MTG Best Planeswalkers – Never Underestimate Those Cards

When I think of insane cards in Magic: The Gathering, I think of planeswalkers. Even though they are not creatures that can help you block the enemy attack, they still do an essential job in a round of MTG.

Most planeswalkers have decent abilities to either benefit themselves or destroy their opponents. Here is the list of the ten best planeswalkers in MTG, and you can never imagine what they can achieve.

1. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (CMC:4)

MTG best planeswalker - Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (CMC:4)

For his rare ability to become a creature, Gideon has always been a decent planeswalker in MTG. He has the ability to become a creature with 5/5 stats and indestructible, which means that he will prevent all damage that could be dealt with him this round. So just turn him sideways and without worrying about him.

Not only could Gideon become a creature, but he put down 2/2 creatures as well. Even though that’s not what makes Gideon very special, what makes him worthwhile in many decks is that he could lay down an emblem. His emblem permanently buffs every creature that you control with one extra power and one extra toughness. Additionally, you can do this as soon as you played him on the field if you want to.

Overall, Gideon’s emblem and becoming a creature make him worthwhile to many decks, leading him to one of the best planeswalkers in MTG.

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2. Oko, Thief of Crowns (CMC:3)

Oko, Thief of Crowns (CMC:3)

Oko is annoying to play against, in my opinion. Firstly, he only costs three mana in exchange for four loyalty, which is basically his health. Not only that, he can immediately buff himself up to six loyalty, which makes Oko very difficult to kill, for the fact that most creatures at this point can’t really deal six damage in one instant hit.

Other things that make him annoying and hard to deal with are his abilities—creating a food token? Nah, I don’t buy it. Instead, his other ability allows him to turn any artifact or creature into an Elk with 3/3 stats. Does your opponent have a giant scary creature with insane stats? It’s an Elk now, too bad. His other ability lets him swap a creature or artifact you control with your enemy’s permanent controlling creature. That basically means you can give your opponent a bit of food token in exchange for a creature. Well, trade, huh?

3. Karn Liberated (CMC:7)

MTG best planeswalker - Karn Liberated (CMC:7)

Being a legendary planeswalker that modern players know and fear, Karn costs seven mana and has six loyalty. This doesn’t seem like a fair trade, but you will surely change your mind when you see his abilities. Not only can Karn exile card from your hand, but also exile permanent from the battlefield. These two abilities already make Karn a very annoying and insane planeswalker.

Eventually, Karn can restart the game and allow the controlling player to put everything in exile under the player’s control. “We can try this again with these cards under my control, hahaha!” This ability makes Karn a lot like a cheating card, Karn is excellent and valuable, but nobody likes this planeswalker, especially when they are not in their hand. Counting as one of the best planeswalkers? Sure.

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4. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (CMC:8)

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (CMC:8)

Ugin is another legendary colorless planeswalker that often announces the end of the game once played. Eight mana cost might seem expensive, but each one of Ugin’s abilities is insane. For his first ability that can add to loyalty to Ugin, he deals three damage to any creature or player. This ability can efficiently finish off a player by itself.

Ugin’s second ability is the one that makes most people feel deadly and unfair. Ugin can exile all permanents with one or more colors below the amount mana cost of the player’s choice, which can probably finish off a game when activated.

Eventually, Ugin’s last ability gains you seven life, allows you to draw seven cards, then put seven permanents into the battlefield for free. All of Ugin’s abilities are insane, and Ugin deserves a place in the best planeswalker.

5. Jace, the Mind Sculptor (CMC:4)

MTG best planeswalker - Jace, the Mind Sculptor (CMC:4)

Jace was the poster boy of MTG for a very long period. Only costing four mana, Jace has four abilities and also the loyalty of three. Planeswalker that has four mana for four abilities is quite rare nowadays. Jace’s first ability allows you to decide whether or not to let your opponent draw their next card from their library. Activating this ability gains two loyalty for Jace. His second ability lets you choose to remove a card from the top of the library of your own choice. His third ability returns a creature to its owner’s hand, which requires the owner to pay its mana again in order to play it another time.

Jace’s final ability, which costs 12 mana, allows you to exile all cards from any player’s library. After that, they have to shuffle their hand in their library. This means if they had been saving mana for an insane creature in their hand, they’d have to wait for it again. Four mana for all of these? Not bad!

6. Wrenn and Six (CMC:2)

Wrenn and Six (CMC:2)

Wrenn and Six are a person and a tree(We think). Costing two mana only, Wrenn and the Six is incredibly cheap considering the number of options each one gives to the player. You can return land from your graveyard to your hand, deal one damage to any target, or allow yourself to recast instants and sorceries that are in your graveyard.

These abilities all give different options for the player and will eventually build up into an unvanquishable advantage.

7. Nissa, Who Shakes the World (CMC:5)

MTG best planeswalker - Nissa, Who Shakes the World (CMC:5)

Costing five mana, Nissa has five loyalty in exchange which is fairly balanced. Just by staying on the battlefield, Nissa makes each Forest generate one more green mana. Her first ability, which gains one loyalty for Nissa, allows her to place a counter on land and turn it into a creature with Haste and Vigilance. Her second ability turns all your lands indestructible. Not only that but also allows you to put any number of Forest card in your library into the play.

Nissa is mainly a planeswalker that helps you protect and generate more mana from your land card. With this planeswalker, you can easily build up an immense amount of land and enables you to put more powerful creatures in the game. Her unique ability makes her more practical and leads her way to one of the best planeswalkers in MTG.

8. Sorin Markov (CMC:6)

Sorin Markov (CMC:6)

While other planeswalkers on the list are good in more than one format, Sorin is quite different from them. In commander, Sorin is an annoying card and a hard card to beat because of his abilities.

His first ability deals with two damage to either opponent’s creature or person and gives you two life. This ability is good, but it’s unable to do deadly effects that can lead to the end of the game. However, his second ability does a colossal effect on your opponent, making a target opponent’s life total 10. This ability is seen chiefly used, making the opponent’s life total drop from 40 to 10, which is a decent ability.

Lastly, his final ability allows you to take control of a player during their next turn. His abilities are all quite silly but may bring you surprise when well used.

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9. Liliana of the Veil (CMC:3)

MTG best planeswalker - Liliana of the Veil (CMC:3)

Liliana is a supportive planeswalker (mainstay), just like Wrenn and Six. Her abilities reduce the resources your opponent has. Her first ability to discard cards brings her one loyalty. Meanwhile, her second ability force the target player to sacrifice a creature of their own. Her final ability forces the target player to sacrifice around half of their permanents.

For the fact that she reduces a whole bunch of enemy creatures and permanents, she is undoubtedly instrumental and will still be in the most powerful decks in MTG. Of course, one of the best MTG planeswalkers.

10. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (CMC:5)

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (CMC:5)

Costing five mana, Terferi has four loyalty and three abilities. It is one of the most balanced control cards and does a great job of keeping your situation beneficial. Teferi allows you to draw a card, keeps your amount of mana up, and removes threats from your opponent. Terferi gives you an emblem that will enable you to eventually exile every card that is in your opponent’s control. It’s pretty challenging to face because even though it can’t kill your opponent right away, slowly but surely, he will.

Above, these are the ten best planeswalkers in magic the gathering. Planeswalkers can bring significant benefits to your situation or can deal deadly damage to your opponent. Never underestimate those cards while playing MTG.

Don’t forget; they are hard to face against too. So if you are finding planeswalkers that are worthwhile to play, don’t mind choosing from the list. I promise you that they can do anything and even things you can’t imagine.

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