Highster Mobile Reviews In 2022

This article with full Highster Mobile reviews is composed specifically for parents who want to track their kids’ online activities.

So, keep reading if you are among the ones who wonder how to accomplish that task successfully.

Part 1. Highster Mobile’s Features

It goes without saying that Highster is one of the most reliable applications that can track a mobile device. It is designed in such a way that it can monitor mobile phones and tabs.

The main purpose of this app is to keep your kids away from potential dangers. Apart from that, however, you can use the same tool to monitor your employees as well.

To get a better idea about it, let’s go ahead and read the features of this application.

● Stealth Camera

A stealth camera is one of the main features associated with this Highster mobile application.

This specific feature can activate the target device’s camera remotely and take pictures without letting the user know. That gives an idea of the whereabouts of the target user.

This feature becomes very useful if you intend to track the surrounding of your kid or an employee. The respective photo can then be accessed through the online dashboard from a different location.

The operation of the camera will be left completely hidden. Also, it can activate both the cameras of your mobile device.

● Real-time Control

Highster has a panel that operates in the background and gathers all the data from the target device. The best thing is that those details will be displayed in real-time on the dashboard.

On top of that, it is possible to reach your control panel easily through any device because it’s web-based. So, you can access it easily and see live updates.

Users will be able to monitor data easily. Also, users will be able to navigate through the options easily.

● Monitoring iMessages

This is another important feature to be emphasized in these Highster Mobile reviews for your information. This specific app can view all the names of those who have sent iMessage.

Also, the number of users in the chat will be tracked. All the content in the messages will be recorded, so you have enough proof.

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Part 2. Positive Aspects Associated with Highster Mobile

In this section, let’s learn the most impressive benefits you can enjoy with the Highster Mobile. In fact, these Highster Mobile reviews won’t be completed without mentioning their benefits.

  • This application works on both iOS & Android devices smoothly.
  • Even the most recent versions of Android and iOS devices are compatible with it.
  • It can be installed easily without necessarily needing expert knowledge.
  • It has a decent keylogger that can record all the keystrokes performed on the target device.
  • Highster Mobile tracks text messages that are posted on social media, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.  
  • Affordable price
  • Another impressive feature linked with this app is that it is perfectly compatible with different platforms. For instance, it works on both Android and iOS devices regardless of the brand.
  • To install this app, you don’t have to jailbreak the device. Instead, you can install it smoothly on your iOS device. It is compatible with all the iOS versions as well.

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Part 3. Drawbacks of Highster Mobile

In this section, we intend to list down the drawbacks associated with the Highster mobile. So, let’s go ahead and read it out.

  • One of the main drawbacks of the Highster Mobile is that it doesn’t let you test the application. That means you cannot test it before purchasing.
  • Also, to install it on an iOS device, you are supposed to know the target Apple ID.
  • Their customer service is not the best.
  • For Android users, there is a delay of 45 seconds to reach the target device.
  • You can reach only one device with Highster Mobile.

Part 4. Can You Legally Track Someone’s Mobile Device?

Monitoring becomes legal if it happens with parties like employees and kids. In general, parents are legally allowed to monitor the mobile devices of their kids. That is because of the responsibility the parents have for the behavior of their kids.

Just like that, employers can keep track of their employee’s activities during their official work hours. It is generally considered worker supervision.

However, anything apart from those two aspects will be considered illegal and unethical in many ways. You cannot necessarily track, record, or share someone else’s mobile phone activities.

If you track someone’s messages, calls, or social media activity without their consent, that can be a crime. So, we urge our readers to stay away from unwanted activities.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Monitoring?

Mentioned below are some of the most effective methods to keep yourself away from monitoring.

  • Be sure to keep your phone in your custody all the time.
  • Make sure that your phone is connected with a good password so you can keep it unthreatened.
  • Avoid depending on simple lock patterns.
  • If your device permits, be sure to protect your device with a fingerprint lock.
  • When it comes to unlocking the device, you should do it when no one is looking at it.
  • Check if your device has any unusual movements or weird behaviors. For instance, check if the device has random network interruptions, excessive data usage, automatic waking, etc.
  • Use a data monitoring app to keep track of your data usage. Also, check if your device has apps that were not installed with your knowledge.

Well, the above is not a complete list at all. There are many other steps you should take in order to protect your device from intruders.

In many cases, spyware tools are installed on your mobile device by those who have physical access to it.

ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

Now that you have read Highster Mobile reviews. Let’s take a look at a very handy tool. This tool is named ClevGuard. As of today, a large range of our activities is taking place through the internet.

So, at least some of our details are exposed to other parties. So, it’s always better to have powerful, anti-spyware installed in your system.

An excellent anti-spyware tool like ClevGuard can always protect you from any spyware attacks of many types. It can detect even the most sophisticated spyware apps on mobile phones.

Such a tool can be easily installed on your device and perform a scan for existing threats.

● Use ClevGuard to Scan the Phone

You can perform a scan on your mobile device using ClevGuard. It will ensure that you don’t become a victim of malware that can compromise your security.

● One-click Spyware Removal

This unique application can find and remove spyware with a single-click operation. So, it saves your time without any extra effort.

● Protects Your Device in Real-time

ClevGuard has the ability to protect your device from real-time threats.

Using ClevGuard and Protecting Your Device

Mentioned below is how to use ClevGuard to ensure the safety of your mobile device.

  • First, you should download ClevGuard on your computer through their official source to proceed. After visiting their website, you can see an option to get it from their official website. You can get it from Google Play.
  • Once the app is installed, launch it and click on the button labeled “Scan.”
  • At the completion of the scan, ClevGuard will display the threats that were found. If you press “Fix,” that will remove the detected threats. If not, you can either “Report” or “Ignore” the threats.

That’s basically it. As you can see, using ClevGuard is very convenient and straightforward.

Part 5. Who Should Read The Highster Mobile Reviews? 

There’s no shortage of individuals who wonder how to find the best ways to track their kids’ online activities. As of today, parents are more concerned about how their kids use their mobile phones. They want to know with whom their kids’ chat, make phone calls, interact on social media, etc. There are many apps in the industry to accomplish this task.

That said, Highster is one of those apps that have become incredibly popular these days. So, if you have already come across that name and want to read better Highster Mobile reviews, keep reading. In our Highster Mobile reviews, we will explain how this specific spy app works and serves your purposes.

In general, teenagers and children are exceptionally curious. They always tend to go after whatever they think is interesting. So, assume that they come across pornographic or gambling content. They are more likely to dig deeper and try to learn about whatever they come across. Although curiosity is a good thing, it can do more harm than good when it relates to bad content.

For instance, when children see something related to pornography, gambling, or violence, they have a tendency to explore more. Eventually, they will end up with addiction which will ruin their entire life and their education. So, being a responsible person, you should always keep track of your beloved kids. This is exactly when you will find tools like Highster Mobile to be very useful. With that said, you can get a better idea about this tool by reading Highster Mobile reviews.


The above Highster Mobile reviews explain how advanced the technology has become. There are many spy apps circulating on the internet to track your online activities.

Our privacy can be at risk because of these spy apps. However, with the use of a smart app like ClevGuard, you can keep those annoying spy apps away.



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