How to Get Text Messages on Mac With Ease

Do you have any idea that you can receive and send text messages on Mac? If no, have you ever thought how easy and convenient it could be if you could reply or send text messages from the Mac? This interesting feature was available for some time. Most people enjoy this functionality. But, this feature is not available now. If you enjoyed this feature, then keep on reading this article.

So, here we have come up with some ways to help you with ‘how to get text messages on Mac.’ To be specific, we are going to discuss two different methods that will help you on ‘how to get text messages on Mac.’ So, let’s get started with our article without further ado.

Part 1: How to get text messages on Mac via Messages

In order to receive a text message on your system from a non-iOS device, you can follow some simple steps for turning on the message forwarding option on your iOS device. One can even go through these instructions if iMessage is not available due to some reasons. So, let’s begin with steps that will assist you with ‘how to get text messages on Mac.’

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Steps on ‘how to get text messages on Mac’:

If you like to receive text messages on your Mac, then you need to follow some instructions. These steps are quite easy to perform, have a look at them below.

Step 1: Tap on ‘Messages’

In the first place, you have to open ‘Settings‘ on your iOS device. After that, you need to click on the tab ‘Messages.’

Step 2: Select the option ‘Text Message Forwarding.’

Next, you need to choose the option ‘Text Message Forwarding.’

Step 3: Enable this feature

So as to enable this forwarding feature, you have to switch on the toggle present next to the system. If you have signed into Messages on the system and the feature of text forwarding has been enabled on your iOS device, you will definitely get text messages on the system.

How to Get Text Messages on Mac
with messages on iphone

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Part 2: How to get text messages on Mac

Before you move further with ‘how to get text messages on Mac,’ you have to make sure that you have signed in using the Apple ID on the application ‘Messages’ on the system. To receive and send iMessages or text messages on Mac, you need to check this out. For this, you can follow the instructions on ‘how to get text messages on Mac’ right below!

Steps on get text messages on Mac:

To deal with ‘how to get text messages on Mac’, go through the instructions listed as follows:

Step 1: Open iMessages

Initially, you need to open the application ‘Messages‘ on your system. If you are opening it for the first time, you will be asked to sign in using the Apple ID. If that’s not the case, you can simply tap on the tab ‘Messages‘ present on the menu.

log in imessage onmac

Step 2: Put in the Apple ID

After that, you need to tap on the tab ‘Preferences‘ and then choose ‘Accounts.’ From there, select the option ‘iMessage.’ Once there, enter the Apple ID and its password.

imessage settings onmac

Step 3: Get messages

Once you have successfully signed in, you can see all the details such as emails and phone numbers that you can reach. Also, you can start new conversations and number from here.

How to Get Text Messages on Mac
with imessage on mac

The default phone number will be yours, where you can start new conversations. Users can modify their contact number by tapping on that number and enter the new one.

Part 3. How to selectively save iMessages/text messages to Mac from iPhone

In case you are looking for a way to save your messages to Mac from your iOS device, then iMyFone iTransor is the ideal solution for you. It helps you in performing this irritating task effortlessly. The tool is quite outstanding as it comprises the following special features:

Unique characteristics of iMyFone iTransor:

  • iTransor enables users to save messages only, which is not possible with iCloud and iTunes.
  • The application saves over 18 kinds of data to PC/Mac from an iPhone. For instance, one can even save data of WhatsApp to Mac using it.
  • It assists you in transferring contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat, contacts from one iPhone to the other.
  • iMyFone iTransor backs up your device as per your requirement and that too for free.
  • The application works well with the recent iOS model, iPhone X, and other older models.

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Steps on ‘how to save iMessages/text messages selectively to Mac from iPhone’:

After getting acquainted with some of the special features of iTransor, you need to know how you can save messages using it. With the help of iMyFone iTransor, users can selectively save iMessages to Mac from their iOS device in the following way:

Step 1: Download iMyFone iTransor

Initially, you have to download iMyFone iTransor and install the same on your system. Launch the application and make a connection between your iOS device and the computer.

Step 2: Choose the option ‘Export from Device & Backup’

Next, you need to select the option ‘Export from Device & Backup‘ present on the left side. After that, choose the ‘Export from Device‘ option.

iMyFone iTransor

Step 3: Choose the option ‘Messages’

From the window that comes up, you have to choose ‘Messages‘ as the data type that you like to export. After that, you need to click on ‘Scan‘ for starting the process by the program.

iMyFone iTransor send text messages to mac

Step 4: Tap on the tab ‘Export.’

Once the scanning is done, users can view their data and select what they like to have. Now, you need to tap on ‘Export‘ and then choose a format and location for the kind of data that you like to have on your system.

How to Get Text Messages on Mac
with iTransor

So, you can save the messages selectively on your system from your iOS device in a few simple steps. iMyFone iTransor helps you in saving data of different kinds selectively on your system from the mobile device.

Benefits of using iMyFone iTransor for saving text messages/iMessages

As compared to various other tools, iMyFone iTransor is pretty effective and efficient for saving text messages to Mac from an iOS device. If you like to know about some advantages of performing this task using iMyFone iTransor, then keep on reading.

  • The tool allows you to save the text messages selectively that you require without creating a backup on other devices.
  • iTransor saves iMessages or text messages in diverse formats like .HTML and .XLS.
  • In case users like to print their saved text messages; then these messages arrive with clear timestamps on them. Now, what can be best than that!

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Part 4. How to stop receiving messages on Mac

It is quite useful to get messages on Mac. However, this feature becomes quite annoying when you do not even remember how to enable this feature. So, no matter what the reason is, users can easily disable the feature and stop receiving iMessages on their Mac. In order to do so, go through the instructions listed below.

Steps to stop receiving messages on Mac:

If you like to stop receiving messages on your system, follow some simple steps as:

Step 1: Tap on ‘Messages’

In the first place, you need to run the application ‘Messages‘ on your system.

Step 2: Choose the option ‘Preferences’

Next, you need to tap on the option ‘Messages‘ present at the top. After that, you have to choose the option ‘Preferences‘ from the options listed there.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Sign Out’

Next, the window ‘Accounts‘ will come up on the screen. From there, click on the Apple ID present on the left side and then uncheck the box saying ‘Enable this Account.’ If not that, you can even tap on ‘Sign out.’

By doing so, the feature will get disabled, and you would not receive any messages on your system. If you feel like re-enabling this feature in the future, go through the instructions that we have mentioned above on ‘how to get text messages on Mac.’

To Conclude:

Here, we have discussed some effective ways that will assist you with ‘how to get text messages on Mac.’ So, go through the methods to resolve this problem. On the other hand, if you like to save messages selectively from your iPhone to Mac, then go with iMyFone iTransor. This application is the best tool for performing this task. Moreover, you can even stop receiving iMessages on your system by disabling your account. So, you do not need to worry about ‘how to get text messages on Mac‘ anymore. Watch out for some simple steps and get your messages on Mac now.

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