Different Ways to Find Someone on Tinder

Are you looking for a way to find someone on Tinder for free? Just assume that you have met someone on Tinder, and you two decide to delete the application after becoming serious. After that, your partner comes up in a stack of your friend, all set to be swiped. Now, it becomes difficult to tell whether your partner is still using Tinder if you have already deleted your account. Can you search for someone on Tinder?

Firstly, despite what paid services tell you, there’s no method to find someone on Tinder without an account. These paid services will use a Tinder account or will not deliver what they actually promise. So, you need a Tinder account for getting into the ecosystem. Otherwise, you will not be able to search for someone on Tinder.

However, you can even set up a spoof account for checking out a profile. So, you are in a way stooping to the other person’s level if you want to know!

How to Find Someone on Tinder for Free

As Tinder’s policies, abandoned profiles will never appear in the stacks of people. Users select a profile card from active members within the criteria set up by them. Therefore, it does not make sense to show profiles of users who will not swipe or reply back. That’s why the algorithm does not pick up those profiles.

Therefore, if your partner has appeared in the swipe stack of someone, they are actually using this tool. However, it does not mean that he/she is actively using the application. They could’ve logged in for deleting the photos or doing something harmless.

Now, there are various ways to search for someone on Tinder. The best way is to ask the other person directly and put an end to it. Explain the situation to them how your friend found them on the Tinder match. If they were there just for deleting some pictures and their account, then you can live happily after that.

Find Someone on Tinder

Or else, you can set up a spoof account on Tinder. This allows you to find someone on Tinder hassle-free. Although the first option is best, many still go with this method. As Tinder does not demand Facebook, setting up a new account using an email address is easiest. Now, search for someone on Tinder in secret.

PS: let’s learn more about how to hack the Tinder account easily.

Many Signs That a Tinder Account is Still Active

There are many signs you can look for to check if someone’s Tinder account is still active. This includes updating their Tinder profiles, adding new pictures, and making changes to their location.

Updating a Profile

Users would have to be extremely bold for changing or updating the Tinder profile when dating someone. They would think that they would not get caught. However, it happens. People change their profiles without thinking that their partners would find out.

Users think that it is safe to update their profiles as their partners are not on Tinder anymore. They could not confront their partners openly about the same. This is absolutely wrong. They forget to consider that they had friends who are using Tinder openly.

Updating a Picture

Now, the same thing applies to updating a profile picture. For instance, if your partner has developed a beach body, they will definitely show off. However, it should not be on Tinder.

So, if your partner is still updating pictures on Tinder, then they are using Tinder. Now, you can log in with a fake account or ask friends to employ their account to check out new pictures.

Updating the Location

Tinder updates location only when you employ the tool. If you have not used the application for a while and closed it, Tinder does not update or read your location. If a profile shows recent or new locations, it shows that they are using the Tinder application.

This application uses the location data for compiling the stack from where you’re. If there is any change in the location, it shows that the target user has been swiping and using Tinder all along.

What’s Next If You Find Someone on Tinder

The signs that someone is using Tinder are not actually a sign that they are cheating on you. For instance, if you two stopped using the application and stayed exclusive, there are some things that you can discuss. Plus, do not jump to the conclusion that your partner is cheating on you.

If you shooed away this conversation before, it is time to discuss things. You should sit down with your partner and talk about their behavior. While doing so, you can tell them you find them on Tinder. No matter what way you selected, it is important to find out the truth now.

Different Ways to Search for Someone on Tinder

If you have recently created a new profile on Tinder for spoofing, you might be curious enough to find someone on Tinder. There are various ways to look for someone’s Tinder account. Some methods take a lot of effort and time, while some produce incorrect results.

However, it is quite great if you know some information about the user you are searching for. Now, let’s have a look at some of the amazing ways to find someone on Tinder for free.

Solution 1: Through the Search Radius

Tinder offers you an option to find people within a particular distance from your location. To find someone on Tinder this way, go through the following steps:

1: Go to the profile page. After that, visit ‘Settings.’

2: Now, you can modify a few search preferences, such as distance, age range, gender, etc. Set the app to look for results from your location.

3: Next, decrease the radius so that you get to swipe through nearby people only. Move the search scale to the left for decreasing the distance or to the right for increasing it.

4: Tap on ‘Done‘ present on the right for saving your preferences.

Search for Someone on Tinder Through the Search Radius

5: Next, you can start swiping through the results to search for someone on Tinder.

Tinder will not pair you up with your Facebook friends. So, if you are friends with that person on Facebook, then create a different Tinder account to find them. If that person has swiped left on your profile, then they will not appear as a potential Tinder match.

Solution 2: Through the Age Range

Looking for someone through narrowing down the distance can help you find the target person. Also, you can find someone on Tinder by narrowing down the age range. If you have an idea how much older the target person is, set the age range up to that age. For instance, you can set the age range between 20 and 30.

To search for someone on Tinder, follow the steps given below:

1: Tap on your profile icon and then visit ‘Settings.’

2: Look for the age slide present under the distance slider. After that, slide left towards the age that you want. Now, move the slider to the right for matching the first.

If you have no clue about the target person’s age, narrow down the age range as much as you like.

3: Tap on Done on the right side for saving your preferences.

Search for Someone on Tinder Through the Age Range

Next, swipe through members of the same age as the user you are searching for. If they have already swiped left on you, they will not appear in the search results.

Also, the age mentioned here is usually based on the Facebook account linked to the Tinder app. Therefore, if they are using a fake account, you will not find them through the age range.

Solution 3: Through GoTinder.com

1: Visit www.gotinder.com/@*username*. Here, you should type the username of the person you are looking for.

2: Look for information from other social media platforms to increase your chances of finding the right profile on Tinder.

Through the Internet

Solution 4: Find Someone on Tinder Through TopRomp

When you like to know whether someone is using Tinder or not, TopRomp can be of some help. This application searches the profile usage through the functionality of Facebook Social Graph.

The tool does not post anything on Facebook. This is because it is not linked to Tinder. Also, it does not monitor Facebook accounts. However, TopRomp can search for the Facebook settings with the help of the Tinder application ID.

The social graph function is no longer supported by Facebook properly. Also, this application might not be accurate entirely.

1: Log into Facebook using any web browser.

2: Next, visit https://www.topromp.com/which-friends-use-tinder/.

find someone on Tinder through TopRomp

3: Now, choose the ‘See Which Friends Use Tinder‘ option.

4: You will come across the search page showing friends that employ Tinder. However, this list may not be accurate completely.


So, these are some ways to search for someone on Tinder. If you are looking for a way to find someone on Tinder, this article may help. However, they will not help you in getting information about a user on Tinder.

However, this is helpful in finding out if that person has a Tinder profile or not. For instance, if you have been in a relationship for some years and find your partner’s profile on Tinder, it could raise questions. In that case, it becomes important to find someone on Tinder to check out their activities.



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