iCloud Unlock Free – Is It Really Possible?

“Is there a way to do an iCloud unlock free? I am an iPhone user, and I am locked out of my iCloud account for several days now. Actually, I bought it as a used iPhone. The seller promised me that everything would be fine though it is a used phone. However, things have gone wrong for me for some reason, and I am unable to get through this situation. Is there anyone who can help me?”

The above is a question asked by a frustrated iPhone user who is locked out of her iCloud account. If you have faced the same issue due to some reason, you might wonder how to overcome it. In fact, most of the users want to know how to do an iCloud unlock free. However, many individuals wonder if that is really possible. Meaning, they wonder if it is really possible to unlock an iCloud account for free. Also, many of the iOS users doubt the reliability of the iCloud account unlocking process. With that said, we are going to reveal the truth behind this process. So, keep reading if you want to know it.

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iCloud unlock free: is it possible to trust such a process?

If you perform a search with the phrase ‘iCloud unlock free,’ you will see plenty of websites offer information. Most of these sites claim that they can bypass any iCloud account password for free. However, despite what they claim, it is exceptionally important to be careful about those websites. In other words, not all those websites tell you the truth. Most of these websites actually do absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, some of those websites can even do more harm than good.

So, when you choose a method to unlock your iCloud account, it is important to do plenty of research. Otherwise, you might end up with a catastrophic situation (such as getting your iPhone bricked or exposing your identity). In a nutshell, it is much better if you can stay away from such unreliable ways.

Apple introduced features like iCloud Lock and Find My iPhone to assure the security of iPhone users. Ever since those features were introduced, most of the iCloud password removal tools got updated. They added new tools and claimed that they could bypass all those newly introduced security features as well. However, you should remember that the majority of those websites are just scams that don’t return any service. All they need is for you to download their “free tool” on your device and install it.

Once the software gets established on your device, it will start to collect your personal information. That information will be used for various other purposes thereafter. In simplest terms, you will be hacked by those tools. What you must remember is that these free iCloud removal tools are only a set of malicious codes. Therefore, you must be very smart to stay away from such annoyances.

As a modern-day consumer, you must be able to realize that everything comes with a price. Or, you get what you pay for. So, if you get something for free, there is a high possibility for it to be a scam. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to stay away from such too-good-to-be-true options.

So, what is the way to get your iCloud unlocked for free?

If truth to be told, there is only one way to get the iCloud unlocked for free. That is by contacting the previous owner of the respective device. You can ask the previous user for the password and then apply it to unlock the iCloud account.

Once you are locked out of the iCloud account, you will see the lock screen of iCloud activation. You will have to provide the Apple ID and its password to get through this lock screen. If you have purchased a used iPhone and you can contact the previous owner, do it. Just ask him or her for the iCloud removal password and do the needful. Such an approach is totally risk-free, and also it doesn’t cost you anything at all. If the respective owner is ready to help you, the following are the steps to follow to disable the iCloud lock. Please note that these steps should be performed by the previous user. Also, here is How to Remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock Without Previous Owner.

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Steps to disable the iCloud lock in iCloud.com

  • First of all, the user should sign in to iCloud.com using the original Apple ID. Then, he or she should go to the option called ‘Find iPhone.’
Fine My iPhone
  • The user should then choose the option called ‘All Devices.’ This option is located towards the top of the screen.
  • She or he should then choose the iOS device you intend to delete from the iCloud account.
  • As the final step of the process, the user should click on the option called ‘Remove from Account.’
remove icloud account
  • After the previous owner deletes the iOS device from the iCloud account, switch off the respective device. Give it a couple of seconds and switch on the device once again. You can now configure your iPhone with your iCloud account using a new Apple ID.

That’s it. Basically, this method is totally reliable and trustworthy. This process doesn’t involve installing any third-party tools or paying anything. However, the biggest downside of it is that it needs you to contact the previous owner.

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What is the top way to get rid of the iCloud account from your iPhone?

The above process works only if you have a way to contact the previous owner. Or, it works if you know the previously used iCloud account’s password. If none of those options are available, how to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone? In fact, there is a way to do that, but it is not for free. However, this method is totally reliable and very affordable, considering the service it offers. If you don’t have the password of the existing iCloud account, the best tool to use iMyFone LockWiper, with this powerful and super-convenient software, you will be able to unlock any iCloud account. Even if you don’t have the password of a respective iCloud account, it lets you remove it. The interface of this software is so convenient, and even a novice can use it. Also, you don’t have to spend hours learning how to use this software.

Features of iMyFone LockWiper

Here is a list of features associated with iMyFone LockWiper.

  • This software allows you to remove any Apple ID from your iOS device in a very quick time.
  • It works even if the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature of the respective iPhone is turned on.
  • LockWiper can erase the iCloud account or Apple ID from any iOS device when the passcode is unavailable.
  • Once the iCloud account is removed, you can either use a different ID or create a new one.
  • Once unlocked, the device will remain unlocked, and it will not experience any issues related to lock removal.
  • It is powerful enough to remove any type of lock screen that are used. For instance, it can remove the passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, etc.

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How to remove an iCloud account from a device using iMyFone LockWiper

  • As the first step, you should connect the iOS device to your computer. Please make sure that you use a genuine USB cable. Now, launch iMyFone LockWiper. You should trust the connection when such an option is prompted.
  • Now, you should choose the option called ‘Unlock Apple ID‘ from the home screen.
iMyFone LockWiper
  • You can now choose the option called ‘Start to Unlock‘ and move to the next step.
iCloud Unlock Free
  • Go to ‘General‘ and choose ‘Reset.’ Then, go to ‘Reset All Settings.’ This should be done because the ‘Find My iPhone‘ option is activated on the respective device.
iMyFone LockWiper
  • Now that the process is completed, you should see that the Apple ID is removed from the iPhone. You can now use a new Apple ID on the same device without any issue.
iCloud Unlock Free with iMyFone LockWiper

Please note that iMyFone LockWiper is not a tool to remove the iCloud activation lock. It works perfectly for iCloud account removal, though.

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The Bottom Line

Well, that’s the practical situation behind the process of iCloud unlock free. As you can realize, the only way to do iCloud unlock free is by contacting the previous owner. However, with iMyFone LockWiper (paid software), you can remove an iCloud account even if you don’t have the password.