[100% WORKING] How to Delete iOS Update?

Knowing how to delete iOS update can be handy for any iOS device user due to various reasons. Here, we will explain how to get it done and also the reasons to do so.

In general, iPhones release new updates on a constant basis. Once your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, those updates will be installed on your iOS automatically. An iOS device user constantly sees these reminders on their devices upon every iOS update. This is particularly true if the device is connected to a wireless network.

Even if the updates are handy, some iOS device users don’t want those updates. So, they often wonder how to delete iOS update. Some users uninstall those updates due to a lack of storage space. Also, some might want to uninstall those updates because they love the current version. Regardless of the reason, it is totally possible to delete an iOS update if it is necessary. You can follow the options mentioned below and learn how to delete iOS update effortlessly.

Will it be a problem if you delete an iOS update?

Before learning how to delete iOS update, it is always good to know its consequences as well. In fact, no major problems will arise if you delete an iOS update on your device. Instead, you will only experience the unavailability of the newest features of that update. In addition to that, you can even download those deleted updates whenever it is necessary.

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How to delete iOS update on your iOS device

OK. Let’s get to the point now. In this section, we explain the methods you should follow to delete updates installed on your iOS device. Please note that these methods vary depending on the version of the iOS you have.

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If you are using a version older than iOS 11:

Please follow up below simple guide if you use an iOS older than 11.

  • First, please launch the “Settings” app on the iOS device and find the option called “General.”
  • Then, go to the option called “Storage & iCloud Usage.”
  • Now, you should go to the option called “Manage Storage.”
  • You should then choose the respective iOS you intend to get rid of and tap it.
  • From the displayed options, choose “Delete Update” and confirm your action to proceed.
How to Delete iOS Update older than iOS 11

If you are using iOS 11 or newer:

Here’s how to delete iOS update on a device that runs n iOS 11 or newer.

  • To start, you should go to the “Settings” app and choose the option called “General.”
  • Then, you should go to the option called “iPhone Storage.”
  • You will see all the apps that are installed on your device at the moment. It includes iOS software updates as well.
  • Just tap on the respective iOS update you want to get rid of and hot “Delete Update.”
  • As a result, you will never see the update notifications related to that version. It will not show any notifications even if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

So, as you might notice, it is not that difficult to delete an iOS update. With that said, you can read on and learn more about space-related matters on iOS devices.

Free method to free up space and optimize the performance on your iOS device

If you are an iOS user and need more space on your device, this section is for you. In this section, we explain how to gain free space and optimize the device for maximum performance. Well, cleaning up an iOS device can be a pretty time-consuming task for any user. However, if you use professional software like iMyFone Umate Pro, things will be exceptionally easier.

When you use an iPhone for some time, unwanted files such as app residue can accumulate. These files can build into a pretty large bulk and take up considerable space. Apart from taking up space, those files can even slow down the performance of the device. Therefore, cleaning up those junk files (how to get rid of junk files) is mandatory to boost the device’s performance and efficiency. Finding the unwanted, obsolete files manually can take a considerable amount of time, though. This is exactly when you can seek the assistance of iMyFone Umate Pro. In fact, Umate Pro has plenty of features, and the iPhone cleaner is just one of those features. Umate Pro is an all-in-one solution that can free up plenty of space from your device. It does the job without taking much time, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

The best thing about this tool is that it simply cleans your device with a single click. It can even find the hidden files on your iOS device (how to find hidden apps on Android devices) and delete them. As a result of this cleanup process, your device will start to run smoothly and faster. Basically, Umate Pro is a must-have tool for those who use iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Main features of iMyFone Umate Pro

Please find below some of the most notable features related to iMyFone Umate Pro.

  • It can clean more than 30 types of junk files on your iOS device. For instance, it can clean cookies, logs, credential details, history, etc. The best thing is that this feature is absolutely free.
  • It creates a backup of your device’s data first and lets you compress photos to get more space. Also, it can even delete photos and videos as bulks to make it more efficient.
  • It can erase each and every file on your iOS device, including respective iOS updates. It can also optimize the device and make your device perform like a new one.
  • Umate Pro can scan for every private data stored in your device and erase them permanently. This is essential to avoid potential privacy leaks.
  • This app is perfectly compatible even with the newest versions.

Get iMyFone Umate Pro

How to clean your iPhone using iMyFone Umate Pro

Please follow up below simple tutorial to clean your iPhone using Umate Pro.

  • As the first step, you should visit iMyFone official website and download Umate Pro on your computer. Then, get the software installed to proceed with the steps mentioned below.
  • Now, you should launch the program and connect your iOS device to the same computer. Please make sure that you use a genuine USB cable to connect the device to the PC. That is necessary to establish an uninterrupted connection.
iMyFone Umate Pro
  • Now, you should click on the option called the “1-Click Free Up Space” tab. It is located on the left-hand side menu. Then, hit on the button called “Quick Scan,” which is found on the home screen. Once you have done that, the amount of space that can be freed will be displayed on the screen.
iMyFone Umate Pro
  • Now, please click on the button labeled “Clean” related to specific items. For instance, you can click on the Clean button next to “Junk Files,” “Temporary Files,” “Photos,” etc. In addition to that, you can click on “Large Files” as well. You can even preview the files before deleting them and verify if you really don’t want them. Then, you can hit the “Start” button as well, so the cleaning process will be started. At the completion of this process, you will notice the amount of space freed up.
How to Delete iOS Update with iMyFone Umate Pro

That’s it. As you can notice, Umate Pro is a perfect solution for your iOS device.

What if you experience some issues after deleting an update?

Well, deleting an update on your iOS is not recommended unless you have very special conditions. With that said, if you are experiencing an issue due to a deleted update, what can you do? The only solution to consider in this case is nothing but an iOS update. Repairing your iOS is not as easy as you might think. Especially for a novice, this process can be pretty difficult. So, if you experience such an issue, using a professional tool like iMyFone Fixppo is the best solution.


Is it possible to uninstall iOS 14?

Well, uninstalling iOS 14 is possible. If you have already downloaded it, follow the steps mentioned below to delete it.

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone and click on “General.”
  • Then, choose the option called “iPhone Storage.” It will show all the apps on the device, including the option called “Software Updates.” So, select it to proceed.
  • Now, select the iOS you intend to delete and click on “Delete Update.”
  • That’s it.

How to delete iOS update (iOS version 13)?

If you use version 13, here’s how to delete iOS update.

  • Go to “Settings” and hit “General.”
  • When it is opened, select the option called “iPhone Storage.”
  • This will show all the apps, including “Software Updates.” Just select it.
  • Select the respective iOS and select “Delete Update.”
  • Now, the respective update will be deleted.

How to reverse an update on your iPhone?

Some new iOS updates may have some bugs. In that case, you may have to go back to an older update as well. Mentioned below is how to perform such an action.

  • First, you should ensure that the latest version of iTunes installed. Then, launch it and connect the iOS device to the same PC using a USB cable.
  • Now, on iTunes, click on the iPhone, which is located on the sidebar.
  • Press the shift key on the keyboard and hold it so a popup will appear.
  • Click on “Restore,” which is located at the bottom right.
  • Choose which iOS update you should reverse and hit OK.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes so the process will be completed.

That’s it.

So, that’s how to delete iOS update. Do you have any questions related to this matter? Please let us know.