Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring – How to Locate It

If you want to know how to locate Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring, here’s your guide. In this guide, we will explain the most accurate way to locate it and get into the game confidently.

One of the most common things associated with the Dark Souls game is that it presents plenty of items. It is true that any game today has plenty of weapons to collect pretty much everywhere. However, when it comes to Dark Souls, you have access to a larger range of cools spells as well. That is in addition to the wide range of weapons. Thanks to those different types of icons, your overall gaming experience will be excellent.

That said, Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring is one of the most sought-after items in the entire game. This special ring will allow you to find items with ease. As a result, you can collect more items while playing the game. So, capturing Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring is a dream of any player. The good news is that in this article, we explain how to do it. You can even consider this item as some sort of a portion that gives you better stats.  

Did you know that Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring increases your chances of discovering items by 50? Well, when you have this ring, you have a greater chance of getting different items. Those items can be collected from enemies that are killed by you. Therefore, having this ring is priceless for any player. With that said, below, we explain how to find Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring and with ease. Once again, acquiring this weapon is incredibly handy.

How to locate Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring

Here’s the main point of this article – how to find Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring. If truth to be told, finding Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring is not the easiest task. When there is no proper guidance, things can be even difficult. So, finding the correct guidance is an important part of this game.

Well, according to the information we have, this specific ring can be found in Irthyll Dungeon Area. With that said, the profaned capital is known as the closest bonfire to the aforesaid dungeon. To make your way and get the respective ring, you should enter a specific cell. Well, that’s not all. In order to enter the cell, you should have the Old Cell Key. So, in other words, the first step to Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring is finding the Cell Key. Once you have found the old cell key, you can get inside the cell. In this cell, you can find another character called Siegwand of Catarina, who is being imprisoned.

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Find the key

Now, the next question is to find the key. In this case, you should go to the church in search of the key. This church is located in an area called poison lake. You can climb on the roof first, and you will be able to see the stairs. Just take those stairs. You will be able to reach the dungeon through those stairs. However, before reaching the dungeon, you should jump through the hole located in the wall. That will take you to the giant’s feet. After climbing up the stairs as well as the ladder, you can see yourself above the giant. Once you have done that, you can take a look around and see if there’s a bridge. This bridge should take you to the sewer gate.

Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring 1
Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring 2
Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring 3
Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring 4

After finding it, you are supposed to jump on it. As a result, it will go all the way towards the end of the tunnel. With that approach, you can open the respective chest, and voila! That’s the key.

Now that half of the hard work is done, you can go back to the cell for the ring. To do that, you should first go to the church located in the toxic lake. Then, you should reach its roof through the stairs. After that, you can see a window in the building next to you. This time, you should jump through this window. After that, you should climb the stairs so you will see the cell in front of you.

A quick review on Dark Souls 3

Let’s take a quick look at the Dark Souls 3 game. If you have not played this game yet, this information will be handy for you.

First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Dark Souls 3 game.

Pros of Dark Souls 3

  • Perfect visuals are included in the game, and there’s amazing art direction as well.
  • Very satisfying combat that combines seamlessly with the elements from Souls games and Bloodborne games.
  • Very rich options to customize RPG so you can have a variety of fighting builds.

Cons of the game

Here are some of the most notable cons associated with this game.

  • Version 03 is the most linear game of all the Dark Souls series released so far.
  • There are some performance issues reported with this game.
  • There are some weapons that don’t have a perfect balance and controlled power.  

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Other Information about Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a superb game that is packed with plenty of nice graphics. It is an action-packed game with fresh and rich content. Just like all the other launches of From Software, this game requires some fine-tuning as well. It also demands some weapon balance to make it the perfect game. In addition to that, it requires some minor patches in some areas.

But, all in all, this is a very impressive game that stands ahead of the previous releases. There are many reasons for us to recognize this game as the best of the series. Also, it is compatible with other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That is in addition to the Windows platform.

Dark Souls 3 is a special game that combines the elements of both of the predecessors of it. The game tells everything about the cyclical struggle between elements such as fire and darkness. As per this game, you should play the game undead but lone worrier. And, you should venture out with the purpose of retrieving the souls. Those souls belong to the violent, chaotic Lords of Cinder.

According to the unique characteristics of the game, its story is told in a pretty interesting manner. It is told with the bits of flavor text related to item descriptions as well as the environment. If you play Dark Souls 3, you have the option to explore a wonderful setting with beautiful fantasy.  You can put the pieces of the game together by using history. As a result, you can see how this game incorporates the traits of the past versions.

How to Start the Game?

Before starting the game, you are supposed to select a specific character class and go along with it. Each of those character classes comes with a unique set of starting statistics as well. As a result, you can get a clear idea about each class before choosing them. For instance, you can say that knights come with characteristics such as strength and dexterity. On the other hand, sorcerers possess better intelligence than the other classes. Likewise, there are several other classes in this game with different characteristics.

When you advance from one level to another, you will be able to augment the stats you prefer. As a result, you can compensate for the respective starting differences quicker than the others. However, if you aim for a specific weapon, advancing the stats of a class doesn’t do any good.

So, that’s how to acquire Dark Souls 3 Gold Serpent Ring. If you have any enquiries on this matter? Please let us know.