Different ID3 Music Tag Editor Available for Free

An ID3 tag is a container of metadata, which is commonly used for storing information related to mp3 files. id3 music tag editor consists of all the important details like the name of the audio file, track number, album, artist, genre, and title of the track which are rooted in the audio file. The details which are saved in the id3 tags of the files containing audio can be edited or deleted completely.

For fulfilling such a purpose, you can make use of a tagger or software that performs tag editing. In order to edit the id3 format of audio files, you need an ID3 music tag editor or MP4 ID3 tag editor. The basic purpose of using these editors is to sort as well as scrutinize the details, which are embedded in the files of multimedia. You can efficiently organize your library of music by downloading various taggers available on the web. These tag editors come in paid as well as free versions. Mentioned below are some of the music tag editors that are available for free.

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Part 1: Free ID3 music tag editor

This id3 tag editor is available for free. This application can be utilized for commercial as well as personal purposes. This editor of audios is compatible with two different versions of id3 that is ID3V2 and ID3V1. Additionally, through the use of this application, you can skip to the specific areas where the information is embedded. This software of ID3 music tag editor enables you to make changes in the metadata, which is entrenched in the multimedia file of ID3 format. Hence, this software allows you to rename and edit the tags of ID3 easily and efficiently.

id3 tag editor

Features of free ID3 music tag editor

  • Enables you to insert your personal comments in the multimedia files.
  • Offers an integrated slideshow of titles as well as images at the time of audio playback.
  • Compatible with cover pictures, which are embedded.
  • Compatible with the up to date ID3 version.
  • Offers support to 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Windows Vista.
  • It supports Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.
  • This id3 music tag editor has a processor of 500 MHz.
  • Additionally, it has minimum RAM of 256 MB.
  • Recommended space is 512 MB or more.

Advantages of the ID3 tag editor

  • This software is available for free, and it does not involve any spyware or ads in it.
  • This software is user-friendly, and it enables you to change the name of the tags in a simple as well as smooth manner.
  • It is intuitive.
  • Allows you to have a look at the details in the form of a slide show at the time of playback.

Disadvantages of the ID3 tag editor

  • It does not allow you to edit multiple files at once.

Part 2: TagIT editor of ID3

ID3-TagIT is another tagger that can be used for editing and rename metadata of ID3 tags in mp3 format. This software performs the same functions as free ID3 music tag editor that is sorting and scrutinizing information which is imparted in ID3 format. In addition to it, this software enables you to change the ID3 tags of several files at once which are also called editing in batches. Plus, it becomes really convenient to organize the files in folders using this application. This software is only compatible with the Windows operating system.


Advantages of TagIT editor of ID3

  • This software can perform batch editing as well as single file editing.
  • Additionally, it is compatible with ID3V1 and ID3V2 versions.
  • It has a very easy to use interface that does not have any unnecessary toolbars.
  • Editing can be done very quickly and easily by using this software.
  • Moreover, this program is intuitive and user-friendly at the same time.
  • This application can take care of several genres and comments by using its ID3V2 tags.

Disadvantages of TagIT editor of ID3

The biggest negative point about this software is that it cannot be developed any further. Further enhancement of this software is not possible. Therefore, its updated versions are not available in the market.

Part 3: ID3 tag editor-Stamp

The size of Stamp ID3 Tag Editor file is 582kb, and the latest version available is 2.39. This tagger or tag editor enables you to delete, edit or change the name of the metadata, which is entrenched in the multimedia files. This kind of metadata is generally saved in ID3 format. This id3 music tag editor allows you to change the data such as year, track number, album, artist, title, comments, and genre of a file containing audio that aids you in managing music library properly.

Stamp ID3 Tag Editor

Advantages of ID3 tag editor-Stamp

  • It allows you to edit the metadata details which are saved in WAV and MP3 formats and every other format of audio files, which support ID3 tags.
  • Enables you to edit multiple files together.
  • It also allows you to hear the audio files prior to making changes in it.
  • Moreover, you are allowed to insert comments in the music files.

Disadvantages of ID3 tag editor-Stamp

  • .WAV file metadata editing support is very limited.
  • You cannot add spaces in the middle of the words. Tapping spacebar plays the song, which is selected rather than adding spaces.
  • It has add-ons, which are not necessary.
  • It doesn’t enable you to create your own category or genre. You are forced to select only those options which are provided by the software only.

Part 4: MP3Tag – Editor of MP3 Tag

The mp3tag is also a free application, which has a user-friendly Windows interface. This software can be utilized for editing ID3 tags that include the artist, song title, name of the album, track number, releasing year. The basic tags are present in the front panel, which can be customized. This id3 music tag editor supports database lookups online. Moreover, you can add several images at once for your album. It supports Windows operating system.


Advantages of Editor of MP3 Tag

  • It offers support to many formats like ID3V2.4, ID3V2.3, ID3V1, WMA, iTunes mp4 tags.
  • It has an automated feature of rename, which changes the name of the audio file on the basis of the tag details.
  • Allows you to perform editing in batches.
  • You can also edit cover images using this amazing software.
  • Also, this id3 music tag editor offers complete support of Unicode.

Disadvantages of Editor of MP3 Tag

  • It does not have a portable version.
  • The column of lyrics that is there in the form of the panel allows you to write maximum six lines.

Part 5: Tigo Tago editor

Tigo tago editor is an ID3 music tag editor based on the spreadsheet. Moreover, it allows you to edit several files concurrently that too in an efficient manner. The feature of batch editing allows you to change the tags and name of several files in one go. Tigo Tago editor offers support to basic as well as extended tags. It is compatible with Windows7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating system.


Advantages of Tigo Tago editor

  • Backs up database lookups that are available online on discogs.com or freedb.org.
  • It offers proxy authorization along with HTTP connection.
  • It also has a forum which is user-friendly and offers help through multiple screenshots and descriptive answers.
  • You can also view all the changes prior to saving them.

Disadvantages of Tigo Tago editor

  • It permits you to search database online through 2 sites only.
  • It does not have interfaces and traditional menus like other applications of Windows.
  • Its portable version has not been released until this date.

Part 6: TidyMyMusic ID3 tag editor

You can release your big music collections using this powerful as well as a smart tag editor. It enables you to modify or add album artworks, ID3 tags for your song collection with the media database of Gracenote and erases duplicates from the library of music.

  • This tag editor is used for correcting ID3 tags for artists, song title, and many more things, which were missing or wrong.
  • You can add the name of the album, genre, artist, and other things to the songs, which do not have ID3 tags.
  • It can process around 1000 media files at once.
  • Additionally, this id3 music tag editor performs the function of fixing ID3 tags in the music library as well as in iTunes.
  • Also, this tag editor performs the function of editing music albums and finding missing albums in the group.
  • It replaces the incorrect album artworks on its own.
  • Additionally, it adds album covers in the songs, which do not have any covers, recordings, or CDs.

Removes the duplicates from the music library or iTunes

Duplicated files of M4V OR mp3 cover a lot of space on your hard drive, but if you remove these duplicate files one by one, then it can consume a lot of time. This software is designed in such a manner that it can locate the duplicate songs and remove them in batches according to your requirements.

Additional features of TidyMyMusic music tag editor

  • It performs the function of a music player as well. You can listen to the songs on this player by selecting them randomly from the music player.
  • Its media database of Gracenote has a high level of accuracy.
  • The software is customized, which means that if you are not happy with the ID3 details, then you can edit yourself again manually.
  • By using this software, you can manually edit the audio tags.
  • Additionally, you can use the automatic mode with massive song database in a single click.

Steps to follow in order to fix Album covers and ID3 tags

Step 1: Import the song library

Go to the option of plus for importing the files in a group from music library or iTunes.


Step 2: Fix music using mislabeled or missing details

This ID3 music tag editor will scan all the files of music after importing them. After that, you are required to click on the option “Auto Fix” for fixing the files of music.

Step 3: Confirm and then make the changes applicable

Go to the option of “apply all” for fixing the tracks identified at once and then go to the button of finish for the completion of the procedure.

id3 music tag editor via TidyMyMusic

So, these were the different id3 music tag editor that you can use for making changes in your audio files. All software are unique in their own way, and there are some that enable you to do editing in batches, but the best one is TidyMyMusic music tag editor. If you would like to remove ID3 tags with ease, here are some best ID3 tag removers for you.