MTG Core Set 2021 – Best Commander Cards for You

Are you looking for the best MTG core set for 2021? Here, we provide a comprehensive guide on core 2021 best cards for your reference. So, keep reading and learn about core 21 MTG cards.

Magic: The Gathering is often known as MTG among gaming enthusiasts. If you are a fan of MTG, you can evaluate the cards and pick the best options for you.

For those who are not familiar with the concept, Core Set 2021 cannot be considered a theme-based set. That means it is different from sets such as Ikoria or Throne of Eldraine. As a result, the Wizards of the Coast can include their key prints easily. That is in addition to focusing on cards that link with archetypal designs of different colors.

We don’t usually want to include reprints in the list. However, because of the impressive quality of those cards, we have to add a couple of reprints. Also, we don’t want to include those cards that have excelled in competitive EDH format. That is because this list of cards focuses on nothing but the ability to play fast and efficiently.

Instead of those cards, we intend to show more flexibility and give priority to the spirit of the game. Moreover, we don’t want to consider the cards that are used for the Brawl. That is because those cards come with different archetypes as well as some limitations. That said, if you are looking for the best MTG core set 2021, you can refer to the list of 10.

MTG Core 2021 Best Cards 

Here’s the list of core 21 MTG cards for you. You can go through this list and find the best options that fit your interests.

01. Rin and Seri, Inseparable

MTG Core Set 2021 - Rin and Seri, Inseparable

When it comes to the gaming environment, tribes such as dogs and cats have greater popularity. However, we didn’t find a solid leader for both types of creatures. Rin & Seri, Inseparable based on the tokens of cat and dog type. Then, they use those creatures for the purpose of boosting the life total or damaging it. Well, it is a pretty straightforward method that comes with better flexibility as well. That teaches you how to build the deck from scratch.

So, you should focus on the aggressive strategy because it can confuse your rivals. If not, such a combo can utilize the ability of Rin and Seri to make tokens. Rin and Seri, Inseparable lets you enjoy the perfect balance, which is ideal for a commander. Also, it offers enough and more space to build the deck.

02. Heroic Intervention

MTG Core Set 2021 - Heroic Intervention

This could be considered as one of the best core 2021 MTG cards due to various reasons. It comes with greater simplicity. Moreover, it will cost only two mana to get this card. In addition to that, it can make all the permanents indestructible. Also, Heroic Intervention makes them hexproof as well. Because of those characteristics, that is considered as one of the best MTG core set 2021. It can protect your board from pretty much all the types of wrath effects and target removal effects.

Heroic Intervention can save the board from pretty much all the threats contrary to the cards like Merciless Eviction. Basically, this is a superb option for any green deck. Therefore, we strongly suggest you have these cards.

03. Sublime Epiphany

MTG Core Set 2021 - Sublime Epiphany

When it comes to this format, the spells that offer multiple effects are considered to be powerful. Assume that a particular board state is packed with various types of threats. In that case, using a spell that allows you to have more than one will be beneficial for you. Such an approach can definitely swing the game towards your side.

To gain this card, you will have to spend six mana. Then, you will be able to use up to 5 spells simultaneously. These spells can range from counter-spells to a powerful effect like bouncing a permanent. Also, it can even copy one of the creatures you prefer. Basically, it is a very useful pack of features or abilities, and it makes the card so versatile.

We can consider these cards as one of the best MTG core sets in 2021 due to their versatility. It might be true that the card will not last when you play decks that are super competitive. However, having this card brings you a definite advantage.

04. Chromatic Orrey

Chromatic Orrey

This is a pretty fragile card, in a way. We say so because this card may break up at some point in the game. This core 21 MTG card costs seven mana. It will help you with the lands you own to tap for any of the colors. Also, it gives five colorless mana as well. You can simply tap on them to draw plenty of cards. Those cards will be available in your five-color decks since then.

One of the most notable advantages of this card is that it comes in colorless mode. As a result, you can slot the card into any of the decks that have three to four colors. For instance, you can create a spot for Chromatic Orrey in the deck called Sen Triplets. The card will be there forever.

05. Azura, Lost but Seeking

Azura, Lost but Seeking

In simplest terms, Azura is an amazing card. You can get this legendary artifact for three mana. It lets you play two additional lands, and that’s quite impressive. It is true that it may not sound like the most powerful or destructive feature. However, if you are a newcomer to the respective format, the card becomes highly advantageous.

You can consider Azura as one of the must-have core 2021 best cards on any land-focused deck. Also, it works fine on any big mana decks. For the features it has, Azuza is a very cheap card. Regardless of the low price it offers, it comes with a very effective option of speeding up. With that, you can speed up and overcome your opponents.

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06. Massacre Wurm

Massacre Wurm

This is another expensive card, and it recently got a reprint which was demanded by many. Massacre Wurm can be considered a very powerful and strong creature. This special creature can remove the creatures of your opponents. In addition to that, it can punish those creatures until they die. It goes without saying that this is a perfect card to weaken the foe’s board.

Meanwhile, it drains their life. When the card is on the field, this creature hurts the opponent’s creatures. This could be rated as one of the most destructive creatures you can ever have on a deck.

07. Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge

Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge

There is no shortage of mono-red dragons in the game MTG. Therefore, you are supposed to put a considerable amount of effort into standing out for them. That said, Gadrak will not sound or look a wow-piece at a glance. However, it can be very useful in any sort of deck that has sacrifice mechanics.

Assume that a non-token creature dies on the board. In that case, Gadrak will come to play. It will present a Treasure Token for you at the end step. This will add great value to this card. In addition to that, it doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to the tokens you intend to create.

Assume that you get ten creatures die on the field while the combo is off. In that case, Gadrak will create ten Treasure tokens for you. So, you can get more mana to give a boost to the next turn. You can – if needed – can repeat this process as you wish. It is true that Gadrak is not the best leader. However, it is becoming a very important part of any MTG core set 2021.

08. Conclave Mentor

Conclave Mentor

Counter Decks are considered to be the most common archetypes that are used in this format. Their popularity has increased due to several aspects. The synergy they produce and the massive number of cards in that type of deck are major reasons.

The card Conclave Mentor lets you gather the counters for creatures they play with. Also, it helps to reinforce the army and create more combos using other types of cards. Instead of creating +1/+1 counters, Conclave Mentor boosts the given number. But there are many other cards to create the aforementioned counters. So, you should not consider it as a drawback.

09. Fiery Emancipation

MTG Core Set 2021 - Fiery Emancipation

This specific card can maximize the damage done to the opponents. In fact, it can increase the damage by three times. So, if you expect to watch a burning table, this should be a superb card. Moreover, this card is relatively cheaper than many other types.

10. Sanctum of All

MTG Core Set 2021 - Sanctum of All

This is a tribal shrine card, and experts may say that there are other better cards than this. This is a card that works as a five-color enhancing tool. You can use this to create a Shrine card either in the deck or the graveyard. Then, you can put that card into play. If you want, you can repeat the same process.

So, those are the core 2021 best cards you can consider and power up your MTG decks.



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