How to Record Wii U Gameplay Effortlessly

So, how to record Wii U gameplay? Here, Wii U is a video game console for homes, which is designed by Nintendo in 2012. It is a descendant of the Wii. Also, it became the first 8th generation game console. It often competes with Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4.

Not just that, Wii U is also the first game console from Nintendo that supports HD graphics. Many gamers like playing games with Wii U due to its HD-quality visuals and basic game rules. With such features, users love to play Wii U, particularly when they are with their friends or siblings.

In fact, gamers like to record their gameplay on this console at times. This is because they like to share it with their friends or on their social media accounts. Usually, there are commonly two methods if you are wondering about how to record Wii U gameplay. Firstly, you can do it using capture cards, or secondly, using third-party applications. Having said that, let’s begin with how to record Wii U gameplay and other aspects related to it!

Part 1: How to Record Wii U Gameplay Using a Capture Card

Another amazing method on how to record Wii U gameplay is through a capture card. As Wii U does not feature an in-built game recording feature, it is quite complicated to record games. However, there is also a way to capture your gameplay using a capture card. Before you do that, prepare the Wii U game console, HDMI cables, and also a capture card.

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Steps on how to record Wii U gameplay using a capture card:

Now, find below some simple steps on recording the Wii U gameplay using a capture card.

Step 1: Make a connection between your computer and the game console.

Firstly, users need to insert the HDMI cable into the game console. Then, connect the IN port to the capture card. After that, insert the other port to the OUT HDMI port side of your PC or laptop. Then, connect the IN HDMI port to the system.

Step 2: Start recording your game.

After setting up everything, users need to switch on the game console. Now, connect the same to your system. After that, set-up the settings for TV resolution and ensure to select ‘HDTV‘ or ‘EDTV‘ for good resolution.

Once done, open the capture card on the system. Now, play a Wii U game that you like to record. Automatically, your capture card will start recording it.

Step 3: Preview your recorded video.

Once the recording is over, your gameplay will be saved on the computer automatically. Choose a file folder on the system for saving the recorded video. After that, right-tap on the filename and tap on ‘Open‘ for previewing your video.  

How to Record Wii U Gameplay Using a Capture Card

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Part 2: Different Methods on How to Record Wii U Gameplay Without Using a Capture Card

So, it is possible to record your gameplay without even using a capture card. There are various ways to record your Wii U gameplay in this way. So, in this section, learn about different ways on how to record Wii U gameplay without using a capture card.

Method 1: Use Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium

Here, you will get to know how to record Wii U gameplay without a capture card. In place of it, you can use Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. This application is a powerful screen recorder. Using it, users can record Wii U gameplay within a few taps. Due to its user-friendly, simple interface, users can record the gameplay of Wii U easily.

Plus, users can even add annotations when they record, such as shapes or lines. Besides that, they can even employ this application for recording other live videos from various streaming websites like YouTube. Plus, they can record online lectures effortlessly for viewing them offline.

Meanwhile, the tool comes with an audio recording feature. With this, users can record music or songs if they like to. Now, follow the steps below to record Wii U gameplay.

Steps on how to record Wii U gameplay:

Step 1: Launch the program

In the first place, users require setting up the program on their systems for using it. This tool can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows PC, based on the operating system. Install the application by following the wizard and access the tool.

Acethinker Screen Grabber
Step 2: Tap on ‘Recording’

For better recording, this tool allows users to customize some settings. To do so, click on the triple-line present on the right side. From there, tap on ‘Preferences‘ for viewing the program settings. Now, choose the panel of ‘Recording‘ and make changes as per your choice. Once done, tap ‘OK‘ to save all the modifications.

Step 3: Begin recording

Now, connect your console to the system for accessing Wii U. Once connected, launch the gaming option that you like to record. Under the Screen Grabber’s main interface, select the tab ‘Video Recorder.’ For recording better, turn on the ‘System Sound‘ and ‘Microphone.’ After setting up everything, press ‘Rec‘ to begin recording your gameplay.

how to record Wii U GamePlay with Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium
Step 4: End your recording.

So, this is how to record Wii U gameplay using this program. To end the recording, users need to click on ‘Stop‘ from the taskbar. Now, a pop-up window may appear featuring your recorded video. Tap on ‘Save‘ present on the right to save your recording.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Play’

After that, tap on the terminus folder on the system and select the recorded gameplay. Now, right-tap on the file and select ‘Play‘ for previewing the video. Or else, users can access the tool’s history to check all the videos recorded.

Method 2: Use Wondershare DemoCreator

Use Wondershare DemoCreator if you are still wondering about how to record Wii U gameplay. Here, you will require a laptop or PC for recording. In the first place, users need to install this recording tool on their computers.

So, download Wondershare DemoCreator on your computer. Now, run the program to get started. Before starting the recording, it is better to configure your settings based on your preferences. When the quality is better, the file will take more space. Remember this point while you configure the settings.

After users have configured the settings, they can start playing the game. Use the hotkey for starting and stopping recording whenever you have to. If your recording starts early, it is possible to edit the video later to take out the bits you do not want.

Unique Features of Wondershare DemoCreator:

  • This tool records Wii U gameplay without a capture card.
  • Using this program, users can add annotations for enriching the recording.
  • DemoCreator shakes off the restrictions of a capture card.
  • The program is easy to operate, even for novices.
How to Record Wii U Gameplay  with DemoCreator

Method 3: Use EaseUS RecExperts for Windows

So, if you do not have the capture card, it is better to choose an effective screen recorder for recording the gameplay. You can go with EaseUS RecExperts to carry out this task. This is a game recording program, which helps you with how to record Wii U gameplay.

When you have to record gameplay, it does not matter what video console you use with EaseUS RecExperts. This amazing screen recorder lets you record Wii gameplay by recording the complete screen or even just a section of it.

Also, the program supports recording microphone audio, system sound, or both. When you connect an exterior camera to the system, the tool acts as a reliable webcam recorder. For recording the Wii U gameplay without a capture card, connect your system and game console using a cable.

Once done, users have to open this program and begin playing the Wii game that they like to record. Now, go through the following instructions to record your gameplay.

Steps on how to record Wii U gameplay using EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1: Download EaseUS RecExperts

In the first place, download this screen recording tool. After that, users need to launch the Wii U game that they like to capture. Then, open the recording tool.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Record Game’

After you start playing your game, tap on the tab ‘Record Game‘ for getting in the capturing.

EaseUS RecExperts
Step 3: Choose the ‘Rec’ tab

Choose the terminus folder and tap on ‘REC‘ for starting the recording. Once started, users can select to stop or pause the recording throughout the game.

EaseUS RecExperts
Step 4: Save or Upload

Once you have saved your recorded video, save it to the local drive. Also, this tool allows you to share the recorded gameplay on Vimeo, YouTube, cloud storage, and other social media platforms.

How to Record Wii U Gameplay
with EaseUS RecExperts

So, this is how to record Wii U gameplay on your laptop. The program runs perfectly well on Windows PC or laptops.

Method 4: Use OBS Studio

Now, how to record Wii U gameplay for free? For this, users require a free screen recorder for Wii U. Such a professional tool is OBS Studio. The program was launched to broadcast live gaming. However, you can use this tool to record Wii U gameplay. Plus, it is available for free.

Many screen capture tools enable users to configure their quality settings formerly they begin recording. OBS Studio allows you to do the same. Before recording the gameplay, users have to remember that the file will be larger if the quality will be higher. Ensure that your system has sufficient space for keeping the recorded video.

How to Record Wii U Gameplay Using OBS

Steps on how to record Wii U gameplay with OBS Studio:

  • 1: Firstly, open OBS and then tap on the ‘Settings‘ tab.
  • 2: After that, choose ‘Encoding‘ and type in “1000” into the Max Bitrate column.
  • 3: Now, check the box against ‘Use CBR‘ and set Quality Balance at ten afterward.
  • 4: Next, mark the checkbox against ‘Use Custom Buffer Size‘ and set Buffer Size at 0 afterward.
  • 5: Tap on ‘Broadcast Settings‘ and choose the ‘File Output Only‘ option. This ensures that the screen recorder just records the gameplay to your system.
  • 6: After the tool is successfully configured, you can begin playing the game on Wii U.
  • 7: Once the recording is over, tap on the hotkey to stop it. Now, the recording is going to stop. Your video will be stored on the hard drive. The videos, by default, will show up in the folder ‘Videos‘ in the folder of OBS.

So, these are some ways on how to record Wii U gameplay. As stated above, it can be done in two ways – with or without a capture card. Here, we also suggested different methods to capture your gameplay without a capture card. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and requirements.

However, another simple method to record your game is to record the screen by pointing the camera or mobile phone at the console screen. Here, you need to compromise with the video quality. If you are in search of an effective solution, then using DemoCreator is the best option. Download the tool now!