The Full Guide on How to Hack a Twitter Account

If you wonder how to hack a Twitter account, you can consider this article as a handy guide. Many individuals believe that hacking is only for “coding experts”.

However, any person can become a hacker if he or she has the correct tool and some trickiness. In this article, we explain how to hack a Twitter account using a simplified method.

You may fantasize about how to hack someone’s Twitter account due to various reasons. Monitoring your kids’ or spouses’ Twitter accounts is a way to clear doubts about their online activities. That way, you will be able to monitor if they do something wrongful or unfaithful.

With that being said, let’s see how to hack a Twitter account of someone else.

Method 1. How to Hack a Twitter Account by KidsGuard – the Best Way

If you wonder how to hack a Twitter account, you should find a really powerful tool. More importantly, the tool must let you hack the respective accounts easily (it must be user-friendly). This is exactly why you should end up with a powerful hacking tool like KidsGuard.

With the assistance of KidsGuard, you will be able to hack any Twitter account. Compared to other spy apps in the market, KidsGuard comes with a variety of powerful features. These features can let you monitor text messages, location, call logs, and anything else on the target phone.

Reasons to Select KidsGuard to Hack Twitter

Here are some obvious reasons for you to choose KidsGuard as your hacking tool.

  • KidsGuard can be used to hack a Twitter account &  hack the WhatsApp account of someone else, and hack all the social apps including Wechat and Facebook.
  • It reveals the GPS location of the target device to the hacker (you).
  • It gives you complete access to features like text messages, contact lists, call logs, and many other aspects.
  • KidsGuard functions in stealth mode, so the target user never notices it.
  • KidsGuard can even monitor the browser history of the target device.
  • It comes as a really user-friendly app that is easy to use and easy to install.
  • You can use it to track all the phone-based activities of your kids, employees, and spouse.
  • KidsGuard can keep a track of all the activities related to the apps installed on the target device.
  • It also can monitor daily calendar events.

Steps on How to Hack a Twitter Account Via Kidsguard

01. Signing up

As the first step, you should sign up for an account on KidsGuard. You can download KidsGuard on their website. With this account, you will be able to monitor the activities going on the target devices.

After filling in the target user’s information (like age and name), you should select the OS version of the device.

Sign up KidsGuard

Sign up KidsGuard

02. Setting up KidsGuard on Android and iOS Devices

If you wonder how to hack a Twitter account using KidsGuard, you should set it up properly. This process will differ depending on the type of device.

For iOS Devices

You should provide the iCloud login details of the target device on the next screen. Then, you should make sure that the iCloud backup is switched on. Once you have completed these two tasks, KidsGuard will be able to monitor the target device’s activities.

More importantly, you don’t need to jailbreak the target device to install KidsGuard on the target device.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS to hack twitter account
For Android Devices

If you wonder how to hack a Twitter account used on an Android device, here’s the method. In this case, you will have to access the target Android device physically and go to the Settings menu; Then, you should go to the Security option and accept apps from “unknown sources“. You should then press “OK” when prompted.

Unknown Sources

You can then visit on the target Android device and “Download” the software on the same device. When installing the app, you should grant permission to all the requests. After clicking on the option activate device administrator, KidsGuard will start spying on the target device.

After tapping on the option called “Start Monitoring“, KidsGuard will automatically remove the app icon. When the settings are done, you will be able to monitor or hack the device easily. This process lets you track all the data like messages, call logs, location, messaging apps, etc.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

03. Start Monitoring

Once you have completed the setup and configured it, you can start monitoring the target device. You can now monitor the target device’s messages, call logs, contacts, messaging apps, etc. It also consists of a search option to find a message quicker.

KidsGuard Pro

In addition to the above features, KidsGuard comes with a very powerful and handy tool called keylogger. With this keylogger option, you will be able to track all the passwords typed and other confidential data.

In this case, you will be able to monitor even the Twitter password of the device. To access the keylogger, you should click on “Keylogger” on the dashboard which you have visited through a web browser.

How to Hack a Twitter Account with KidsGuard Pro

The impressive features of KidsGuard help you to spy on both iOS and Android devices. You can use this tool to monitor your kids, spouse, and even the employees if necessary. With all these features, hacking someone’s Twitter account is a piece of cake.

Try KidsGuard

Method 2. How to Hack Someone’s Twitter Account Online

Hacking Twitter can be done through online methods as well. In this section, we will explain how to hack a Twitter account using two online options.

Option #01:

First, you should visit the website

Now, you will see a URL option on the website. You should enter the target Twitter account’s URL in this space.

Now, you can choose whether you need to hack the email account of the password of the target.

After deciding on the option, you should press “Continue“.

how to hack a twitter account with

Once the verification is completed, you will get the target’s account details (within a couple of minutes).

Option #02:

Just like with the previous option, you should visit a website. But, this time the website is

Now, you should enter the target account’s URL in the given field.

Now, use the option called “Hack Account“.

Once this is done, you should see that this tool starts to fetch the data.

At the completion of this process, you will be able to see the password in a file named password.txt. To unlock this file, however, you will have to do some surveys.

how to hack a twitter account with

Method 3. How to Hack a Twitter Account through an App

Although hacking sounds are pretty complicated and difficult, it is a pretty easy task. Thanks to the advanced applications found on the internet, hacking a Twitter account is pretty simple. Even a novice user can hack into someone’s Twitter account easily.

Twitter Hacker Pro is such an app that can hack into any Twitter account within a couple of minutes. Now, in this section, let’s see how to hack a Twitter account using Twitter Hacker Pro.

Step-by-step Guide to Hack Someone’s Twitter Using Twitter Hacker Pro

As the obvious first step, you should download and install the app (Twitter Hacker Pro).

How to hack a Twitter account through Twitter Hacker Pro

Now, you should follow the onscreen instructions.

Now, you should enter the details of the Twitter account of the target (your kid, spouse, or employee).

how to hack a twitter account with Twitter Hacker PRO

Wait for a couple of seconds so the tool will start to fetch all the data related to the Twitter account.

At the completion of this process, you will get the Twitter password. In fact, this can be one of the easiest ways to hack someone’s Twitter account of someone else.

Bonus: Protecting Twitter Account from Hackers

Now you can see that your Twitter account is under some threat because of the hacking tools. Therefore, it is very important to know how to protect your Twitter account from potential hacking attempts. In this section of the article, we explain some security measures to take as a Twitter user.

Never Use a Weak Password

One of the biggest mistakes people do is using a weak password on their Twitter accounts. Be sure that you don’t make the same mistake. Instead, you should use a solid password that comprises digits, and characters (uppercase and lowercase). Be sure that you don’t share your password with friends.

Make Use of the 2-Step Verification

With Twitter, you should use 2-step verification. Such an approach makes you get a verification code on your mobile whenever you log in. Without the correct code, you cannot log in.

Stay Away from Third-party Apps As Much As Possible

It is always better to stay away from potentially harmful websites and apps that ask for your Twitter details. Some of the websites may deploy phishing attacks on your Twitter account.

Now that you are aware of how to hack a Twitter account, you should try them at your convenience.

However, we strongly suggest you stay away from unwanted hacking attempts and disturb others’ privacy. Instead, you should use these methods for the greater good.


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