[SOLVED] How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked?

If you intend to buy a pre-owned iPhone, you must be careful about several things. One of the most important things you should know is that if it is properly unlocked for your country. If by any chance, the iPhone you have purchased is locked, that becomes unusable (no brainer). Things can become more embarrassing if the seller of the iPhone doesn’t offer a favorable return policy, as well. So, now you might have the question ‘how do I know if my phone is unlocked?‘, don’t you? Well, this article will provide answers to your question.

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

Well, let’s get to the point straight away; how do I know if my phone is unlocked? There are several ways to check it, and let’s learn about them one by one.

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Method 01: Check the settings and see if your phone is unlocked

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked? – In fact, this is the most basic and oldest method to check if your iPhone is unlocked. Although we call it ‘basic,’ it is a very effective way, and it still works. The best thing about this method is that it works with any iPhone model with any iOS version. So, you can follow the steps below to do it.

  • Go to the ‘Settings‘ option on your iPhone.
  • Click on the option labeled ‘Cellular.’
  • Now, you should find the option called ‘Cellular Data Network.’ Well, if that option is available, you are using an unlocked iPhone. However, if you don’t see such an option, we have got bad news; your iPhone is a carrier-locked one.
Check the settings and see if your phone is unlocked

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Method 02: Use a SIM card issued by a different carrier to fix on ‘How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked’

Hopefully, you know what a carrier SIM card already, don’t you? So, as per this method, you have to replace the original SIM card issued by a different carrier. If you get a message saying ‘SIM Not Supported’ or something similar, your phone is still locked. Sometimes, you may even get a message requesting activation or SIM Unlock codes, as well. So, your device is still locked. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

  • Switch off your device before doing anything else.
  • You can now locate and open your SIM card slot. Make sure that you use the SIM eject tool provided with your iPhone. If not, you can even use a small paper clip, as well. The SIM slot is located by the iPhone casing. To open the SIM slot, push the SIM eject tool (or the clip) into the tray hole.
  • Gently push the SIM tray out as it comes out. Then, you should replace the existing SIM card with another one from a different mobile operator.
Use a SIM card issued by a different carrier to fix on 'How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked'
  • Now, get the tray back in position with the new SIM. Switch on your iPhone as you would normally do. Then, check if the device is requesting a passcode. Enter the passcode and get through the screen lock (how to bypass the Android lock screen using emergency call).
  • Locate the iPhone app and click on it. If you get a notification saying ‘SIM Unlock Code‘ or ‘Activation Code,’ that’s really bad news. That means the phone is locked for the carrier.

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Method 03: Restore your iPhone with iTunes to see if your phone is unlocked.

Restoring your iPhone is another way to check if your device is unlocked or not. As per this method, you will have to restore the device into factory defaults and then restore it. To do this, however, you have to connect your iOS device to a PC. Once the device is reset into factory defaults, you will see a message on the screen. It says, ‘Congratulations! The iPhone is unlocked‘. If you see such a message, your iPhone is unlocked, and you can use the device once again.

Restore iPhone to see if your phone is unlocked.

In general, this type of message is displayed by AT&T. This message can be seen once the contract ends. A similar message can be seen if you have used a Verizon or Sprint and requested a SIM unlock.

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Method 04: Use an online service to check if the iPhone is unlocked properly

This method is a pretty lengthy process, and it requires you to provide IMEI. Mentioned below are the steps to follow to check it. If you wonder, ‘how do I know if my phone is unlocked?’, this can be an option.

  • Create an account with IMEI Info using a web browser.
check if the iPhone is unlocked Using Imei.info
  • Enter the required information as you are requested. Then, click on the option called ‘Register Me!‘.
  • You can confirm the registration using a click on the link which is sent to your email address. You will be directed to the main page of IMEI Info. And you can then enter the IMEI number of the device.
  • To get the IMEI number of your iPhone, you should open the ‘Settings‘ app and go to ‘Genera.’ Then, go to ‘About‘ and navigate to the IMEI section. You will see your IMEI number.
  • You can then input the IMEI number in the respective field, which is found on the main page.
  • Now, you should click on the option labeled ‘I am not a robot.’ Then, go to ‘Check‘ and choose ‘SIMLOCK & WARRANTY.’ Click on ‘Check Apple Phone Details‘ as well. You will then see a message called ‘Unlocked: false‘ or ‘unlocked: true.’ If you see ‘unlocked: false,’ your device is currently carrier-locked. Otherwise, your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use.

What can you do if the iPhone is locked?

If you are locked out of your iPhone after entering the wrong password over ten times, that’s frustrating. You will get a message saying ‘iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes.’ This message will pop up pretty frequently, and that’s a real annoyance. To unlock your iPhone, there are several methods to try. Nevertheless, not all those methods are as effective as they claim. So, choosing a method to unlock your iPhone is a challenging task. Despite all the other methods, iMyFone LockWiper is a very powerful tool that comes with plenty of impressive features. In fact, we consider it as the most efficient and professional iPhone unlocking tool in the market today.

Let’s take a quick look at the most notable features included in iMyFone LockWiper.

  • It can unlock or reset your iPhone only through a couple of clicks.
  • Bypass all the locks (including multi-digit passcodes, Face ID, and Touch ID).
  • It works even of the screen is disabled, broken, or locked.
  • You can use it to wipe all the data on your disabled iPhone.
  • LockWiper can even remove Apple ID on all the iOS devices without using the password.

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How to unlock your iPhone with iMyFone LockWiper

Mentioned below are the steps to unlock your iPhone using iMyFone LockWiper. Please note that this method wipes out all the data stored on your iPhone.

  • 01. First, download and install iMyFone LockWiper on your computer. Then, launch the application and click on ‘Start.’
iMyFone LockWiper
  • 02. You can connect your iOS device to the same computer.
iMyFone LockWiper
  • 03. You can follow the on-screen guide on the interface to put the device on DFU mode. Then, confirm the model of the device and click on the button labeled ‘Download.’
iMyFone LockWiper
  • 04. After verifying the downloaded firmware package, you can click on the ‘Start Unlock‘ option.
How to unlock your iPhone with iMyFone LockWiper
  • 05. Wait for a while, and you should enter ‘000000‘ to confirm the unlocking process. Then, click on the option ‘Unlock,’ and that’s it.

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I have unlocked my iPhone. How to reset it completely?

Once a carrier-locked iPhone is reset, you will have to reset it completely. Well, to accomplish such a task perfectly, you can use another professional tool called iMyFone Umate Pro. It is a dedicated iPhone data erasing tool that performs a complete data erasure process.

Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • It can easily clean various types of hidden junks on your iOS device for free.
  • You can use it to erase data permanently from your iOS device.
  • It erases data so no one can recover them ever.
  • Selectively erase any type of iOS data, including messages, accounts, browsing-history, videos, etc.
  • It can find and erase the files which are improperly deleted
  • It can wipe out all the third-party app fragments that are not wanted anymore.

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How to reset your iPhone completely using iMyFone Umate Pro

Here are the steps to reset your iPhone with Umate Pro.

  • Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro software on a PC or a Mac. Then, you can connect the iPhone into the same computer. If prompted, trust the computer.
  • Click on the ‘Erase All Data‘ option and then click on the ‘Erase‘ button.
iMyFone Umate Pro
  • Choose a level of security and key in ‘Delete‘ within the box, so the action is confirmed.
iMyFone Umate Pro
  • Now, click on ‘Erase Now‘ so the erasing of data will begin. Wait for a while for the process to be completed.

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Things to know about the devices that are carrier-locked

Here are some important things you should know about carrier-locked devices.

01. What is a carrier-locked iPhone?

Carrier-locked iPhones are iPhones that come with a special code, so they work only on a preassigned carrier network. If you try to use another SIM card from a different carrier network, the device doesn’t accept it.

carrier-locked iPhone

Generally, carrier-locked devices are used under a certain contract. All the users are expected to adhere to the contract, which generally lasts for two years. However, if you wish to terminate the contract, you can request it officially from the carrier-network provider. And you will be charged a termination fee.

So, if you buy a preowned iPhone, it is important to check if it is properly unlocked. Otherwise, it will just be a cost.

02. Why do you need to unlock an iPhone?

After an iPhone is unlocked, it can be used with any carrier network regardless of the country or region.

03. Make sure that you are buying an unlocked device if you intend to buy a preowned device

A massive number of preowned iPhones are sold across the globe. These devices generally come at a very affordable rate. However, to make use of these devices, they must be properly unlocked. So, request the device’s IMEI number and check the status of the device before purchasing it. Otherwise, what you spend on the iPhone will be just a waste of money.

Conclusion on How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked

So, that’s it about our article on ‘how do I know if my phone is unlocked?‘. You can go through the information once again and let us know if you are unclear about anything. Also, we appreciate it if you can share your genuine experienced you had with carrier-locked devices. The comments section below is just for you to share your valuable input.