Easy Spy Reviews 2022 – Know All About the Easy Spy App

The reason that we decided to add to the plethora of Easy Spy reviews was to bring you a close and honest review of the amazing Easy Spy app to help you get the best for your purpose.

The availability of a huge number of spying apps in the market offering different features, prices, and benefits can make it very confusing, perhaps difficult, to pick the one app that will work for you.

With this Easy Spy app review, you will get to know all about the app and decide if it suits your monitoring requirements.

Easy Spy Reviews | About the Easy Spy Tracking Application

Easy Spy

We tested a lot of spying applications of the category and found the Easy Spy app to be a greatly trustable and powerful one out of all. The main purpose of this app is to track all the information related to the call log of the target person and that too from a remote location on any other device.

Well, all of this is done with a super easy process, and that’s how the name of the application proves itself by reflecting in the functioning too.

Using the Easy Spy app gets you a lot of benefits that range from being able to monitor the text messages and calls on the target device to getting access to the GPS location of the target user.

The best part of all of it is that you can do so without even having any access to the target device and knowledge of the user too.

There are different categories in the Live Control Panel of this app, as we found in the Easy Spy reviews, that you can use to take a look at all the data fetched from the target device as well as the detailed reports made with them.

This makes you also able to analyze the data better to get the comprehensive and other interactive details of it.

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Easy Spy Reviews | The Functioning of the Easy Spy App

This application fetches information related to several things like calls, text conversations, instant messages, real-time GPS locations, and others from any targeted iOS or Android device and without needing any physical access to that device.

This retrieval of information from different target devices is made possible by the OTA method that means an over-the-air movement of data.

The collected data is then displayed on the main control panel of the app that is accessible to the tracker anywhere, anytime, and on any device like a tablet, mobile, or PC.

The only condition that needs to be fulfilled to allow all of this to happen is that there should be a stable internet connection on the target device active all the time.

From the Easy Spy reviews, we could ascertain the app is well made for everyone, including the ones who do not know tech functionalities. This means that the app is very simple to use and allows intuitive functioning.

You must only be knowing how to operate a phone, and there you are, ready to install the Easy Spy app.

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Easy Spy Reviews | Primary Features of the Easy Spy Application

The features of this app allow you to do intensive spying on the target. Here are we presenting a list of them for you.

Get the Call Logs

For knowing important information, the call logs can play a vital role as they are the primary means of communication in many deals. The app gets you access to all the call logs of the target device that helps you to know all about the contacts with whom the employees or children have been talking.

Other details of these calls, like the duration and time, can also be seen.

Monitor the Text Messages

One of the constant worries of the employers is that their employees might be scanning vital information regarding the business from any source and sending it to their competitors or any other fraud company.

If that is a possibility with your business, then it can be prevented by using this app to keep everything under check too. You can track all the activities of your employees to know if they are involved in any fraudulent business.

Every text message sent or received on the devices of your employees can be monitored with the help of this app. All these messages can be viewed on the main control panel live, and even the deleted texts can be seen too.

Monitor the iOS iMessages

iOS devices are a favorite of a lot of people because they are more secure and allow people to communicate through private texting portals like the iMessage.

While other apps can’t break into such apps, the Easy Spy app can and allows you access to all the iMessages exchanged.

Track the GPS Location

You can set different time intervals in which all the locations where the device has been will get tracked. All these locations get tracked with GPS and can be seen in real-time too.

There appears a push-pin feature on Google Maps that shows all the locations at which the target user has been. This way, you can easily know all the places that your employees in the work time or the children visit after their classes. Want to know all the movements of someone, use this app.

The Easy Spy reviews mentioned that the app allows checking the frequency and time of the website visits too.

Monitor the Internet Logs

In another great attempt at making the monitoring intensive, the app enables you to monitor all the web activities on the target device. This will be very useful to check if your employees are doing unproductive activities during work hours like visiting adult websites, gaming, or gambling as this also costs the resources you are putting into work.

The same can be done with the children also to see if they are being exposed to any inappropriate content on the web.

Control the Camera Remotely

This is another amazing feature of this app that allows you to control the camera of the target device and capture images of the surroundings of the user. These images can prove to be much more useful in certain circumstances. You can even see all the images and videos captured by the target user on their device.

Get the Social Platform Logs

The app also allows you to have a peek inside all the social media platforms being used on the target device and know what all activities the target user does there.

You can monitor many social media apps and chat platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Skype, Wechat, BBM, etc.

The Live Control Panel

The Easy Spy app lets you dynamically view all the data that is fetched from the target device on its main control panel. You can even adjust the settings related to the display options, logs, time triggers, and anything else. This feature gets you to reach out to any information that you need from the target device anytime and instantly.

Other things that you can monitor with this app are the contacts, emails, notepads, etc. of the target device.

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Easy Spy Reviews | Installation Method of the Easy Spy App

You can install this app into the target device super-simple, and that’s the best thing as per the Easy Spy reviews. The star feature of this app is the OTA method or Over-the-Air that allows remote installation. You can even install this app over a Bluetooth connection.

For Installing the App, You Need to Carry out These Three Simple Steps:

  • #1. Purchase any subscription plan of the Easy Spy app, and following that, you will get an installation link in your registered email. It has only one purchase plan that costs $69.99 only.
  • #2. With that link, install the application. The OTA method comes to play here that you will use to finish the installation of the app successfully. You will have to enter the particular mobile phone number that you wish to monitor and is active on the target device.
  • #3. Once the Easy Spy app gets installed, you will be able to use all the features of it to monitor the device and get whatever data you wish. The control panel will provide you easy access to all of it.

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Easy Spy Reviews | Authenticity and Legality of the Easy Spy App

Almost all the Easy Spy reviews praised the authenticity of the app, but the ultimate responsibility of using the applies with the user as they must follow all the state and federal laws properly. You must use the spy app to monitor anyone only for legal reasons.

This makes proper authorization very important for the user as generally, using any spy application is considered illegal according to state and federal laws. For monitoring any device, you must have the written permission of the target user.

Final Thoughts on the Easy Spy App

After a thorough study of all the features of the app and making way through all the other Easy Spy reviews, we concluded that the Easy Spy app is recommendable for monitoring purposes.

It is a safe app with easy-to-use functionality that also comes with great modalities allowing one to perform extensive monitoring of anyone. The OTA installation method and compatibility with both Android and iOS are the top two strengths of this app that make it highly preferable among users.

The only con is that the app won’t work very well for the parents wishing to monitor their children as there is no facility for blocking in this app. This means that you can only track the activities but not take any action instantly.

However, all in all, the Easy Spy app is worth the investment.