How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone & Recover Photos from Dead iPhone

A lot of people have been posting their queries on the web regarding how to get photos off broken iPhone for accidents with mobile phones can occur anytime and leave the user with a dead iPhone exhibiting issues like unresponsive screen, power problems, etc. Thus, we took to resolve the issues by discovering two great data recovery tools about which you can learn more by continuing to read.

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iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery tool – The best option to recover photos from dead iPhone

Recovery tasks in devices need to be perfectly carried out as any mistake can cause complete loss of the data. To avoid such a terrible situation, taking the help of professionals in the first place itself can be your best and easiest bet. We strive to bring you the best. Thus we introduce to you the iMyFone D-Back data recovery program that will amaze you with the awesome interface and feature set it possesses.

The greatest thing about this software is that it enables you to recover your lost images in any situation irrespective of the physical condition of your iPhone or whether you have created a backup of your images in cloud storage or not. In the case of no backup available, you can retrieve the images directly from the iOS device, and if you were careful enough to have backed up the images previously, the tool would get you all of them back via iCloud backup or iTunes. The user interface of iMyFone D-Back is also extremely simple and navigable along with simple instructions that can be easily followed to get photos off broken iphone.

Here is the completed iMyFone D-Back review for your reference.

Let’s see the primary features of the tool now:

  • It is perfectly capable of extracting images and other data from iOS devices in multiple ways, even when the device is dead.
  • You get to see a full preview of the data to be recovered so that you can choose what data you want to recover.
  • Not just physical damage, but the software can help you with data recovery in any case like iOS downgrade/upgrade, unsuccessful jailbreak, password loss, system restore, virus attack, and many other different scenarios.
  • Other than repairing the dead or broken iPhones, it can resolve many other issues like recovery mode looping, iPhone unable to power on, stuck Apple logo screen, and more than 30 other iOS issues.
  • The software is compatible with a huge range of iOS devices, including the latest models like iPhone 7, 11, and all the others running even on the recent iOS 14 version.

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Lets us now give you a guide for operating this tool, and there are three ways you can.

How to recover photos from dead iPhone via iTunes Backup:

1. After downloading and setting up the software on a PC, launch it.

2. On the main interface of the program, hit the button Recover from iTunes Backup, followed by clicking on the button Start.

iMyFone D-Back

3. The program will then start scanning the PC for the backups present on it.

4. All the backups that you created on iTunes will get displayed on the screen now, and you need to select the right backup containing the target images that you wish to recover.

5. Hit the button Next now.

iMyFone D-Back

6. Select the option of Photo for the data type that needs to be recovered, and the program will get on to scanning all the images in that backup.

how to get photos off broken iphone with iMyFone D-Back

7. After the scan is complete, all the images found by the software will get displayed on the screen in the order of the respective folders that they were saved in, like logs, memos, galleries, etc.

8. Select the particular images that you want to restore and then also choose any folder location where you would want the recovered images to get restored.

9. Hit the button Recover now and then wait till all the images get restored, and you can see them again.

iMyFone D-Back

Note: This method is only for those users who were careful enough to have created a backup of their data via iTunes software. For the ones without any backup, continue to read for the other methods.

Fixing the broken iPhone before recovery:

Before you go about how to get photos off a broken iPhone, it is also important to know the method of fixing it with the help of the iMyFone D-Back tool, which features a mode of Fix iOS system.

This mode has been known to be very effective in fixing issues like the red logo of iTunes, the white Apple logo, and many others, and we recommend you give it a try for fixing unresponsive screens at which it is best. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Launch the program.

2. Hit the tab of the Fix iOS system.

3. Select the Standard Mode for proceeding.

4. After the phone gets repaired, it will go through the boot process and then start working like normal.

iMyFone D-Back

How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone without backup via the direct method:

1. After downloading and setting up the software on a PC, launch it.

2. On the main interface of the program, hit the button Recover from iOS Device.

iMyFone D-Back

3. Connect the broken iPhone with the PC and then hit the button to trust this computer. Enter the password now.

4. Hit the button Next after the device gets recognized by the software.

iMyFone D-Back

5. Select the data type to be Photos so that the software starts scanning for all the images.

iMyFone D-Back

6. Once scanned images are displayed, select the ones that you want to recover and then hit the button Recover.

How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone with backup using iMyFone D-Back

Note: This method would only work if the broken iPhone manages to get recognized by any PC still. If not, then you may have to try other recovery methods.

By now, you must have understood how great a utility iMyFone D-Back for it helps you with all the important issues that can ruin your iPhone experience. With iMyFone D-Back, you have all the means on How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone, and there is a lot more than you can do where the tool lets you recover more than 22 different data types. All you need to do is connect the PC with the damaged iPhone, and you can practically fix anything.

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Tenorshare UltData – A great alternative tool to recover photos from dead iPhone

If you want to give a try to other software too, then a great alternative to try is the Tenorshare UltData image recovery tool that is well known in the tech world for the efficient services it promises. The factor of ease that comes with this software is the trademark characteristic and makes it the favorite choice of users who have zero tech knowledge. You can recover photos from the dead iPhone very fast by just following a very simple process with Tenorshare UltData.

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Without any further ado, let us give you the steps for operating this tool:

1. The first step is to download the software on a PC from its official website and get done with the installation properly. After that, launch the program.

2. Now, connect the broken or damaged iPhone with that PC or Mac system via an authentic USB lightning cable. Once the phone is successfully connected, the program will detect it automatically.

3. Hit the button of Recovery mode on the main interface of the program now.

4. Once you do that, hit the button Start Scan to enable the process of scanning to be carried out by the program to find the multimedia files stored in the damaged iPhone.

Tenorshare UltData

5. After doing a thorough scanning of all the folders on the device, the program will display all the images that it could find on the main interface again.

6. Select all the images that you want to recover, or you can select all of them at once. At this stage, you can also choose the target location in the PC where you want the retrieved pictures to get stored.

How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone with Tenorshare UltData

That’s all. All the pictures you wanted back will get restored, and you can save your memories once again.

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Some frequently asked questions about ‘How to Get Photos Off Broken iPhone’

Now that we have introduced two great software that can help you to recover photos from the dead iPhone, we would also address some of the common questions that occur in the mind of the users. Here are some of the FAQs that we would like to share with you with that concern.

Q. Is it possible to recover the images and other data from a completely dead iOS device with no backup too?

A. Data stored in phones gets encrypted, and this makes it very difficult to recover such data from fully dead iOS devices and impossible when there is no back up too. Even the data recovery programs can’t help you with, and neither can Apple assistance to know how to get photos off broken iPhone. Dead motherboards still allow chances of recovery but only with tech guidance and a low success rate.

Q. What are some of the common manual ways for fixing dead iPhones?

A. It depends on the particular issue that your phone is having that rendered it dead, and here are some of the common manual methods that can help you to fix the dead iPhones:

  • For system failures and software glitches- You can fix these issues by simply hard resetting the dead iPhone for efficient fixing. You just need to see the method of hard reset for the iPhone model that you use as it is different for every model.
  • For iPhones not turning on or charging up- Such issues are usually caused by the failure of any hardware pieces like the logic board or battery, and the common solution can be to get the problematic hardware replaced. You can also let your iPhone charge for more than an hour as it charging a completely drained battery takes longer.
  • For broken hardware- The breaking of hardware like the mainboard, screen, and others of the device can lead it to die out. The simple solution to this is getting the hardware repaired or getting the phone replaced if it’s in the warranty period.
  • For damage with water- Water damage can be serious, but for the immediate fix, you can dry the phone by removing all the external devices from it and keep it covered with rice for drying.

Q. What is the method of backing up data from a dead iOS device?

A. It is with iTunes that you can backup data stored on a dead iOS device. However, for that, it is mandatory that iTunes recognizes the device yet and allows you to access the option of creating data backup.

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Conclusion on how to recover photos from dead iPhone

A broken iPhone can be the biggest hurt as well as present you with a great dilemma of how to get photos off a broken iPhone as the process to do so can be very tedious as well as risky. We recommend you to take help from the best data recovery tools that we introduced above and be assured that all your precious memories will get restored with the images too.