iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Let’s Fix It Easily

When iPhone Flashlight Not Working, that can make you pretty frustrated without a doubt. As a result, you may try to make various changes on your device and end up with serious issues. However, the good news is that we explain the fixes to this issue in this article.

If you find your iPhone Flashlight Not Working, just wait for a couple of minutes without panicking. Launch the camera app and turn the flashlight on (don’t put it on “Auto” mode). Then, try to take a couple of pictures and see if the flash works. Well, that’s the most basic solution we have to offer. If this solution works, you are lucky. However, it didn’t work for you; let’s learn how to fix it with some other advanced solutions.

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Issue With Ease

In fact, we have three main methods to get this fixed. Before we learn how to perform those methods with step-by-step information, let’s compare those methods. Below is a table that compares the basics of these three methods.

MethodSuccess rateAmount of time requiredComplex or notDoes it cause data loss?
Force restarting the deviceAbout 30%ShortNoNo data loss
iMyFone Fixppo100%ShortNoNo data loss
Backup & Restore using iTunes80%LongPretty complexData loss

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Method 1: Restart or Force Restart the iOS device to Fix ‘iPhone Flashlight Not Working’

You can either restart or force restart the iOS device to solve iPhone Flashlight Not Working issue. In fact, this is the most basic solution for the three methods. Also, this is the method that has the lowest success rate.

1.1. Restart your iOS device

If your iPhone Flashlight Not Working, you should restart it and see if the issue is resolved. For some users, this method can work and bring their devices into the normal state. For those who don’t know how to use this method can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the Sleep/Wake button and hold it to see the red slider on the screen of the iPhone. Now, drag the slider accordingly so the device will be switched off.
  • Now, please wait for a few seconds and then hold the Sleep/Wake button once again. This will turn the device on. Now, check if the flashlight is working or not. If this method doesn’t work, you should go to the next step and force restart the device.

1.2. Force Restart your iOS device

If restarting didn’t do any good, you should try a force restart as a solution. You must know that the steps can slightly vary depending on the model of the iPhone. So, pick a method depending on the model of the iOS device you use.

For iPhone 6S or older model or iPod Touch or iPads Users:

First, you should press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button on your device simultaneously for a while. You should press these buttons at least for about 10 seconds. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, you can let go of those buttons.

Force Restart your iOS devicePin

For iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7S Users:

To restart an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7S, you should follow these instructions. First, you should press and hold the Sleep/Wake button with the Volume Down button at the same time. Press these buttons for 10 seconds at the least to see the Apple logo.

Force Restart your iOS devicePin

For iPhone X or newer, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Users:

Please press & release the Volume up button first. After that, you should press the volume down button and release it. Be sure to press and release these buttons quickly. After that, you should press the side button and hold it. Once the Apple Logo appears, just release the button.

Force Restart your iOS device to fix iPhone Flashlight Not WorkingPin

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Method 2: Use iMyFone Fixppo and fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

Due to various reasons, this could be the most effective solution to address the “iPhone Flashlight Not Working” issue. This special tool can recover your iOS device from plenty of issues. Apart from this flashlight issue, this Fixppo can resolve other issues such as the black screen of death. Also, it can fix the restart loop, iPhone camera won’t focus, stuck on the Apple logo, iPhone Reminders Not Working, stuck on recovery mode, and so on. In a nutshell, Fixppo can fix any issue on your Apple phone if it is related to its iOS.

Please find below the most obvious reasons to choose iMyFone Fixppo to fix this issue.

  • iMyFone Fixppo doesn’t change or delete any of the information stored in your device. Basically, it is a 100% safe tool that can assure the safety of your data.
  • iMyFone Fixppo can detect the device easily by scanning it using a smart algorithm. Then, it can identify the issue correctly before solving it.
  • It offers you three options to recover the device, depending on the complexity of the issue. If you choose the Standard Mode, no data loss will happen at all.
  • This special software is compatible with all iOS devices, including the latest ones. Also, this tool supports all the iOS versions, no matter if it is the latest version.
  • This tool is recommended by a large number of professionals and companies across the globe.
iMyFone Fixppo

Get iMyFone Fixppo

How to use iMyFone Fixppo and fix the flashlight issue?

Please follow up below in order to fix this issue.

  • As the first step, you should download iMyFone Fixppo through their official website. Then, you should get it installed on the PC and launch the program to see its main interface.
  • Now, you will see three main modes to fix this issue. Just choose the option called “Standard Mode,” which is located in the middle of the screen. After that, you should connect the iPhone to the same computer with the help of a USB cord.
iMyFone FixppoPin
  • You can now follow the onscreen instructions and put the device in DFU Mode or Recovery Mode. Once you have done that, you can see that the program detects the device.
iMyFone FixppoPin
  • Once you have done that, just select and download the firmware for the respective device. This firmware is required to fix all the issues related to your iOS device.
iMyFone FixppoPin
  • Now that the firmware downloading is completed, you should click on the option called “Start to Fix.” After that, you will be able to see that the device is rebooting. Regardless of the version of your iOS device, the issue will be fixed with this tool.
fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working with iMyFone FixppoPin

That’s basically it. You can see how easy it is to fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working issue using iMyFone Fixppo. Also, it can help fix the iPhone quick start not working issue easily.

The success rate of this method is 100%.

Try iMyFone Fixppo

Method 3: Restore your iOS device using iTunes to fix ‘iPhone Flashlight Not Working’

This is the third method in our article, and it comes with a success rate of about 80%. Also, this is the most complex method in the list. So, let’s take a look at the steps to do it.

  • First, you should get your iOS device connected to the computer on which iTunes is installed. After that, launch iTunes on the computer and wait for it to detect the device and synchronize it. Then, create a backup of the device.
Restore your iOS device using iTunesPin
  • Once you have created the backup, you should click on the option called “Restore iPhone.” This will restore your device so you can restore it to an exciting backup. You should then choose the most recent backup where all the recent information is saved.
Resolve iPhone Flashlight Not Working issue by Restoring your iOS device using iTunesPin
  • Now, check your iPhone and see if the flashlight is working.

What if your iPhone Flashlight Not Working even after trying all those methods, including iMyFone Fixppo? In that case, you should take your device to the nearest Apple Store to get it checked.