Different Hacking Apps for Android that Do Not Require Root

There are a lot of different hacking apps for Android out there that would help a person hack into someone else’s device. People hack into other devices for a number of different reasons.

Some parents want to spy on their kids to make sure that they are not friends with the wrong kind of people and protect them from harm, while people in relationships use such apps to see if their partners are loyal to them.

Some people use this app simply to mess around with their friends and family members. The app doesn’t let the target device’s users know that they are being watched.

Most of the hacking apps for Android that claim to be helpful in hacking into devices require the device to be rooted. Rooting a device is no joke and should be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

If it is done by someone who has no knowledge of the matter and messes it up, then the device would be non-functional and useless. For you to better understand this, you have to know what rooting is.

Rooting an Android Device

Basically, rooting a device means unlocking the superuser setting in it. This allows you to use the device without any kind of limitations. For example, you could download all kinds of different apps and even mess around with the source if you wish.

If you plan on rooting your device, just know that it will void your phone’s warranty, which means that you cannot take it for repair even if it is under warranty period. Once you have rooted your device, you could download apps from outside of PlayStore as well.

But, be very careful as these apps are fraudulent and aim to extract personal information like bank details from your phone.

If you do not want to root the device to hack someone, here are a few options for you.

Hacking Tools for Android #1: KidsGuard

KidsGuard is undoubtedly the number one mobile hacker app when it comes to hacking devices. One of the main attractions is that it doesn’t require you to root the device, unlike others. It is one of the best hacking apps on Android that provides you with all the information you will need.


  • GPS tracking enabled.
  • There are two premium services that you could choose from.
  • It helps you track all the social media as well, like Facebook, WhatsApp chats, and Line password, Instagram account, and so on.
  • You could also keep tabs on the web pages being browsed and the history as well.
  • Access to SMS, call history, and multimedia folders will be provided.
  • The hacker is very easy to use.

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Hacking Tools for Android #2: mSpy

mSpy was aimed at parents who wanted to spy on their kids to keep them safe from strangers who would like to exploit or harm them. But, this app has all the hacking tools for Android that anyone could need.

The app comes in different languages and also has 24/7 customer care if you need to contact them. Their control panel could be accessed from any device or any web browser.

mSpy Hacking Apps for Android


  • Manage all kinds of calls and text messages.
  • You could read all the emails.
  • It gives you the access to track live location using GPS.
  • This is one of the hacking apps of Android that allows you to monitor all downloads made as well as your browsing habits.
  • You can also view the multimedia files, contacts, and calendars as well.

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Hacking Tools for Android #3: FlexiSPY

Flexispy is one of the more powerful monitoring and hacking apps on Android that you could use to hack into anyone’s phone without having to root the device. The person on whom you are spying will never figure out that they are being spied over.

Flexispy Hacking Apps for Android


  • You could monitor live calls.
  • You could read text messages and emails.
  • GPS live location is a huge plus point.
  • You could also use the hacking tools for Android to spy on the camera and watch the screen as well.

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Android Hack via KidsGuard Hacking Apps for Android

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to download and operate KidsGuard to hack Android phones effortlessly.

Step 1: Register

You should go to their official website and make an account for yourself. To create an account, you will have to provide an email address that you use along with a password. A confirmation email will be forwarded to that email, which you will have to accept.

Sign up KidsGuard

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Once your verification process is complete, you could now set up Wizard and get started. KidsGuard is one of the greatest hacking tools for Android out there.

Step 2: Install

Follow the steps to Setup Wizard. Make sure that you select ‘Android’ as the device’s operating system.

On the next page, you will be required to input the name, age, and the Android version that they are using on the target device. This information can be found in the ‘About’ section under the settings menu.

Clicking next will start the process of hacking the target phone. Click on the ‘Security’ in the Settings menu, then click on Unknown Sources to enable KidsGuard to be downloaded. Go back to the Setup Wizard; you will find a download link for KidsGuard over there. Once the download is complete, install the APK, and you’re ready.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

This step will only work for Android devices because it is one of the best hacking apps for Android.

Step 3: Config KidsGuard Hacking Apps for Android

Log on to your KidsGuard account if you want to start hacking somebody. You could do this on a mobile device or even on a desktop. Once you are through, you should be able to access all the information and features of the app through the control panel.

Use the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to choose among the features.

KidsGuard Pro Hacking Apps for Android

To Conclude

Different people have different uses for spying apps. If you want to download an app to hack into somebody’s phone, choose the app based on your need and the app’s features. You do not want to download an app. Go through all the hassle only to realize that this wasn’t the correct choice.

There are several different hacking apps for Android that will get the job done for you. But the best one of these apps is KidsGuard. It is an all-rounder app that meets the needs of parents looking to spy on their kids and spouses who want to keep tabs on their partners.

Its GPS tracking feature makes it so much more likable since parents will keep track and relax knowing that their kids are safe. This feature could also be used to see if your partner lied about visiting someone. Companies also use such apps to keep a tab on their employees if they are suspicious of them leaking important information.

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