Facebook Spy | How to Spy Facebook Effortlessly

Are you thinking of spying over a Facebook account of your children or other loved ones but do not know how to perform this hectic task? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here, you will get to know how you can keep an eye on Facebook messages with the help of some of the best Facebook spy applications available in the market.

It does not matter what the reason behind the spying process is. These applications are going to be really helpful for any situation. Let’s move on without delay!

Part 1: Reasons for spying over Facebook messages

In today’s world, Facebook has become the most admired social media application among adults and children. It is one of those applications that you will definitely find on the phones of your children. It is kind of necessary to track down the activities of Facebook accounts of your loved ones to save them from the dangers of the cyber world.

As you know, social media applications are not quite safe for children due to cyber threats. You may have heard of the Blue Whale challenge and Momo challenge on social media applications, which took several lives. So, to save your children from these crimes, you need to keep track of their Facebook accounts. With these Facebook Spy applications, you can even watch over photos, videos, and audio files. These applications help you to know how much time your children spend on Facebook, which might affect their studies.

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Why you need applications like TheTruthSpy?

As stated earlier, TheTruthSpy is one of the great Facebook applications that is used worldwide by several people for various reasons. It helps you track activities on the target device without letting the target user know about this application. It gives the exact data and information associated with the monitored device. Some of the common reasons behind the Facebook spy application usage are as follows:


Parents commonly use it as a parental control application. It allows parents to control their children’s smartphones. The best part is that it keeps the children secure and safe.


Partners also use it to know who is cheating on whom. If a spouse suspects another person, then a spying application is the best way to know about the truth. If you would not find anything, there is nothing to embarrass you as the other person will never about this incident.


Employers use it to track down the activities of their employers’ on phones. It ensures that whether the employee is sharing confidential data outside the company or not. And It allows you to know about what the other person is doing during office hours.

Benefits of Facebook Spy applications

  • Tracks SMS, call records, and the real-time GPS location
  • Lets you know about the whereabouts of the target person
  • Allows you to see applications installed on the device
  • Helps you to see the browsing history of the monitored device
  • Works in a stealth mode
  • Helps you find the target device with the exact location if get lost

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Part 2: How to perform the task “Facebook Spy”

To spy on Facebook, you have to follow some basic steps as listed below.

  • 1: Download any Facebook spy application like TheTruthSpy on your smartphone.
  • 2: Launch the program and register yourself using details such as email ID.
  • 3: After that, you have to enter the details of the target user.
  • 4: Now, log in to the Facebook spy application to monitor the activities of the monitored device.

Special features of Facebook Spy Applications

There are several features of these spying applications, which you will know about soon. You can watch over Facebook chats and messages of your kids’ Facebook accounts. These spying software show every sent and received the message on the target device.

You get hands-on Facebook messages along with time and date details. These Facebook spy applications work on phones without being rooted. Not only these, but these spying apps also monitor pictures, audio files, and videos shared or received by the user. From the control panel, you can even watch over comments made on Facebook by the user.

Apart from all these amazing features, these applications offer other features as well, which include the following:

  • 1. SMS Spy: It tracks SMS on the target device along with time and date details. It helps you to know whom your children or other loved ones chat with.
  • 2. GPS Tracker: It allows you to track the real-time location of the target device. It provides the exact location on the map so that you would not find it difficult to locate it.
  • 3. Call & Voice Recording: It records each and every call on the target device without cutting the voice. It even keeps track of video calls of social media applications. With voice recording, you get the noise of surroundings when the other person is making a call.
  • 4. Call logs Spy: It offers details about calls received or made through the phone. It gives all the information related to missed, incoming, or outgoing calls.
  • 5. Chat monitoring: It provides you with details about social messenger applications. Through this, you keep track of conversations happened over the monitored device.

Part 3: Best Facebook Spy Applications

In order to spy over the Facebook account of your kids, you can make use of some of the great Facebook spy applications listed below. All these applications are designed specially to track down every activity of the Facebook account. The list of the best Facebook Spy applications is as follows:

1. TheTruthSpy

Just as we recommend above, it is a great Facebook spy application that tracks all activities on Facebook effectively. TheTruthSpy works remotely in the background without any knowledge by the target user. After collecting all the information, it sends the same to the account. It even monitors application usage and other activities related to the internet. Get more detailed specs from TheTruthSpy Review.


  • Affordable
  • Offers support 24*7
  • Easy Installation
  • Works on every device


  • Slow Reporting with details

Cost: $16.99

Get TheTruthSpy

2. mSpy

mSpy is the best as well the most admired Facebook Spy application that helps you to spy over your loved ones. With mSpy, you can track Facebook chats quite easily. This Facebook Spy application works remotely on the target device without letting the user know about anything. It can be used easily without any tech skills due to its friendly interface.

Facebook Spy with mSpy


  • Works on both Windows and Android devices
  • Supports multiple languages 24*7
  • Comes with a money-back challenge
  • User-friendly Facebook Spy
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS


  • Unfinished monitoring

Cost: $29.99

Get mSpy

3. Highster Mobile

This Facebook spy application is also used for monitoring activities of the Facebook account. It even recovered deleted Facebook chats. It supports almost every smartphone to track each activity of the target device. And it works remotely without any knowledge about the application by the user.

Facebook Spy with Highster Mobile


  • Quite fast
  • 30-day money back challenge
  • No possession of the phone required
  • Works on almost every smartphone


  • Not all data monitored

Cost: $69.99

Get Highster Mobile

4. Copy9

This Facebook Spy application is best for tracking the activities of children’s smartphones. It is quite an efficient application that provides you with all the relevant data on the monitored device. This Facebook spy application has a control panel that offers various features to watch over the fetched information. It works in a stealth mode and records everything like text messages (top text message interceptor), calls, Facebook messages, etc.

Facebook Spy with Copy9


  • Offers support 24*7
  • User-friendly Facebook Spy
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Provides real-time notifications


  • Lacks usability

Cost: $14.30

Get Copy9

5. Flexispy

This Facebook spy is another best application to track down activities on Facebook. It monitors all mobile activities along with time and data details. It is designed especially to monitor Facebook chats, audio messages, photos, profile pictures, etc.

Facebook Spy with Flexispy


  • Money-back challenge
  • Offers installation service
  • Tracks digital and audio communications
  • Gives support 24*7


  • No Geo-fencing feature

Cost: $149.00

Get Flexispy

6. iSpyoo

This Facebook spy application allows you to track real-time activities of Facebook, such as group chats and messages. After installing iSpyoo on any device, it works in stealth mode. It is even capable of monitoring calls and messages.

Facebook Spy with iSpyoo


  • Works on almost all smartphones
  • Supports multiple devices at a time
  • Easy Installation
  • Records surroundings


  • Unstable application
  • Bad Compatibility

Cost: $54.00

Get iSpyoo

In Conclude

So, what else do you want to know about a Facebook Spy application! Now, you have gotten a clear idea about what exactly a spying application actually does. Along with that, you know how parental control applications work. You can track down the activities of your children, spouse, or employees to know what they are up to.

These spying applications are really easy and simple to make use of without any technical knowledge. So, if you want to protect your children from ongoing cybercrimes, it is best to use one of the spying applications listed above. However, it is recommended to go with the best apps like mSpy and TheTruthSpy.