How to Hack Viber Account from PC or Smartphone Easily

The Viber app is a free-of-charge downloading app, which is made use of to connect with people from all over the globe.

It can allow its users to make free of charge calls, send out texts, and share video and picture messages.

The hacking of accounts on social media is becoming gradually more achievable, particularly when technology is progressing.

Irrespective of its legality, you may have to hack Viber Account, hack someone’s Instagram, or Hack FB Account for many reasons.

SEGMENT 1: Ways to Hack Viber Account through a Phone with KidsGuard

The KidsGuard app is the most dependable and reliable hack tool used for monitoring online activities exclusive of the awareness of the target individual. It has excellent ratings on the Play Store service as the most excellent monitoring solution.

The tool can come to your advantage in scores of ways. It holds a wide-ranging pricing plan, which makes it incredibly affordable. Also, it is user-friendly as it does not need rooting for a target device.

Furthermore, it is used to monitor call logs, audio, videos, and messages shared online. Most importantly, KidsGuard can provide the GPS location of a target device!

The app can allow you to easily hack your Viber Account and extract your desired data from a target device, only with a straightforward setup procedure. The setup procedure for iPhones and Android differ slightly.

Step 1: Creating an Account on KidsGuard

You can create an account on KidsGuard for free. Just employ a valid email to receive login credentials and application download links. Moreover, buy a premium subscription in case you require advanced supplementary facets.

Try KidsGuard

how to hack viber account - Sign up KidsGuard

Step 2: Activating KidsGuard on the Target Device

For doing this, you have to install the KidsGuard application on the target device by implementing a setup course of action immediately following the registration. You must launch the KidsGuard app on your target device and then pursue the setup procedure.

If you are utilizing an iPhone, then choose the ‘iOS‘ option. Then, verify the iCloud password and ID on your target device. This step is different regarding iPhone devices as you do not necessarily have to install an application on your target device.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS

Then, on this target device, download the KidsGuard app with the link on its official page. Tap on the ‘Download‘ button and wait till the download gets completed. Then reclaim the APK file from any “Downloads” or “Notifications” folder.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

To finish, sign in to the recently installed KidsGuard account. You will need to accept the terms and conditions of using the application. Tap on ‘Start‘ and permit all permission calls to get the app going. The icon of the monitoring app will be deleted mechanically the instant the service gets activated. Nonetheless, the application will work only in its stealth mode on the device.

KidsGuard Pro

Step 3: Starting to Track and Hack Viber Account

For initiating the tracking activity, log in to the control panel, and check the monitored data. You will necessitate using your phone to complete this step. Go to the control panel dialog box that can be accessed online on or bring the control panel application into play. Bide your time for a few minutes while the data gets synced from the target phone.

How to Hack Viber Account Using KidsGuard

You can sync new data by clicking on the ‘Refresh‘ button. What is more, you can tap on the function tab on the top-left for checking supported features. Nevertheless, the server would not refresh any data files to your Control Panel in case the target device is switched off or doesn’t have a steady Internet connection.

SEGMENT 2: Ways to Hack Viber Account through the PC

Mobile phone monitoring applications have brought forth tracking solutions for those who call to keep updated with what some individuals in their lives keep busy with when they are online.

To make monitoring tasks more resourceful, certain applications can let you hack Viber Account from the PC, such as the Underspy monitoring application.

The Underspy app is a specialized and easy-to-use monitoring program having Viber tracking qualities. For instance, it can allow data extraction, Viber messages, and calls on the target Viber account of your spouse, kids, or employee.

Also, you can check group messages along with received and sent pictures.

Hack Viber Account via Underspy by Following Steps:

  • Purchasing and installing the Underspy app on the target phone: This will approximately take 5 minutes to complete. The icon of the app will become out of sight the moment the installation gets completed. Furthermore, you can go to the site for downloading the app.
  • Transferring data: All the necessary data will get uploaded to the server of the Underspy app. Tap on a particular button for checking the data, for example, to check messages, tap on the feature of ‘Monitor Text Messages.’ For tracking of the target phone’s site, tap on the ‘TRACK GPS Location‘ option or the feature of ‘Geo- Fencing‘. For accessing the gallery, choose the feature of “View Videos” or “View Photos“.
  • Accessing and monitoring the data from your target phone: You can do so by logging into Personal Control Panel on the computer. All the information on the target phone will be accessible to you on the Control Panel.

SEGMENT 3: How to Hack Viber Account via mSpy Easily

As long as you have mSpy, hacking a Viber account is an easy job, as mSpy incorporates the latest technology and lets you get the top best data monitoring results.

Key Features of mSpy:

  • Monitor Viber messages, WhatsApp messages, call logs, SMS, and location tracking;
  • Fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices;
  • Easy to use. It’s allowed to access your dashboard from any device and browser to view the results easily and quickly;
  • Let you check results in your native language as it offers multi-language support;
  • 24/7 support available;

Simple Tutorial for You to Hack Viber Account:

Step 1. Choose and purchase a suitable mSpy subscription. And then, you will receive the installation instructions via email.

Create mSpy Account

Step 2. Please download & install mSpy on your target device. If your target device is iPhone, please jailbreak it first to ensure that the software & smartphone function properly.

Step 3. After mSpy is installed on your target phone, mSpy starts hacking your target device automatically. Just log into your mSpy dashboard and click ‘Viber’ to hack the Viber data. You will then view all Viber data received and sent under your target account.

Hack Viber Account with mSpy

See how easy it is. With mSpy, you can check out what your spouse, children, or employees are doing at Viber without them knowing.


All in all, you can confidently put your feet up now that you know the wide array of programs to choose from to hack a Viber Account.

Such an ideal program can help you take more required control over your kid’s dealings with the Viber messaging application. Such monitoring applications work in secrecy, thus making you untraceable by the target individual.

The iPhone Spy App – KidsGuard Pro and mSpy is the best program to hack Viber accounts. It can be used for monitoring installed apps, notes, stickers, and reminders. It is the option that you can get your hands on in regard to the hacking task.



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