Top Ten Best Kid Phone Watch in 2022

If you are looking for the best kid phone watch for your kid, that has the perfect balance between the look and features inside of them, here is the list of Kid GPS phone watches that you can buy this year.

For concerned parents, there is nothing more important than the safety of their children. Whether they walk outside of the house or just surf on the internet, you need a thing that builds the bridges between the family and kid so that you can have a better relationship with your own children.

A kid phone watch is invented to fill the gap between parents and their kids. So they will know about every little development that happens around the kid—a better understanding of the habits and the personal behavior of their children.

All the watches might have a similar look to them, but the features will be different. When you are buying a smartwatch, make sure it has all the functions that the kids need in their lives. While at the same time, it lets you know everything about the kid.

The smartwatch needs to perform better than a normal watch, and it needs to have all the features that make a normal watch great, Such as waterproof, and battery capacity. These are the important features that everybody expects from a smartwatch.

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Top 10 Best Kid Phone Watch

Let’s get on to the list of best kid GPS phone watches that you can get that serve both normal and smart sides of the watch.

1. Wonbo Kids Phone Watch

Wonbo Kids Phone Watch

The first kid GPS phone watch entry on the list of best kid phone watches is the Wonbo kids phone watch. This watch has a look that your kid will find appealing. And on the right end side of the watch, your kid will have access to all the buttons to set the watch up. The display size is big enough to tell all the important details about the fitness of the body to the time. Let’s take a look at all the features you will get with this watch.


  • GPS tracker
  • Two-way calls
  • Fitness
  • Alarm warning
  • Voice chat
  • Material quality is good
  • Waterproof
  • The sporty design will be appealing to a lot of kids
  • It generates lower radiation.
  • Comfortability

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2. Caref GPS Watch

Caref GPS Watch

Caref is the complete packaged kid GPS phone watch filled with the features that you need to want in a kid’s phone watch. All the features installed on this watch offer some sort of safety option for the kids. The most notable features of this watch are the ability to send and receive calls, and the SOS button. It will also help you locate your kid’s smartphone, sending a text message to the parents make this device much more friendly.


  • SOS Button
  • Send and Recieve Calls
  • Text message

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3. LG GizmoPal 2

LG GizmoPal 2

It has a very kid-friendly interface and offers two-way calling. There is a dedicated button for calling right on the surface of the watch. LG GizmoPal 2 uses the Verizon network for calling. The most notable features are on this kid GPS phone watch device:


  • Two-way calling
  • Monitor Geo-Fences places
  • Longest Battery Life
  • The interface is easy and simple

But it only works with the Verizon network, and it features no SOS button.

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4. Abardeen Smart Kid watch

Abardeen Smart Kid watch

This watch packs in all the features with the attractiveness that your kid deserves. It is capable of tracking locations and making calls. It is one of the best Kid Phone Watches that you can give to your children.


  • Two way of calling
  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-Fence Location
  • Can handle 60 Contacts
  • Remote monitoring is possible with this watch

On the downside, if you are an AT&T user, you won’t be able to use this device because it doesn’t support AT&T.

5. Orbo kids smartwatch

Orbo kids smartwatch

This kid phone watch has a rotating camera and includes tons of games for the kids to enjoy. This kid GPS phone watch device is a nice mix between smartwatch and smartphone. As your kid will get a camera and the option to make a video with the watch.


  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Able to answer calls
  • Camera to take photos and record videos
  • Cna be charged with a USB data cable
  • Easier to understand the functionality
  • Touch screen for a more good interaction

But you won’t be able to track the device because it doesn’t feature geo-fence and tracking features, although it is a good kid phone watch but not a kid’s GPS phone.

6. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone

Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone

When it comes to looking unique, this kid GPS phone watch has it. Its blue and cyan color overlay on the band is eye-catching. It has a music system, and the design of the watch is comfortable. The watch uses the 2G network, and the watch is capable of sending distress SOS calls in a matter of seconds. Setting up everything on the watch is easy; you don’t need to have a technical background to figure it out.


  • The design of the watch
  • The mix of color
  • SOS capability
  • Kids will have access to games
  • Supports 2G network

The only thing that is lacking is the support for GPS., if you are looking to monitor your kids, or want to track their location. Then this kid phone watch might not be perfect for you.

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7. Karaforna Alarm Clock Touch Screen Watch

Karaforna Alarm Clock Touch Screen Watch

Karaforna Alarm Clock is one of the best-looking kid phone watches available in the market. If you want to track your kid’s location all the time, then this is the watch you should get for your kid. It has an inbuilt GPS chip with an accurate location.

When it comes to features, this smartphone is not lacking in that department. Aside from GPS, you will get an SOS emergency call feature, capable of sending the SOS signal to three numbers of your choosing.


  • Seamless design
  • Bright colors
  • SOS signal up to 3 numbers
  • Accuracy on the location tracking
  • Voice monitor

If you are looking for a light, comfortable smartwatch for your kid then prefer to choose Karaforna Alarm Clock Touch because it is one of the best kid phone watches available in the market.

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8. Lsflair GPS Children’s Watches Phone

Lsflair GPS Children's Watches Phone

Lsfaliar long gathered the reputation of making the best GPS watches for the kids at the age of 4 to 15. All of their watches feature a unique look, which makes this watch an excellent gift for the kids. All of the parts in this watch are BPA-free; at the same time, the watch is lightweight, fits comfortably around the waist.

It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, whether you are buying the smartwatch for the look or the tracking feature. This piece of technology has both of these things installed on this kid’s GPS phone watch.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Straps made of plastic
  • Lightweight
  • GPS adapter
  • SOS alarm messages
  • Features many games for the kids to play
  • HD touch screen
  • Kid’s GPS phone capability

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9. MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch

MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch

This kid GPS phone watch both works as a phone and a music player. If that is not enough to settle the deal, you will also use its storage space. With this smartwatch, you will have access to 1GB of storage to store your songs. Meritsoar features plenty of plans that you may find suitable for your watch. Each of the plans offers more text messages and calls.


  • The strap is made of rubber
  • 1GB storage
  • Video games
  • Language support
  • $5 plan to get 100 minutes of a phone call, 100 text messages

10. YAMAY Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone

YAMAY Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone

If you want a watch that is sleek but has all the features that you expect from a kid phone watch. Then YAMAY Smart Watch is the right gadget for you. While it comes to the looks of the watch, it looks very classy, but when it comes to offering features, this watch is very versatile.


  • Waterproof (1p68-rated)
  • Fitness tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Touch screen
  • Lightweight and comfortability in design
  • Rechargeable battery

You can use this watch for 7 -10 days without ever charging the watch. If you are looking for a more battery saver, expect a smartwatch. You can’t go wrong with YAMAY SmartWatch for Android iOS Phones.

Conclusion on The Best Kid Phone Watch

Picking the best kid phone watch depends on what kind of watch your kid prefers if they are into something funky, then giving a watch that has all the classic features might not pursue them to wearing the watch every single day.

If a watch matches their favorite color and what they expect from a watch, then picking that specific watch above anything else would be the perfect Kid Phone Watch for them. It all comes down to what does your kid likes the most and what kind of security you are willing to have to protect your kids since all the watches on the list provide different functionalities to them.



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