Heimdall Parental Control Full Review

Why is Heimdall Parental Control Necessary for You?

In today’s world of technology, your children use smartphones more than you. It becomes necessary to keep an eye on their activities. There are various benefits that you get from the internet, but at the same time, it has many drawbacks. It can take your children on a negative path too.

Therefore, it becomes compulsory to take specific measures rather than regret them later in life. Through parental guidance apps, you can ensure the safety of your children. It becomes an utmost necessity to install these apps such as KidsGuard, and Heimdall parental control on your child’s smartphones or tablets.

On the internet, there is a wide range of parental control applications, but only a few of them prove to be quite useful and helpful in a true sense. It is important to choose the best for your children.

Heimdall Parental guidance is one such application, which comes with various features. I am going to be quite honest while reviewing this application. After using this app, how it actually worked for me is all that has been mentioned here. This blog will help you to figure out whether you should go for it or not.

Heimdall parental control is obviously not the greatest parental control app & Spotify parental controls, but it would effectively do the job for you.

If you are getting Heimdall for controlling your children’s activities, then read the full review that I have done for this application with pros, cons, and other suitable alternatives.

Heimdall Parental Control

This Heimdall parental control application is developed by a coder for his family, who belonged to France. That might be the reason behind his not-so-professional look as compared to the software designed for the market. If you are just looking for an app that will keep track of applications that your kid uses on his smartphone, then Heimdall provides you with adequate support.

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Pros of Heimdall Parental Control:

Restricts New Applications

After you have installed all the important applications of use on your child’s smartphone, you can block installing other apps simply by blocking the Play Store app. This feature does not allow the installation of new apps without your permission. It totally restricts your child from installing any new applications on their phones.

Controls Existing Applications

You can set a time limit on the usage of the existing apps. It makes sure your child does not spend more time than specified on gaming or social media apps. You can also block system apps through this application.

Heimdall Parental Control Full Review- controls existing applications

This feature ensures they spend their time in a useful manner and do not waste their whole day playing games and doing other things on their phone. It controls the usage of the existing applications in this way.

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Sets Time-Limit on Calling

You can monitor the time that your child spends calling friends or others. You can put a time limit on call durations. This will help your child in managing time and staying focused as they would not have the option to spend their time calling their friends or so. Instead, they would be allowed to make important calls only.

Filters for Parental Guidance

Applications such as YouTube, and Google already have parental control options. Heimdall automatically turns on parental control features on these applications and other websites, which have these options for parental guidance.

Tracks Web History and App Log

You can keep track of the applications and the usage time of those applications, which your kid uses the most. You can access the browser history that will help you to find out if your child is accessing any inappropriate content on the web.

By tracking their web history, you can keep a check on the websites that are not suitable for your loved ones, but they keep accessing. You can block those websites in the future.

Blocks Content (Paid Feature)

It is quite necessary for you to block sites that are full of inappropriate content. You can easily block those sites with this application. In order to activate this feature, you have to pay some amount.

Cons of Heimdall Parental Control:

Offers No Remote Control

It is a major drawback of this Heimdall parental control application as the parental control apps are insufficient for use if you cannot control them remotely.

You cannot keep an eye on the activities of your children every time and not even access their devices all the time. If you have to control it from their phone, then they can also control it themselves.

Offers No Location Tracking or Geo-Fencing

As this application was not developed for commercial purposes, it does not offer any features to track location or geo-fencing. Location tracking is one of the most needed features for parental controlling apps, but this app does not offer this compulsory and basic feature.

If you do not get access to your kid’s location, then it might be difficult for you to locate him if he is lost or went somewhere else rather than attending his school.

This application lacks a geofencing feature that is a common feature for parental guidance applications.

You can download this application even if it lacks the location-tracking feature for its more advanced tech spectrum.

Offers No Scheduled Operations

With this application, you cannot put a block on your kid’s smartphone. It lacks the option for blocking any recreational activities that your children can do with their phones during their school time or bedtime.

This feature is commonly available on other parental control applications, but this application lacks this essential feature, which makes it pretty useless for use.

Best Alternative to Heimdall Parental Control: KidsGuard Pro

After discussing the pros and cons of Heimdall, you might know why you would need an alternative. The alternative is much needed to make up for everything that Heimdall lacks. KidsGuard is one such app that would give you a better parenting experience.

KidsGuard has already created its name among several concerned parents who wish you to keep an eye on the activities of their children to ensure their safety. There are many reasons that make KidsGuard one of the best alternatives to Heimdall.

It comes with options for blocking apps, managing apps, and blocking websites with inappropriate content, and it’s also one of the best text message interceptor solutions for you. Read more to know more!

Heimdall Parental Control Full Review and alternative - KidsGuard

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard Are:

  • It offers Geo-fencing and location tracking features.
  • As the best AD blocker for Android, it provides an option for blocking applications.
  • It enables web filtering to block Pornography.
  • Control screen time. Work as the best SMS tracker hidden tool.
  • It comes with smart parental control settings.

Special Features of KidsGuard:

It offers various features, and some are listed below.

Controls Remotely

You can remotely control this parental control application from your own device. You do not have to access your kid’s smartphone physically but have the full details of their activities on your own phone.

For doing this, you have to install the KidsGuard application on your kid’s phone, and then you can operate it on your own phone. The application after getting installed, ask for the user profile option like whether is it operating on the child’s device or on the parent’s one.

Therefore, this feature makes it even better than Heimdall parental control app.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

Offers Geo-Fencing

It has a geofencing feature. You get notified with a notification whenever your child leaves the specified area like school, neighborhood area, or any other location. It is a superb feature for those people who are not willing to take any risks and always want to keep their children away from harmful locations.

With this application, you can track the live locations of your children. It also gives you information about their past locations to keep you as a parent fully informed about your kid’s whereabouts.

Gives Smart Scheduling of Screen Time

KidsGuard allows you to limit the screen time every day by scheduling blocks that automatically turns off the device during certain activities or after certain intervals of time.

For instance, you can have their device switched off during school time, taekwondo class, or any such certain time or place.

It Monitors Applications and Blocking Website

Through this app, you can monitor which applications your child spends most of the time on and block them accordingly. You can block undesirable apps and set time limits on certain applications that are for their use.

You can block inappropriate content or any adult content that is available on the internet and which might not be suitable for your little ones. And you can remove illegal websites as well.

To Conclude:

KidsGuard is the best parental control application with a lot of features. It is better in so many ways as compared to Heimdall parental control app. And it is developed keeping in mind the scenario of today’s world. It is suitable for parenting in a good way. KidsGuard is a better choice than other parental guidance applications in both concept and technology-wise.

It becomes the responsibility of a parent to the good upbringing of their child. In today’s scenario, it is not possible to always keep an eye on them or on their social activities.

Through a parental control application, you can ensure the safety of your kid. KidsGuard frees you from all these responsibilities and gives your child a safe environment to ensure their growth on a positive path.

Download this application easily and give it a try. You would not get disappointed with this application. Go for it!



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