Gwent Deck Builds – How to Get the Best of Them?

It is true that receiving the best Gwent deck depends on luck. However, there are some ways to help yourself and perform best Gwent deck builds. Once you have the best Gwent deck, your possibilities of succeeding are higher. That will definitely give you an edge over the opponents. That said, this guide explains the best Gwent deck builds.

The Best Gwent Deck Builds 

In the remaining paragraphs of this guide, we list down the best Gwent deck options you can assemble. However, you shouldn’t worry about it even if you don’t have most of those cards in a specific deck. In fact, the fun part begins when Gwent is looking for Scraps and ways to unlock newer cards.

Best Gwent deck builds

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Forming the Best Gwent Deck 

Once you have started to assemble the Gwent deck, there are a couple of things to consider. This is required to form the best Gwent deck with a good balance.

First of all, you should ensure that you have 3 unit cards at the least. That should be done on each area of the battlefield. Close Quarters, Ranged, and Siege, are those areas. Also, you should spread the allotted unit cards. It is not necessary to use 90% of those unit cards on the Ranged level of the field. You should expect an Impenetrable Fog card from your opponent.

In addition to that, it is always better to choose a leader card that is compatible with your strengths. You should decide the same based on your cards that are available on the deck. For instance, Brouver Hoog is not the best leader card for the Socia’tael faction. Hoog’s leader powers will revolve around the silver cards if you have several silver cards in that deck.

Moreover, we suggest that it is a better idea to have a range of weather cards in Gwent decks. This is because you don’t know what sort of decks you may have to face. You will be Biting Frost cards, and there will not be any Impenetrable Fog cards.

Your opponent will rely on his Ranged units. As a result, you might not be able to counter it with Biting Frost cards solely. Weather cards will have great importance in Gwent. And, you should focus on gaining a large number of them.

Now, let’s focus on Gwent deck builds you can imagine.

Skellige Berserker Deck

Skellige Berserker Deck

This is one of the best Gwent deck builds you can imagine. This is because you can complete this deck with very few cards. With this deck, you should manage Close Quarters units. And, you should hold an of these units beyond its first round. You can play either Geralt or another high-value card so you can draw opponents’ best and strongest cards.

Even if you lose the first round after playing a high-value card, that’s completely OK. However, you should hold your powerful units that should be used on later rounds. You should try to play the Clan An Craite Warriors using the Warcry. That will increase their attack. Then, you will have to save the Crach An Craite Warriors card so you can use it on 2nd or 3rd round. That will give you a significant edge when you are in the Close Quarters frontline.

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Monsters Weather Deck

Monsters Weather Deck

You can consider this as one of the best Gwent deck choices. Also, this type of Gwent deck builds doesn’t need huge luck to draw the right kind of cards. Cards such as Caranthir, Sarah, Drowner, the Water Hag, and many other options give you weather immunity. That allows you to play different other options such as Skellige Storm. In that case, you don’t have to face bad consequences.

Also, you can use Drowner to get rid of any other cards that can buff other cards. In addition to that, the Woodland Spirit and Caranthir can be used for the purpose of bringing other cards to the battlefield. That means you should hold them off and save them for later rounds.

Assume that you, by any chance, play on lots of weather cards (Merigold’s Hailstorm), for instance. Or, you use Water Hag. If so, you should play Sarah as the first option. She will get you a three-point boost whenever those cards are being played.

Northern Realms Novice Deck

Gwent deck builds - Northern Realms Novice Deck

This deck comes with plenty of power and potential. However, it works based on how well you play the duplicates of a card on the battlefield. In Gwent deck builds, the blue stripes scout cards will be very powerful when playing simultaneously.

You are supposed to try all those cards soon after having them. If not, you will have to play one of those cards in the early stages (early rounds). You can then revive them with Field Medic cards. Nevertheless, you can use the Foltest Leader card only when you see duplicate cards on the battlefield. Also, you should make a combination of Foltest and Commander’s Horn and increase your values.

You should also play the prize-winning cow at the early stage of the game. It will give you Chort’s advantage. It will spawn at the latter part of the game. Then, you should respond to high-value, non-gold cards on the side of your opponent. You can play it with Sile De Tansarville or even Trebuchet. That will reduce the numerical value. This is a pretty easy deck to acquire. However, plenty of its potential demands some luck.

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Hidden cache syndicate

Even if you play with the most recent rounds, this will be one of the strongest options. That is why we include this option in our list of best Gwent deck options. It is true that it doesn’t offer three coins per round. But it offers two. Also, it will make all your Hoards cheaper by two coins. Therefore, plenty of decks wanted to add coin generation only to bring more consistency.

With that said, the core of the deck is considered to be exceptionally dangerous. That is because Passiflora Peaches and Saul De Navarette are there.

Uprising Northern Realms 

This is another superb place for you to consider, especially because of a couple of key cards it possesses. With the help of uprising ability, you can give your class access to some extra boosts. Also, it will give you a very important Lyrian Scytheman. It will boost itself. You can combine it with Caravan Vanguard. In fact, it is a unique card that can help you cheat several times. There is a Draug, and it turns the Vanguards to Kaedwani Revenants.

Masquerade Nilfgaard

It can be exceptionally annoying to play the game if you don’t have a way to deal with scenarios. They are known to be prevalent, so many players tend to tech in Dimeritium Bombs. It can even be Bomb Heavers. Masquerade Nilfgaard wants to play the ball twice in a single game. Anyway, if you play it once, Assire var Anahid will be able to shuffle it once again to the deck.

Harmony Scoia’tael

When it comes to Water of Brokilon, Scoia’tael can be a pretty annoying task. This is particularly true when it comes to the Water of Brokilon. It is significantly harder to run this desk unless you don’t use it. So, you should craft it. In fact, this deck can exist through all the rounds if you need it. Also, it has Gabor Zirgrin, so you can stick around.

Greatsword Skellige

Well, the chances are that you have played with this deck. It offers specialized ways to manage smaller pings to plenty of enemy units as well. You should know that you should pay extra attention to lasting longer. If you don’t, your opponent will use a Greatsword along with a Geralt card.

Scoia’tael Dwarven Deck

Scoia'tael Dwarven Deck

This deck, in general, functions based on the ability of Dwarves who appear in the Close Quarters. Each card can buff each other and thereby offer an impressive numerical bonus as well. In this Gwent deck builds, you should use Francesca’s Leader ability. With that, you can redraw any of the cards to get Mahakam Defender. Also, you can get the guard in the same shot. Then, you can play them simultaneously.

You can serve any of the First Light cards as well. That should be done if any of the Mahakam cards undergo the impact of Biting Frost Cards. However, you should also save Geralt and Sheldon Skaggs. That can be used for a separate round. With that, you can expect to draw some of the most valuable cards owns by your opponents.

You can consider playing Prize-winning Cow as soon as possible. However, you should save the Lacerate and Scorch for rounds you would play later on.

Nilfgaardian Spying Deck

Gwent deck builds - Nilfgaardian Spying Deck

Well, the Nilfgaardian deck functions based on the spy cards. Whenever you play Emissary, you will have to follow up with it by killing them. You can do it with a Nauzicaa Brigade card. The spy will be sent to the graveyard of the opponent. Then, you can resurrect the Emissary using the Vicovaro Medic. The other thing is that you can repeat this process.

If not, you can even use a Treason card as an alternative to the Vicovaro Medic. However, you can do it only if there is no medic card. It can be a handy idea to play the card called Impera Brigade prior to the above. If you don’t use this method on any tactic, you can use the leader ability of cards like Tibor Eggebracht, Geralt, etc. That will make your opponent stressed.

So, those are the Gwent deck builds that will perform best. You can choose the best Gwent deck from the above list and start playing.