Discord Screen Share – Let’s Do It

Did you know that Discord offers you the option of sharing the screen as well? If not, keep reading because this article explains how to perform a Discord screen share.

As many individuals know, Discord is a very popular platform that allows users to communicate through voice and text. It is a fully-featured platform and used mainly by gaming enthusiasts to share their expertise. In addition to that Discord is used by social and business groups as well. Nevertheless, only a few people know Discord’s ability to share screens. Also, Discord allows you to make video calls as well.

How does Discord screen share work?

Discord allows up to ten individuals to use one server and make video calls simultaneously. It also allows you to share desktops with each other on the server. As of now, Discord screen share is integrated into the main app. As a result, you don’t need to install any third-party app or add-on to make use of this feature.

Discord screen share becomes a very useful feature on various occasions. Such a feature makes Discord a strong contender among the other apps that allow you to make video calls. In other words, video calls and screen sharing have added more value to Discord.

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How to configure Discord screen share and video call features

Now, in this section of our article, we explain how to configure Discord screen share features with video calling.

In order to start the process, you should ensure that video and audio hardware components are correctly installed. They must be configured correctly on the Discord client software. So, if you haven’t done it already, plug in the webcam and microphone to the computer to begin.

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Settings of the video camera

01. Gain access to the ‘Settings‘ page on your Discord app, which is already installed on the computer. You can achieve this simply by clicking on the ‘Cogwheel‘ icon. It is located towards the right side of your username and on the lower-left part of the interface.

02. In the menu located on the left-hand side, you should click on the option called ‘App Settings.’ Then, you should choose the option called ‘Voice & Video.’ At this stage, you will be able to adjust the settings for the video and voice chats.

03. You can scroll down to locate the section called ‘Video Settings.’ Then, choose the video camera from the appearing drop-down.

04. Now, towards the right-hand side, you will be able to see an option to test the video. It will be available under the option ‘Test Video.’ Testing the video camera is important as it makes sure that your hardware is working properly.

05. Are you trying to use Discord through its browser app instead of the standalone version? If so, you may have to activate the camera from the popup. So, click on the button labeled ‘Allow‘ and confirm access to your video camera.

Once it is done, the Discord app will gain permission to access the hardware of your computer or phone. That means, the camera and microphone will be detected by Discord and they will be ready to work.

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Add contacts to the call list

To start a video call through Discord, you should have the respective contact added to your contact list. So, if you want to make a video call to multiple contacts, you should add them all. Once the contact list is ready, you can start making the video call.

So, if you haven’t added the contacts to your list, go to the Homepage of the Discord platform. This is located at the top of the screen (towards the left). It can be easily found because it is placed just above the list of servers for which you’re connected.

01. Open the ‘Friend List‘ (you can do it by clicking on the ‘Friends‘ icon).

02. Then, you can click on the username of the friend. If not, you can hover over the name. Such an option will show you the button called ‘Video Call.’

03. Once you have clicked on the name of the friend, a DM is opened. Just above the DM window, you will be able to see the icon labeled ‘Video Call.’ However, you can skip this process if you have done hovering instead of clicking on the username.

Nevertheless, if you are using an Android device or an iOS device, the process is slightly different. In this case, you can start a video call simply by tapping on the three-dotted icon. It is located at the top-right corner of the mobile screen. In a DM or a Group Message, you should start the video call feature through ‘Options.’

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How to use Video Call & Discord screen share on a desktop

Once the call is started, you will see that there are several features to configure. You can use these features to customize the functionality of the process. Mentioned below are the steps to follow in order to accomplish that.

How to use Video Call & Discord screen share on a desktop

01. Increase the height of the video screen

You will be able to locate the ‘Expand Down‘ arrow in the left-most corner. When you are on an ongoing video call, you can click on it to expand the video screen. As a result, you will be able to see the video utilizing the maximum height of the screen.

02. Switching to Discord screen share from video

Next, you will see two more icons at the bottom of the screen. These two icons are there to swap between a video call and screen share. Since you are already familiar with the ‘Video Call‘ icon, you can find it pretty easily. However, the other icon looks like a monitor screen that has an arrow in the middle. That is the icon dedicated to enabling the Discord screen share feature.

To swap between the two options (video call and Discord screen share), use that button at any time. When you swap to the screen share option, you will be able to choose what to share. That means you can decide whether to share a monitor screen or a particular window of an application. You can even change from monitor share to application window simply by clicking on the screen share icon. That can be done even if you are already sharing the screen.

03. Dropping a call

To drop a call, you are already on; you can use the button labeled ‘Leave Call.’ This button, just like the name suggests, allows you to drop the call you are making. Even if you click on this button accidentally, the call will be dropped. So, be careful and don’t click on it when you are on an important call.

04. Muting a call

Towards the right side of the ‘Leave Call‘ button, there is another button that appears just like a small microphone. It is there to perform the function of ‘Mute Toggle.’ That means you can mute or unmute the microphone by clicking on this button. The next icon is the ‘User Settings‘ icon, which is pretty similar to the one that appeared on Discord home-screen.

05. Entering full-screen

There is a dedicated icon to switch to the full-screen mode if you need it. Once you click on that while you are on a video call, the video will accommodate the entire screen. In order to exit full-screen mode, you can simply hit the ‘ESC‘ key on the keyboard. It can also be done by clicking on the collapse icon.

06. Video Marquee feature

You can see the user’s avatar button when you are on a group video call in normal screen mode. After clicking on the respective icon, you can pull a given video into focus. To do that, you should simply pile the others into a marquee (towards the right side of the window). If you need to direct the focus towards another user, click on the respective user using the marquee menu.

If you choose to switch to a different DM screen or a server, the video, it will pop out. That will appear as a picture-in-picture view. You will be able to move the window around the screen and position it in a suitable place. The options related to videos will be available inside the window. You will be able to click on the name located towards the top-left. After doing that, you will be able to revert back to the ongoing call window. Towards the low-right corner, you will be able to find respective icons to share Discord screen and video calls.

07. Sharing sounds and screen simultaneously

When you are in Screen Share mode, you will be able to enable the sounds on it. Enabling this option will generate sounds when you demonstrate something on the screen you have shared. For instance, the other end of the video will be able to hear chimes and pings during your demonstration.

How to use Video Call and Screen Share on a smartphone

There is a difference between the Discord mobile version and desktop version. If you are using an Android or an iOS device, mentioned below, are the features to access while calling.

01. Swapping Audio Output (supports iOS only)

This option is located towards the top (towards the right-hand side) of the window. In fact, it is located next to the ‘Switch Camera‘ icon. You can use this icon to swap audio output. That means you can choose whether to hear sound through the speakers or headset of the iPhone. It appears like an iPhone that has a small speaker.

How to use Video Call and Screen Share on a smartphone

02. Switching the cameras

To switch from the front-facing camera to the rear camera, click on the camera icon with a double-headed arrow.

03. Switch on or off the camera

When you go towards the bottom center, you can see the ‘Toggle Camera‘ icon on the left-hand side. Tap it to switch on or off the camera.

04. Switch on or off the mic

You can find the ‘Toggle Mute‘ icon towards the right-hand side of the bottom center. This icon can be used to mute or unmute the mic.

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As you may already know, Discord is a very impressive and useful app to communicate with each other. It becomes exceptionally useful for gamers to share their experiences and knowledge. In addition to the text messages and voice chats, Discord features voice calls as well. To make it more useful, Discord comes with a very handy screen feature as well. The best thing is that it can share the screen even when you are on a call.

The steps and instructions we have mentioned above in this article will be handy for any new Discord user. If you follow the steps carefully, performing a Discord screen share is a very convenient task. So, stop wondering around and start sharing screens with your friends who are using Discord.