How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome With Ease

Nowadays, it is really important to filter the content for children on web browsers with the best porn blocking apps. It makes sure that your kids do not expose to the adult content at a very young age. Parents look for different ways to block such sites but no effect. On the other hand, employers should also restrict such adult sites at their workspace. No matter what the conditions are, there are various answers to the problem “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome“. Using these different methods, you can allow your kids to use the internet without worrying much. So, let’s move to the article to know the real solutions.

Five Different Solutions on How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome

Part 1: Add restrictions manually

It is the very first thing you can try “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome”. For this, you have to add URLs manually of the sites that you do not want your kids to access. In order to do so, follow the instructions listed below.

Steps to “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome”:

To block the indecent content, you have to follow some simple steps as instructed below.

Step 1: Visit Settings

Initially, you have to open Google Chrome. Visit its Settings by tapping on the three dots present on the top right side.

Step 2: Click “Network Settings”

You need to locate “Network Settings” and then, “Change Proxy Settings” from there.

Step 3: Choose “Sites”

Next, you need to launch the tab of “Internet Properties“. From there, select the tab “Security“. You have to choose “Restricted Sites” and press the button “Sites“.

Step 4: Click “Add”

In the pop-up window, you have to manually enter the adult sites URLs that you like to block. After that, click “Add“.

Step 5: Save changes

Lastly, you need to save all the changes and re-open Google Chrome.

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Part 2: How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome via Chrome Extensions

You can resolve the problem of “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome” with the help of extensions. Google Chrome offers lots of extensions to enhance the user experience. You can add these extensions to your browser. You can get some of these Chrome extensions for free. These extensions work pretty well to block adult websites.

Steps to “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome”:

Follow the instructions to stop giving access to your children to the illicit content:

Step 1: Download the extension

First of all, open Google Chrome and add an extension for blocking websites. You can make use of “Block Sites” for this. It is the widely used and reliable extension that assists you to block adult content on the web. Look for this extension on the web.

Step 2: Tap “Add to Chrome”

You have to press the button “Add to Chrome” so as to download this extension.

Step 3: Restart Google Chrome

Now, restart the browser once you downloaded the extension.

Step 4: Choose “Options”

On completion of the installation, you will see the extension icon on the top right corner. Select “Options” from there.

Step 5: Add URLs manually

Under the tab “Blocked Sites“, you can add URLs manually for the sites you like to block.

Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome with Blocksite
Step 6: Use “Adult Control”

On the other hand, you can block adult content on Google Chrome via “Adult Control“.

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Part 3: How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome with the help of Chrome’s Supervised User

There is another feature from Google Chrome called “Supervised User”. This feature can be employed as a parental guidance tool. With the “Supervised User” feature, you can make a dedicated profile for children where you can apply the required restrictions.

Steps to “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome”:

To block sites in this way, read the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Visit Settings

Visit “Settings” of Google Chrome and then, “User Section“. Tap on “Add new user” to add a new profile for children.

Step 2: Provide basic details

You have to enter some basic details, and you are all set to create another account on Chrome.

Step 3: Manage accounts

Visit “” to manage all your Chrome accounts. Choose the one that you want to manage.

Step 4: Look for “Manage Permissions”

In the section “Manage Permissions“, you have to provide the website URL under the tab “Blocked Sites“.

Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome
Step 5: Save changes

Now, you can save all the changes and re-launch Google Chrome.

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Part 4: Enable SafeSearch on Google

There is another amazing way to block adult content on Chrome. There is not much you need to do for blocking adult sites. To enable SafeSearch, follow the below-mentioned steps as given below:

Steps to “how to block adult websites in Google Chrome”:

Step 1: Open the browser

Initially, you have to launch the browser “Google Chrome” on your children’s device.

Step 2: Visit “Settings”

You have to open “Settings” by clicking on the three dots present on the top right side of the screen.

Step 3: Tap “Privacy”

Under the tab “Advanced Settings“, you need to click on the option “Privacy“.

Step 4: Check against “Safe Browsing”

After scrolling down, you will see the option “Safe Browsing“. Put a check against this option to enable this feature. Now, re-launch Google Chrome, and you are almost done.

Part 5: Resolve the issue using Play Store’s Parental Control Settings

You can even restrict applications on Google play that your children can play or not. In this way, they would not be able to access applications that you do not approve of. It is not a difficult task and can be done within a few simple steps.

Steps to set-up parental controls in Google Play:

You can set-up parental controls in Google Play in the following way.

Step 1: Launch the program

Initially, open Google Play on your device. Tap on the option “Settings” present on the left menu.

Step 2: Click on “Parental Controls”

Under the tab “User Controls“, you need to click on the option “Parental Controls“.

Step 3: Turn ON

From there, you have to switch ON the option of parental controls.

Step 4: Create a PIN

You have to create a PIN of four digits. This PIN will be used to change settings in the future. After that, tap “O.K.“.

Step 5: Put restrictions

You can now put in restrictions on “Music” and “Apps & Games“. On tapping “Apps & Games“, you will be provided with a list of all the applications. Here, you can set applications rated as per age.

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How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome using Famisafe

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