Top Games Like World Of Warcraft (WoW)

There is never a shortage of games in virtual gaming. Still, those fond of playing might be looking for more after going through numerous hundreds of hours through even the most popular games like World of Warcraft. Even the most elite virtual players may have put in countless hours on several games.

Although it is hard to believe, World of Warcraft has indeed become quite old now. Although many versions and expansions have been released in the last few years, those have not been enough to drive this game anymore legally. Presently, there are lots of other games around like the World of Warcraft (WoW).

Therefore, those who breathe in and breathe out computer games must try out some of these games like WoW:

1. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Warframe

Just like the world of Warcraft, players can achieve various tests related to rewards and gaming points. Of course, the realm of this game is quite different from that of WoW. However, there are quite a few parallels between these two. The most prominent example would be getting new gear or forming new Clans.

This particular space foreign game allows the players to come up with a customizable clan (Dojo). Thereafter, it is possible to spar with others, look around for new items, get new equipment, etc.

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2. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Original Sin II

This was a crowd-funded game project initiated by Larian Studios. However, the interval is long before the actual game takes place, the first Original Sin title. Players are subjected to custom characters or as one of the six pre-determined characters having unique stories. The game offers hundreds of choices. The most appealing part of this game that WoW players would appreciate is the nice soundtrack, beautiful visuals, and enchanting world lore.

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3. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Phantasy Star Online

According to players, it is something like a blast from the past. At the same time, it also happens to be a big Nostalgia bomb. A shared universal version of this game is expected to be released in 2021 soon. For WoW players, Phantasy Star Online is a bridge too far. However, the game is quite fast-paced, and the combat sequence is exciting. Players can utilize fighting arts across various classes having unique techniques.

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4. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Sea Of Thieves

This is an adventure game that allows players to stretch themselves and improve their existing swashbuckling gaming skills. In this game, they would be deck underneath the legs and wind on the sails. Players will be able to explore the world through a pirate ship and can continue completing various missions. In the end, the players would become legendary pirates.

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5. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Diablo III

This is one of the most acclaimed hacks and slash games. The theme of this game involves players venturing into a world full of oppression and hatred. The loot theme of this game happens to be the best that has ever been developed. It is a game full of grinding experiences that players will enjoy endlessly at almost every level. Although there is a marked difference between this game and World of Warcraft, there are still quite a few similarities.

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6. Game Like World Of Warcraft – Rift

One can easily see a lot of similarities between the world of Warcraft and Rift. Both these games belong to the fantasy genre. It comprises numerous classes and races. Although it happens to be an online multiplayer role-playing game, it still has its own distinctions.

In this game, the Enemies pop out of rifts. Players are required to fight waves of enemies as the game progresses. As a result, the game is full of replay value.

7. Game Like World Of Warcraft – TERA (The Exiled Realm Of Arborea)

This game has helped to solidify the role of action combat in massively multiplayer online role-playing games. For the very first time, the skills of the players were dodgeable and amiable. Therefore, it gave players more control over fantastic gameplay than ever. In close resemblance to World of Warcraft,  gamers can develop unique characters and enter the world to design items, complete tasks, and defeat opponents.

It has a unique karma style that can incentivize noble gameplay.  However, it can restrict certain players for quite a while if they take down too many players comparatively weaker.

8. Lord of the Rings Online

This game has been considered to be a hidden gem by many. It is a free-to-play game and comprises one of the most expansive and detailed interpretations of Middle Earth. A player can play iconic races. Also, there is adequate scope for players to fight. It is a must-play game for all those who are huge fans of multiplayer games. The WoW community would sincerely appreciate the theme of a memorial for the person who played Bilbo Baggins.

9. SkyForge

This game is a brilliant mix of fantasy, science-fiction, and mythology. Players are required to control an immortal and continue laboring to transform into a God. However, instead of being locked up for eternity, it is possible to choose from any given option to gain prestige in various manners. The objective is to unlock as many years as possible and make followers as the game proceeds. It is possible to team up with others to complete the mission or do it individually as a monotheistic being by facing the world on your own.

10. Grim Dawn

It is a dungeon crawler game and is full of numerous possible builds. Although it might be another massively multiplayer online role-playing game, the breadth of the game and the content is beyond imagination. It is a great alternative for any average massive multiplayer online gamer you might be looking for something extra.

Grim Dawn is a co-op game. It is a solo game and, at the same time, quite challenging. It is a little less hardcore than the other games of this genre. Therefore, those new to co-op games will find this game quite helpful to get the hang of it.

11. RuneScape

This is a free-to-play game like World of Warcraft, and there are a lot of incentives for players. Although the quality of the graphics is more or less basic, almost all the players have agreed that the game is phenomenal. The game allows you to fish, mine, cook as well as go for other activities. Overall it is a relaxing game that one can play with friends.

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12. Crossout

This game is ideal for those who are already fans of World of Warcraft and Mad Max. And those who think that these games are not so entertaining should try out this game to understand. It is a free-to-play game. Instead of dealing with the monster and human characters, players are required to handle customizable monster trucks designed for extreme combat in unfavorable conditions.

The theme of the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Games are required to find unique items. It allows the vehicles to adapt further and combat the harsh conditions.

13. Neverwinter

This is a free-to-play online multiplayer role-playing game. The theme has been set in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Because of the free-to-play model, players have found this fantasy role-playing game quite appealing. Although the common belief is that free-to-play games have poor quality and also given the fact that Neverwinter has a few flaws, it still happens to be a great attempt in the context of the genre. However, it is worth taking note that players may reach a point where they may have to surrender their wallets.

14. Age Of Conan

This is a hugely multiplayer online role-playing game that has a lot of similarities to the world of Warcraft in several ways. First, it was released a few years post WoW and players revealed that WoW inspired it.

Many players have criticized the tutorial portion, which is quite lengthy and does not have adequate content. However, for those who prefer games that resemble those like the world of Konan, Age of Conan is yet another game like World of Warcraft that has what it takes to make players feel the multiplayer online role-playing itch.

15. Final Fantasy 14

It may be the 14th edition of the final fantasy series, but it is the first massive multiplayer online role-playing game of the series. Players can develop a character of their own choice and either become a student of war or magic. Irrespective of what players choose, everybody ultimately becomes an adventurer. The game is based on a dense story that connects with the long history of this franchise. Undoubtedly this game can be recommended to the fans of World Of Warcraft and those who may be absolutely unaware of Final Fantasy. However, those who crave fun and adventure can consider checking it out.

16. City of Heroes

This game allows players to take part in a brand new caped universe. Players can create either a superhero or a supervillain as per choice. With the help of perfect powers, players can start completing missions by either saving or terrorizing citizens. Although the game may not be technically available from the actual publisher, an open-source server of the game is available to date.

Those who are done with World of Warcraft and are looking for something equally exciting can always try out the games described above and rediscover the fun and excitement.