Set-Up & Configure Hulu Parental Controls Easily

If you have a Hulu subscription, knowing about Hulu parental controls would be handy for you. As you already know, Hulu is a very popular video streaming platform. Those who have a Hulu subscription can see the amount of potentially unfitting content it has.

If you have kids and recently got a Hulu subscription, you must know how to control things. This is exactly when Hulu’s parental controls come to play. This article will assist you in that case – so keep reading.

Why Do You Need to Know About Hulu Parental Controls?

Hulu is famous for its infinite amount of video content. Their massive platform comprises videos of all ranges. In simplest terms, if you have Hulu on a device, there is absolutely no shortage of entertainment.

However, the problem is that their massive collection contains inappropriate content, particularly for kids. As you may already know, not all entertainment content is appropriate for your kids. There is no shortage of shows that are based on nudity, drug abuse, gambling, sex, inappropriate language, violence, etc.

So, as a concerned parent, you are supposed to monitor what your kids see over Hulu. It is your responsibility to keep those inappropriate videos away from your kids all the time. If not, those videos can disturb their minds and keep them from engaging in studies.

Considering all these aspects, we strongly suggest you take Hulu parental controls very seriously. If you have not configured it so far, you can set it up using the following steps.

How to Configure Hulu Parental Controls Using Settings?

For those who have not configured Hulu parental controls yet, use the below-mentioned steps to get it done. You don’t need to worry because this process is very simple.

What you should do is to follow the steps. Once you have done that, your kids will have no access to inappropriate content on Hulu.

  • To start the process, you should launch the Hulu app on your tablet or phone. Then, you can click on the user profile and tap on the profile name.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • Then, you should tap on the option called ‘Account.’ This option can be found at the bottom of the screen.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • After you have done that, you will see the respective menu expands, showing all the options. Just tap on the option called ‘Account.’
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • Now you will see the options related to creating a new profile. To create a new profile, you should tap the option labeled ‘New Profile.’
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • You should provide a name to the profile you are going to create. If you create a profile for the child, it is better to name it after him or her. If not, just provide a name your child loves so he or she will recognize it easily.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • You should click on the option called ‘Kids’ now. After clicking on that choice, the profile will get activated. Once the activation is completed, you will see that it has content that is friendly to your kid.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • You should click on the option ‘Create a Profile.’ This option is available at the bottom of the interface. Then, you will be able to create a profile that doesn’t have any inappropriate content. You will see a list of patterns now.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings
  • At this stage, you should click on the created profile and start watching the videos. Whenever you open this profile, Hulu will omit potentially inappropriate (R-rated) materials.
How to configure Hulu parental controls using settings

So, that’s how to create a kid-friendly account in Hulu.

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What if Hulu Parental Controls Aren’t Working As Expected?

In certain cases, Hulu parental controls may not work as parents expect. Even if it works, kids are smart enough to find a way to bypass the controls. They can simply Google and find a way to bypass the controls and watch content as they wish.

So, as a smart parent, you must know an advanced way to address this issue. This is exactly when FamiSafe – a powerful Hulu parental controls tool – comes to play. In this section of our article, we will explain how to use FamiSafe and protect your kids.


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What Are the Most Important Features of Famisafe?

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with the professional Hulu parental controls – FamiSafe.

● Detection of Suspicious Texts

You can configure FamiSafe to identify specific words that might be inappropriate or suspicious. FamiSafe will scan the incoming messages and check if those specific words are included in those messages. If they do, FamiSafe will send a notification immediately.


● Identification of Locations

FamiSafe has the ability to identify the exact location of the device to perform the Hulu parental controls. That means when your child carries the device, you can track his or her location in real-time.

This is a great precautionary method to protect your child from entering dangerous or inappropriate locations. As soon as they enter an inappropriate or unsafe location, you can talk to them and advise them.


● Detection of App Usage

FamiSafe will allow you to track the app usage of the target device your child is using for Hulu parental controls. This is a great way to learn what apps your kids are using and the time they spend. You can use this information to track the overall screen time of the kid and take future actions.


● Filtering of Web Content

FamiSafe has a special feature to filter the websites that are accessed through the target device. It can also be used to block potentially harmful, inappropriate websites too.

For instance, you can block websites with gambling, porn, violence, and other inappropriate content to perform the Hulu parental controls.


● Screen Time

You can use it to check the screen time of the target device. This is a handy way to learn if your kid is using the device too much. If you are concerned about the studies of your kid, this is a great feature.


What Can FamiSafe Do to Protect Your Kids?

In this part, we will explain how you can use FamiSafe to protect your kids remotely. With the assistance of this Hulu parental controls software, you can live peacefully because it monitors your child from a distance.

Even if you live on the other end of the world, FamiSafe lets you watch your child closely. Mentioned below are the most notable features that can help protect your child.

● App Usage Monitoring

App usage monitoring is one of the most beneficial features associated with the FamiSafe parental controlling tool. With this feature, you can track the usage of all the apps installed on your device.

In many cases, kids tend to use their phones for pretty long and even get addicted easily. This will be an immense disturbance to their studies and well-being.

So, as a responsible parent, you should find an effective way to track the app usage of the kids. FamiSafe becomes very handy in this case.

The best thing is that you don’t want to check the kid’s phone always to monitor the app usage. Instead, this app – FamiSafe will provide you with a complete log of the app-related activities.

● Block App

The ability to block apps is another important Hulu parental controls feature. This feature prevents your kids from using unwanted apps. For instance, apps related to porn, games with explicit and violent content, gambling, etc. shouldn’t be used by kids.

But kids are pretty curious about those apps, and they tend to use them out of curiosity. So, as a parent, you must be smart enough to block those apps on your kid’s phone. FamiSafe is a very effective solution to that.

● Website Filtering

A parenting control process is not complete if it doesn’t have a web filtering feature. Thankfully, FamiSafe comes with an excellent website filtering ability.

This feature can prevent users from accessing explicit content such as pornography, nudity, gambling, violence, etc. Basically, it can prevent your kid from accessing anything you don’t want them to see.

How to Block Materials on Hulu?

Now, we will explain how to perform Hulu parental controls and how to block a particular content on Hulu. Well, the process is very simple, and it is easy to follow.

  • As the first step, you should go to the official website of Hulu. Then, you can log into your account. After entering the credentials, you can see your name, clicking on which will take you to your profile.
  • After that, you can move the mouse pointer over your name. Then, you can see a menu, and it is located on the right-hand side of your page.
  • Next, you can click on the option called ‘Add Profile.’ After clicking on this option, you can see a popup.
  • You can type a name for the new profile. It is better to type the name of your child so that he will remember it. If not, you can choose a nickname or any other appropriate name.
  • Make sure that you click on the option called ‘Kids’ on the fifth step. After clicking on that, the option will be activated. The icon should turn green in this case.
  • Now, we are just about to perform the most important step. In this case, you should create a profile. When you create a profile now, that will be created as a kid-friendly account. Only kid-friendly content will be displayed there. You don’t have to worry about any adult content there because they are filtered.
  • You can switch the profile now. Do you want to go to the Kid’s profile, which you have created just now? If so, you should hover the mouse over the name of your profile name. The right top corner of your screen will display the name. You can click on the other profile name at this stage. If you search content on the new profile, R-Rated materials will be eliminated for good. If you switch to the other profile (your profile), you can search for any content as you wish.


So, those steps will guide you to block inappropriate material on a Hulu account. However, kids today can find a way out of Hulu parental controls and browse for inappropriate content.

In that case, you can make use of a third-party, professional parental control app like FamiSafe. It can prevent your kid from various threats, and blocking inappropriate content is just a single feature.

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