur because an antivirus program keeps on conflicting with the processes of the application and showing false positives.

If this is the issue, then we recommend you disable the antivirus software on a temporary basis. If the issue still persists, then you have to uninstall the antivirus program. Go with the latter solution if you own the Antivirus Product Key. Now, check if the Pandora application is working fine.

Part 6: Use Alternative Music Applications or Pandora Website

If nothing works for you and you are still struggling with the ‘Pandora not working’ issue, then no worries. If you tried updating the application, but it is still not responding properly, then look for alternatives. You can either use the Pandora website or use other music applications available for Windows PC. If you are looking for alternatives, then go for popular options like MetroRadio or iMusic.

Best Alternative to Pandora: iMusic

Pandora offers you a chance to listen to unlimited songs with an internet connection. However, not many users can go for its premium version. In that case, you can look for an alternative like iMusic. This professional iPhone MP3 Downloader – music application provides a great opportunity for downloading music for free from Pandora.

iMusic is a great music manager that lets music lovers possess the entire control over their music lifestyle management. This is possible due to its amazing features and flexibility it provides for extracting music from streaming websites, including Pandora. So, if Pandora keeps stopping, then iMusic is the perfect option to go with.

Unique Features of iMusic:

  • This music application lets you download the complete playlist from the ‘Discovery‘ tab for free.
  • iMusic allows users to download music from over 3,000 music streaming sites, such as Vimeo, Spotify, Dailymotion,, and YouTube.
  • One can record audio or other difficult music to download using its inbuilt music recorder.
  • With this music downloader, you can transfer the favorite tracks to your smart devices like Android or iPhone directly.
  • It is a powerful toolbox that lets you sort your music collection easily and perfectly.
  • One can listen to songs in popular players by getting rid of DRM from them.

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Steps to use iMusic and download songs from Pandora:

For downloading your favorite tracks from Pandora using iMusic, you need to follow the simple instructions given below:

Step 1: Launch iMusic

First, users have to install iMusic on their Windows computers. This tool works great on both Mac and Windows PC. After that, launch the app and tap on the ‘GET MUSIC‘ tab. From there, users have to tap on the tab ‘Record.’

Step 2: Look for your favorite Pandora music

Now, visit the Pandora website and select one of the popular tracks and play the same.

Step 3: Begin the recording

Once you play your favorite Pandora song, you will be able to see the ‘Record‘ tab. This tab will detect the song and start recording it in high and original quality.

Step 4: Discover recorded songs in the iTunes library

After the recording process is over, you need to visit the iTunes library. Look for your recorded songs in the library that you have just recorded using the iMusic application.


So, these are some of the different fixes to resolve the Pandora not working issue on your smartphone. First, you can try refreshing Windows Update. Then, you can try ending the Pandora process for its better functioning. If that does not help, then try to find issues with Windows Applications. Also, you can try disabling the antivirus software if you are using one.

However, if Pandora keeps stopping, then it is better to look for its alternatives. We recommend you go with iMusic. This music downloader lets you download your favorite music from Pandora. Not just Pandora, iMusic enables users to download music tracks from more than 3000 music streaming sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Dailymotion, and others. So, download iMusic and get rid of the ‘Pandora not working‘ problem for once and all.

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