Instagram Filters Not Working – Let’s Get It Fixed Easily!

Pretty much any user will be bothered if they see their Instagram filters not working. If you are one of those users and wonder how to address such an issue, here’s the good news.

We explain several possible ways to get rid of this situation and use your Instagram filters once again.  

What Makes Instagram Filters Not Working?

Instagram, like all joys of life, is fantastic until it isn’t. Some users may experience an odd problem with Instagram at least once in a while. And, needless to say, they might be looking for some solutions as soon as possible. You will be attempting to make a Story, and the facial filters wouldn’t show up, and that’s frustrating.

In addition, there can be fewer choices in terms of camera. Naturally, users tend to worry once they see such an issue, but it seems that there is a solution.

Since its launch, Instagram has earned a reputation for being a dependable and solidly performing app. Instagram, more than any other social media platform, simply appears to function smoothly and not crash.

That allows you to browse your friends’ pictures without needing to deal with problems and consistently send DMs. This ends when you really want to get some great pictures over to your followers, and it won’t work.

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The Error is Pretty Common

You’re not alone if you attempt to make Stories on Instagram and don’t see the options anymore. That means all the filters and choices might have gone unavailable. This is when individuals experience “Instagram filters not working”. What’s more, the situation isn’t hopeless.

There are a few options for fixing it, one of which worked for many users. That said, let’s take a look at those fixes. After that, you can go through some additional options if, by any chance, the first approach doesn’t work.

Instagram Filters Not Working

When you touch your unique icon to create a Story, you should see a variety of filters appear. As per the default settings, those filters might appear there. And, they’ll be arranged down the bottom of the screen. Each of those filters does something slightly different on the screen, as you can see.

As a matter of fact, there should be a variety of filters to select from. However, some of them will vanish from time to time. This scenario is identified as a situation where Instagram filters not working. That is what we are attempting to correct here.

What to Do if Your Instagram Filters Not Working 

The first approach to fixing Instagram filters not working is to clear out the junk files, which we should all do every now and then. For many of us, cleaning up the phone is the solution to the lost Instagram filters. Some users tend to use their available space smartly between applications, pictures, files, and sharing. Pretty much any devices gather plenty of unwanted data.

You better delete all of the applications you don’t want to use any longer. Also, you can force close all of the apps running in the background and reinstalled Instagram. What’s more, guess what? To test, you can also reboot the device and restart Instagram. Then, the proper number of filters will be loaded and stay there without any trouble.

Getting some free space on the device and closing off running applications will help many users. As a result, Instagram filters will be restored and keep appearing. That happens no matter if it was due to a RAM problem or a storage issue.

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Other Possible Solutions to Try if Your Instagram Filters Not Working 

You’ll probably feel a bit better once you’ve taken out the garbage and cleaned up those unwanted files. Once they are removed from the device, they will perform smoother, faster, and solidly.

However, this may not be enough to resolve the Instagram problem. You can go ahead and try any of these general app solutions if your available RAM is sufficient. And, you can try these solutions if the downloads folder is clean.

Basically, these solutions should be tried if you have no clue what’s causing such filters to vanish. Perhaps, one of these solutions might work.

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Perform a Restart on the Instagram

It’s always a good choice to restart the app. If you’re using an iPhone, just shutting it down and launching on is sufficient. However, to achieve the full effect on Android, go to the “Settings” first and reach “Apps“.

After that, Force Stop the app labeled Instagram. This will completely restart the program. And, it will be able to repair any problems that you may not have detected.

Once you have done that, the “Instagram filters not working” error should be gone, and that’s easy. In fact, this method can be tried on any app that malfunctions.

So, keep this solution in mind when an app gives you trouble, and you need to fix it.

Force Stop Instagram

Restart the Faulty Device

The process of “turning a device off and switching on again” has some validity. This specific method is applicable to any device. So, regardless of the device’s model and brand, you should try this method.

As per this method, you can try resetting your phone if reloading the app doesn’t work. This specific app will free up RAM and delete some cache as well to get more space. Also, it will force your device’s operating system to restart the app.

As a matter of fact, this method fixes a large range of errors pertaining to your device. So, we hope and pray that it may be able to solve this one as well.

Once you have done that, the “Instagram filters not working” error might be gone, hopefully.

Restart Phone to fix Instagram Filters Not Working

Clean up the Cache of the App

When your app’s cache builds up, that can lead to various errors. In some cases, the cache files can crash, and that can lead to many issues on your device.

In fact, this is not related to Instagram only. Buildup cache is a major culprit behind many of those errors you find in mobile devices. So, if a particular app like Instagram doesn’t work, you can clean its cache and see if it works.

Mentioned below is how to clean up the cache if your Instagram filters not working.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” option and choose “Apps“.
  • After that, you can select the option called “Instagram” (that’s the app’s name). Then, choose the option “Storage“.
  • You can then select the option called “Clear Cache“.
Clean Instagram Cache

After performing the above steps, you will be able to launch Instagram once again. If everything goes well and the error is related to cache, it will be gone now. That means you will be able to enjoy those filters on Instagram once again after this process.

Update Your Instagram App

If something isn’t functioning properly, it’s always useful to check for updates. Feature updates are sometimes made on the server and not on the app, resulting in problems like these. It is true that it is more of an uncommon occurrence.

However, it’s worth checking since keeping your applications up to date is a must-do chore in any case.

update Instagram

Select Instagram from the Play Store (if it’s an Android) or the App Store (if it’s an iOS device). After that, update if necessary. If Update All is available, you may also utilize it.

Install the Instagram App Once Again

What if nothing works even if you have tried all of the above methods? Well, you don’t have to fret yet because you can try this one last solution. As per this solution, you should uninstall the Instagram app and get it reinstalled once again.

Reinstall Instagram app to fix Instagram Filters Not Working

In most cases, this is considered to be the last resort you can go for. However, you can try this method if none of the filters appear after all the solutions before. After all, we all know how to uninstall an app and reinstall it, don’t we?

Anyway, you should tap and hold on to the app icon and choose to delete it from the menu. That will uninstall it. After that, go to your App Store and download the Instagram app. When you reinstall an app, the latest version of it will be installed with no errors. Once again, this is true for any app installed in your system.

If you are yet to succeed with this method, you are supposed to wait for a while. Just check your device after a couple of hours or so. If not, you can switch to a different Wi-Fi network and see if it works.

Also, if you are using Wi-Fi, you can switch to a mobile network and check what happens. On the other hand, you can switch from a Wi-Fi network to mobile data as well.

Please note that you should create a backup of all the images before reinstalling Instagram. Keep that in mind if you want to fix the “Instagram filters not working” error.

So, those are the solutions you can try if your Instagram filters not working. Do you have any other doubts pertaining to this matter? If so, you may go ahead and ask our experts.



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